Throop Fishery News - 12th July 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 12th July 2009
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Throop Fishery News - July 12th 2009

A late report from Andy for a nice catch caught on Sunday 5th of July with a bream of 5lb 6ozs and two great chub, one of 5lb 9ozs and the other a beauty of 6lb 7ozs well done Andy, and thanks for your report.


Monday and the start of another week with very few anglers on the banks, but the bream are still showing in great numbers. The chub are still being caught all over the fishery with average sizes between 4and 5lbs.I had a few hours in the evening, but apart from chasing four teenagers who passed by with camping gear, and getting drenched in the process by the biggest downpour I managed one chub of about 4lb and decided to pack up at 9.45pm with a full moon rising and lighting up the river like a searchlight. Darren managed to land a nasty looking pike with a foul temper after it took a shine to the perch that he was playing, it was great to see him play and land the fish of 8lb on a 5/6foot Greys tiny rod, look at the picture and see how mean the fish looks.


Darren with a hard fighting 8lb pike

 Tuesday saw temperatures drop slightly and a very welcome drop of rain, perhaps that did the trick with Brian James taking three barbel one of 6lb another of 7lb and the biggest one of 9lb6ozs, he also landed a chub of 5lb, a nice catch Brian and well deserved. Jon of last weeks tench fame was again stalking and landed a chub of about 5lb. I had a couple of hours this evening and landed a chub of about 5lb and yet another bream, this weighed in at 5lb 10ozs, I also lost a good fish which I believed I may have foul hooked and put up a hefty scrap until the hooked pulled, I think that it was either a barbel or a carp, but if I had to put money on it I reckon the odds favoured a pike.

Wednesday and as usual bream and chub dominated the day throughout the fishery, but the catch of the day went to one angler who had a stunning catch of barbel, he took 5 fish in one session from 5lb 8ozs to a nice little double of 10lb 6ozs.


Thursday and I had a day off fishing the Royalty with Chris Allport, check out our catches on the Royalty report. A few reports did come in to me with some nice chub and bream being landed. Our bailiff Sid thought he had cracked it after a nice fish picked up his boilie bait, which he landed and it turned out to be a not so nice pike of 9lb, unlucky Sid.


This is a picture taken from the new weir looking downstream, as you can see plenty of weed for the fish to hide in.



View downstream from New Weir


Friday and at last some more barbel being caught this week, a 6lb 8oz specimen along with some nice chub and some more bream, whose numbers and sizes seem to be getting bigger, I would like to see some serious bream anglers target these species as we know they are 10lb in the Throop. Wes Adams has again been out and about again with his trusty float setup and captured two nice chub, one of 5lb and the other was 5lb 4ozs,this really is lovely fishing for just a couple of hours after work.


Saturday was a very nasty day, with the rain tipping it down most of the day, it did keep most of the sensible anglers off the banks, but there was a few hardened people on the banks trying out their waterproofs to see if they worked, one lad that deserves the most credit is Bailiff Nick Roberts who loves getting wet (see photo ) he braved the elements and took a stunning catch of 7 chub with the best fish weighing in at a whopping 6lb 5ozs.




                                           Nick does what he does best - working in the wet!



Sunday and Bailiff Nick Roberts was back in the same swim for an early session and landed a barbel of 6lb 2ozs just 10minutes after his first cast. Its good to see Keith Little back on the banks of Throop and spending the couple of weeks with us, I am sure he will catch a big barbel or two. He started today with a couple of chub to 4lb along with other anglers taking plenty of fish from all stretches of the river. The rain has brought the river up an inch or two with a slight tinge in colour.


Bailiff Nick Roberts has done it again with a stunning barbel of 11lb 5ozs,caught on the last knockings, but once again  not without incident, as Nick was playing the fish he placed the landing net by his side, as he was ready to net it, he reached for the net and it was gone, it had been washed downstream with the flow of water, luckily Sid, another bailiff happened to come along and together they landed the fish in an weigh sling. And guess what ?.....Nick again went into the water for the netting of the fish and to also retrieve his landing net. So if you are fishing at Throop and you are on the other side of the river without your paperwork and Nick is on the far bank, don't give him any abuse, as you know what will happen.




On Sunday bailiffs ( slim ) Neil Lonnen and Ivan ( Des ) O'Connor decided to have a days perch fishing on Throop, after a struggle to catch some minnows which they eventually succeeded in catching, they then struggled to catch a perch which turned out to be the result of a pike of 8.5lb that was waiting in prey, it was then caught and landed by the dynamic duo and released further downstream and out of harms way. The perch fishing then improved and they went on to catch four perch to 1.5lb and a couple of pike including mister nasty on minnow and mepp spinners.Well done you two, I hoped you enjoyed your day.



Many thanks to all the lads that have reported their catches.

If you wish to report any catches to me, just call me on 07740777967 or e-mail me


All reports that are sent to print will not reveal any swims or locations.


Brian Willson RDAA Bailiff.

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