Throop Fishery News - 28th. February 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 28th. February 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 28th February 2010

Hi everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


We start with a rather nasty Monday, it has been raining all night and most of the day, the wind has been blowing from the north, my fishing tackle stayed in the cupboard in the nice and dry. I will start the day with an incident that I saw happening on the river at Glens Weir, I was on the road looking across towards the river, when I saw what looked like a haze of smoke, so on investigating, I then found the cause, it was steam coming off manager Chris Allport who was working like a beaver to widen the footpath so as to give better access along the river due to the floods that has been eroding the bank on the Hurn side.


A few of the lads that were fishing today needed a medal for bravery, or perhaps this is an indication that I now realise that I am getting old, it was the same old story, a chub on the first cast then nothing, mind you, a few nice fish were caught, many over the 5lb mark. A great reported fish was from Keith Humphreys who had one hittable bite that resulted in a lovely fish of 6lb 10ozs, a great chub catch and well done Keith.


Keith Humphreys with a lovely 6lb 10oz chub


The best reported fish of the day was a monster chub, which was hooked and landed by roving angler Scott Gilfoy, this super chub was weighed in at 7lb 8oz.


Scott Gilfoy with a fantastic 7lb 8oz chub


Scott also sent me a late report of another great chub which he caught the previous Tuesday, this fish was weighed in at that magical number that a lot of us dream about and which is being featured on a TV advert, and that number is 7, yes a 7lb chub, great work Scott and many thanks for your report and photos.

Scott Gilfoy with another superb 7lb chub


The river has started to rise once again, so what with the rain and wind, the weather is once again, PANTS. There was only one other incident, and that happened whilst I was on the golf course at Beat 3. There was a streak of white light that was going downstream on the river bank at a fair old rate of knots, I then made a phone call whilst watching this streak of light, when the phone was answered the streak of light stopped, it was then I realised that once again it was Chris Allport, this time he was on his quad bike, so if you are out on the bank and you see strange lights, you could have a medical problem or it might be Chris.


I have just had look at some old reports, and was amazed to see a couple of photos on the 5th October 2009 report of us just wearing tee shirts, that's how warm it was in October, go on have a look, and roll on October.


Tuesday saw the arrival of three lads from Birmingham, Jake, Paul, and Matt. These lads worked very hard walking from one end of the fishery to the other, dropping in at various swims, well it certainly paid off for Jake who took a colossal fish on the last knockings, it was a chub of 7lb, very well done Jake. I have been promised a photo, so as soon as it arrives I will put it on the report.


Wednesday and the river is not in the greatest looking form, but that did not stop our Birmingham boys, Jake and Matt carried on roving throughout the stretch taking 10 chub between them, Paul had to leave them for his long trek home. There was also a report of a chub being caught, weighing in at 7lb 6oz. It rained most of the afternoon adding to the misery for all the anglers that were struggling for bites, it's strange how you don't notice the weather when you are catching fish.

We do have a late photo, this is a barbel caught by Keith Humphreys, it weighed in at 8lb 10ozs and was caught on Monday 15th February.


Do you remember the film, Gorillas in the Mist, well this is Barbel in the Mist.




Somewhere, way back in the mists of time... Keith Humphreys with an 8lb 10oz barbel somewhere in there!


The photo was taken by Phil; we told him he smokes too much and should put his fag out whilst taking photos.

no smoking signs being prepared for Phil's next Throop visit


Thursday and a few more chub were caught throughout the river, Sid Johnson landed one of 3.5lb and also lost one. Our Birmingham boys were again on the banks taking 5 chub, at the magical 5lb mark. The answer is to catch one fish and move on; this tactic seems to be paying off to the many anglers that use it.


Friday and the river is coloured, a nasty wind is whipping across the fishery and at 11.00 am there is only a couple of anglers on the fishery and I did not receive any catch reports at all.


Saturday and it was not much different to Friday as far as the anglers were concerned, there was just one angler on beat one, and from the weir downstream there were just a couple of anglers, the river was still up about 2.5 feet and coloured, I decided to have a couple of hours fishing a slack with float and maggots, and managed to catch about 20 + roach, all about a 4/6 inches long

I did see one lad catch an eel which was about 8/9 inches long, well done Durand, you never blanked. We welcome back on our banks visiting big fish ace Keith Little, he will be spending a couple of weeks with us, he started very well, his football team took 3 points and he also reported in a couple of chub, one of 3.5lb and the other of 6lb 1oz, well done Keith and a good start.

 Ed, my brother in law, who came over from Spain to spend a week fishing with me, had about 12 minnows, which I thought was great, seeing how he said that he wanted to catch some different species, because he was fed up with catching carp, nice one Ed, well its a start.


We have decided to give Sunday a miss, it has been raining all night, and the forecast was for a windy and wet day, which will see the river rising once again.


Sunday and guess what, the weather forecasters have once again got it wrong, we were supposed to have storms and heavy rain accompanied by high winds, it never happened, we were by-passed, well I suppose we should have been pleased, yes I was a bit, but the many people that phoned me asking for conditions, and me telling them not to bother, all I can do is to say sorry.

The amount of anglers that were on the banks today was a total of three that I know of, amongst those was Keith Little whom I was in contact with throughout the day, giving him football results as they come in and waiting to get at least one report of some catches, I had to wait until the last knockings before I finally received news that Keith had caught a fish on the last knockings, it was a chub of 5lb 13oz, thank you for saving the day. The river is still on top of the banks, we did have rain through the night here at Throop and part of the morning, and tonight they forecast a frost, so I think its a case of, I will have a look in the morning and see what happens. If anyone would like to phone me for a river report, you are more than welcome.


Well I am afraid that's it for this week, the air temperatures are at a good high this coming week, so lets hope we have some results on the river bank, good luck to you all.


If you have any reports or photos you can e-mail me on please mark the subject THROOP. You can also phone me on 07740777967, for your catches and if you require a river report. Many thanks to those of you that sent me your photos and reports.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff. 



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