Throop Fishery Report - 7th. March 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 7th. March 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 7th. March 2010

Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle website.


Monday and what a rotten start to the week, with just a couple of weeks left to the end of the river season, the river is completely out of sorts, it's been up over the banks, cold and coloured and it's kept a lot of anglers away, and who can blame them, so today with the river up to the top of the banks, it's no surprise that any fish catches would be a miracle, but a miracle has happened and we have one angler who has caught a fish, the honours go's to Phil Nixon with a nice chub of 5lb15ozs, just 1oz short of the magical 6lb, but well done Phil, that was a well deserved catch.


Tuesday and once again it's a day of struggling for bites, the water is dropping but still contains a lot of colour, again only one fish was caught, this time it was visiting big fish angler Keith Little who managed to land a 6lb 7oz chub, and that was the only reported catch of the day.


I have been dreading sitting down on the computer to write a report with no catches coming in, so I am going to take the opportunity to give you a stunning late report and an apology. I mentioned in last week’s report of the three lads from Birmingham, well they were in fact from Coventry; they were Jake, Matt and Paul. The biggest fish in the all 13 chub haul went to Jake, the lad with the long ginger hair, it was a stunning fish of 7lb.


Jake from Coventry with a superb 7lb chub


Jake also had a chub of 6lb 2oz, along with some big fives. Paul, who was only down for a short time, landed a nice fish of 5lb 14oz. Matt had a great tally of fish, 6lb 1oz....6lb 3oz....6lb 6oz....6lb is Matt with his biggest, a chub of 6lb 11oz.


Aonther of the group from Coventry, Matt with a 6lb 11oz chub


What a great catch of fish these guys had, and believe me they were caught in very difficult conditions. Well done lads and many thanks for your report and photos, I am sorry for moving you to Brum last week.


Wednesday and the river has dropped a bit more, and I suppose that will give us something else to moan at. Tim had one small chub on the float and a couple of our bailiffs put in an hour or two fishing, one was Simon Ebborn, you know the one, I have spoke about him before, he is the one with the special proto type rod that can be fished without the eyes freezing up, well he caught a chub of about 4.5lb, whilst the other bailiff, Cam Cleary, caught a nice chub of 6lb 3oz.

We did have a couple of other small chub caught to some anglers from London, but I did not get any further details. Neil Justice was once again roving the banks and landed two chub, one of 4lb 12oz and a small but welcome fish of 3lb 12oz.


Thursday and the river is at last improving, the water level is back to it's winter level and the colour is slowly dropping out, the temperature is 44.1f / 6.7c , and although a few anglers struggled for a bite, including myself, there were some fish caught. A barbel at last made a show, not a monster, but a nice little fish; it fell to the rod of bailiff Nick Roberts and weighed in at 7lb 12oz.


Roger Oliver of Sheffield managed three chub to 4lb 12oz on trotted maggots. Bailiff Sid Johnson also caught a nice chub of 6lb 9oz, well done lads............... hold up.........  I am the only bailiff that blanked, mind you manager Chris Allport also blanked.........thank god for that.


Keith Little had a catch of four chub, that was up to 5.00pm, so I don't know if he had any more after that, if he did I will stick it on the end of the Thursday report, mind you he did have one incident, he caught a rather unhappy looking chub that weighed in at 5lb 5oz, that was trailing an Avon float and some line, I don't know why people would use Avon floats on the Stour, anyway if you were the angler that got broke up on a chub and lost your float, you now know how heavy the fish was and Keith has kept the float. Now to continue with this saga, the chub that had the trailing float removed was so pleased with Keith for removing it all, it had the decency to let Keith catch it again a little later, perhaps to say thank you, or was just a greedy or stupid so and so.


I have had to name this fish Quasimodo because of the hump on it's back, so if you do catch it, it has one lip missing, call it Quasi for short.


Brian's newly named chub - Quasimodo


I fished a swim which I will call the moaners swim, where I was sitting all the anglers had to pass me, whether they walked up or downstream and they all moaned that they had not caught anything.


There is no truth in the rumour that Moaners Swim (pictured) was given this name after Whinging Willson spent the day fishing it....


My brother in-law Ed, who I placed in a good swim, told him where to cast and left him to it, gave me grief  all the way home after catching and landing a PB, a great chub of 6lb 12oz, he will go back home to Spain on Saturday a very happy chappie. He never shared his tub of worms, that was the bait that did the trick. Well done Ed, I am very pleased for you, and you was great company for the whole week. 


Ed with his new pb chub of 6lb 12oz


So that was a fair day, with some good fish being caught, let’s hope it continues for the rest of the week, until the end of the river season.


Friday, and the water temperature was 43.9f / 6.6c, the flow was looking really nice, and the colour is still dropping out, the day is fabulous with the sun breaking through the clouds making the day very pleasant, all we need now is some fish, so how did the lads do ? The answer is pretty good.


Let's start off with my brother in law ED, yes he has done it again, this time he has taken a chub of 4lb 12oz, so his trip over he from Spain has been pretty good, two great chub, a nice carp and a tench taken from a local lake, so well done ED, I hope you will return the hospitality when I come over to Spain in a few weeks, I am looking forward to those Spanish barbel in the sunshine.


Throop has once again kicking up some great pike, the two Biles brothers were out enjoying there brotherly love, that was until Phil Biles landed two great fish, one of 20lb and the other 22lb 8oz giant, Phil was smiling from ear to ear, but bruv was a bit quiet.


Trefor West was down on one of his visits with his party of anglers, and we do believe they had about 11 chub between them, I know one fish weighed 5lb 1oz, I never got any more details, but well done lads.


Keith Little and bailiff Sid Johnson seemed to be having a battle to see who could catch the most chub, and at one stage it looked like Sid was going to win with three chub, the biggest weighing 6lb, but it was Keith who made a dramatic comeback and landed four chub, with the biggest at 6lb 2oz, unlucky Sid. Roving angler Neil Justice had one chub of 5lb 11oz.


Steve Hellings was trotting maggots and worked his socks off to take five chub to 5lb 10ozs, well done Steve.


Russ Chandler thought he was going to bag up after catching a nice chub of 5lb 6oz on his first cast, but that was it, no more bites, at least he had one more bite than me. Whist the name Chandler is being mentioned, I must mention Brett who is the son of Russ, and if he puts his mind to it could be a great angler, well on Thursday of last week, Brett landed a Throop pike of 19lb 3oz, well done Brett, lets see you fishing more often.


I have left the best catch to last, local angler Gary Scadding who arrived at 2.00pm and took his one and only fish as darkness approached, a great barbel that weighed in at 12lb 2oz, well done Gary, and it's nice to see you fishing up this end of Beat 2.


Saturday and the water temperature has crept up to 44.1 f / 6.7 c, and again the river is looking really nice, the colour is also looking ok, it's time for me to start on my bailiffing rounds, the trek from the new weir to the end of beat one and back takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours, and apart from one angler fishing on the opposite bank, there was not an angler in site, on taking a well earned rest on the new weir, some anglers started to arrive, it really is great to meet some of the lads and put a face to the voice on the phone.


Alan, Tony and Dave set up on the Hurn side, whilst two brothers, Simon and Adrian looked as though they had walked to the fishery from their home town of St.Albans, well after I tucked them in, on a couple of swims, I left them in peace to get on with things, I shall now await to see if I get any fish catches, although Alan did land a small chub of about 3lb.


My first report that I have received for today was from our visiting big fish ace Keith Little, I had a phone call of a barbel being caught, it fell to the rod of Keith, and the fish was weighed and I took a photo of this lovely 11lb 12oz beauty. Keith also managed a 4lb 2oz chub on the last knockings. Well done mate.


Keith Little and a cold water 11lb 12oz barbel


Sean Dent was again out and about and did quite well, his sandwiches were up to a high standard, which he thoroughly enjoyed, if you can remember, the last time he was out he never stopped moaning that he had the worse grub ever, it seemed to do the trick, he managed to land a nice chub of 6lb 4oz on a full belly, Sean also managed to land a pike of about 5lb on very light tackle that was intended for perch, well done Sean and many thanks for the report.


Richard Brown was having a bit of a struggle but did manage to land one chub up until I left, one lad fishing opposite Richard was taking a very good bag of chub on trotting tactics, but I had no more details. There was another report of a barbel being caught at 11lb 8oz, but again I had no other details.


Durand Calkin was again on the banks with his piking gear, and he again done the business landing two pike, one was 16lb and the other hit the scales at 23lb, again that was great fishing, the pike are certainly putting in a show.


Durand and a superbly marked 23lb pike


Sunday and what a difference, the water temperature has dropped to 43.3 f / 6.2 c and the air temperature was hovering at 3 / 4c all day, and that was with a bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine, there was also a nasty wind that gave us a chill factor that really was making the fishing very unpleasant. I was in contact with many anglers up and down the river and most people were struggling, there were a few fish dropped and a couple of small chub caught, most anglers could not get a bite.


Durand Calkin was again on the fishery with his lad Luke, and again they were piking, we may build him a house on the side of the fishery to save him travelling, well he has done it again, a couple of pike, not monsters by his standards, but a couple of fish all the same, one fish of about 8lb for Luke and the other a bit bigger for dad, a fish of 10lb.


Luke with a nice pike


Also on the banks were LAUREL and HARDY, alias bailiffs Darty and Neil Lonnen.




If you could see these two fishing together it was a pleasure to watch, they were piking and it turned out that Darty had 7 pike and Neil had 3.......but that wasn't all, apart from getting the trebles caught up in the landing net, it was Darty that was giving all the orders and poor old Neil was the gillie, doing all the unhooking and netting the fish, every time he packed up the landing net to go home, Darty had to have one more cast and hooked into another fish, I don't know whether Neil was getting annoyed or just fed up, screwing the net to the pole every couple of minutes, it was the last cast that was the best, Darty managed to hook Neil's packed up rods which nearly sent them flying into the water, again it was Neil that did the unhooking, Darty then decided to call it a day and pack up, it was at this point that Neil suddenly cracked up into a laughing frenzy when Darty trod on his lovely shiny pike float and smashed it to pieces.



Darty with an 8lb pike


Well today has been very disappointing as far as chub and barbel are concerned, so thanks for the pike catches.


We have just one more week of the fishing season left, the weather forecast is good, so let’s hope our anglers can finish on a high.

Many thanks for your catch reports and photos.


If you would like any river reports you can phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on please mark your e-mails subject Throop.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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