Throop Fishery Report - 21st. February 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 21st. February 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 21st. February 2010

Welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


I start with a small late report which came in from Durand Calkin, who fished on Saturday and captured a couple of pike that took a liking for his retrieved minnows that he had caught on maggots, both fish were just under 10lb, and were both safely returned to the water, it seems that the pike are not playing by the rules and are taking all sorts of liberties.


Monday and the river is looking very good, the water temperature is at 43f /6.1c. A good Chub capture today was by John McGough who took 7 nice fish to 6lb 3oz, well done John and many thanks for your report. Pike man Durand Calkin was again gracing our banks, you know the one, he likes putting his hand in pike's mouth just to see if it hurts, again he is accompanied by his 12 year old son Luke. Today started very quiet with only the minnows making a show, the deadbaits that he had out on the water were not making any impact and the pike were not interested, perhaps they knew that the pike boys were on the bank. Durand then decided to put out a banana and pineapple pop up after seeing some bubbling, casting to this spot he sat back to wait for some action, well it did not take long, in fact it was only 10/15 minutes when the line screamed out, on striking the battle commenced, what a shock what happened next, the fish surfaced and there it was, no not a carp as expected, it was a pike that had fallen to his colourful bait, landed and weighed, Durand then photographed a cracking 18lb specimen, well done Durand and many thanks for the report and photo.


A tiny picture of Durand Calkin with an anything but tiny 18Lb pike


Also out on the banks today was Merv Quick, using a float and trotting tactics did happen to land a chub of 3lb 14oz, there was also a report that an unknown angler took a chub of 4lb. There were a few blanks today; it's such a shame as the river looks in good form. Many thanks for your report Merv, sorry I couldn't make your fish bigger, it's not your fault that a small one grabbed your bait.


Tuesday and it has been raining most of Monday evening and most of today, that should put a bit of colour in the river in the next 24 hours, so by Wednesday afternoon and into the evening we should see the change, the water temperatures have been hovering around the 44f /6.6c and that should be music to our ears. As far as the fishing goes it has been a hit and miss affair with some anglers not catching at all, whilst others have had a good session.


The not so good, is one angler had 13 fish on and only landed two, they were of course the famous Throop chub, on speaking to this angler he explained that the two fish that he landed had only just been hooked very lightly on the edge of the lip and all his lost fish were through hook pulls. I would not normally comment on this, but I reckon there must be a problem with the end tackle. A couple of our regular anglers did catch some chub, one lad had a couple of average size chub, whilst one outstanding catch was a brilliant 11 fish tally with three fish over six pounds, they were 6lb 2oz....6lb 4oz....and 6lb 6oz...This angler told me that he too had one or two problems dropping fish, so on went his thinking cap and came up with a new set up, and this certainly worked, well done mate.


Another great and well deserved capture was for Keith Humphreys who landed one of our elusive whiskers, a nice barbel of 8lb 10oz. It was Keith's only bite of the day which seems to be what is happening on some of the barbel captures here at Throop, one bite one fish. I am sure that if the water temperature continues to rise then perhaps our whiskered friends will make a show.


Another nice report was from Steve New who took his young six year old son Joe fishing for the day amidst foul weather and hailstones, honestly Steve how cruel is that, but young Joe was to be rewarded with a great catch, his bait was snapped up by a hungry pike of 12lb 4oz and Joe landed his first ever toothy, well done lad and you will never forget that moment with dad. Here is a picture of Joe with his prize, I would like to point out that he refused to go anywhere near the teeth.

 Joe New with his new PB pike weighing 12lb 4oz


Steve went on to catch three chub.....4lb 9oz....3lb 12oz....and 3lb 8oz...also landed by Steve was a nice little barbel of 4lb 4oz, which was nice to see, well done both of you, especially Joe who caught a bigger fish than dad and many thanks for the photo and report. Also today we welcomed day ticket angler Simon Dewey who travelled down from Swindon to fish our fishery, Simon managed to take a chub of 4lb 8oz plus a couple of perch to about 1lb apiece, well done mate and thanks for your report.


Another nice catch went to Colin Wood who took three pike from the river, the best fish weighing in at 21lb 5oz; it seems that this pike is quite attached to Colin as he has caught this fish before, which was at the end of January. Thanks very much for a nice photo and you report.

Colin Wood with a beautifully marked 21lb 5oz pike


Wednesday and the water temperature is again holding at 44f /6.6c that should have seen a lot of fish caught, but despite a lot of anglers on the banks today I did not receive hardly any reports. A few of our local top anglers were on the banks fishing and they only managed a couple of chub each to 5lb, many anglers were blanking, I just can't explain why the fish aren't crawling up the rods, it seems that there are pockets of fish in certain places, and if you can manage to find the one of these shoals and present your bait in the proper manner, then you would have a reasonable chance to take a fish or two.


I fished one of the quieter beats, fishing from 1.30pm to 7.0pm which should have been long enough to see some action, but apart from one small touch the only action I saw was from escorting two youngsters from the fishery with no permits, no landing net, and no unhooking mat, mind you the way the fishing was up at this neck of the woods they certainly did not need a landing net. I did meet up with new member Phil Bray which was nice, but Phil also remained fish less. One angler appeared opposite who, despite being pestered by a big brown dog, whilst the owner just ignored the situation, did manage to land a small fish of about 1lb in weight. Further downstream one unlucky angler lost a barbel at the net. Best reported chub catch by one of our top local anglers was a three fish haul with two fish topping the 6lb mark, at 6lb 4oz and a cracking fish of 6lb 13oz, a great catch and many thanks for your report.


Thursday and today I decided to have a day off, it has been pouring of rain most of the day, so my legs were having a rest, I had quite a few things to do indoors, but my fingers were busy on the phone, so I still have a few reports. Bream and chub have been caught and landed by a few anglers. Well done to Andy with a catch of 10 perch, that was at 3:00pm, he was then just about to move swims when I phoned. The best catch of the day goes to Brian James who hooked and landed a very well deserved barbel of 12lb 12oz, great stuff Brian.


Friday and I have been searching for a word that is not abusive to describe today, I have come up with two words, one is manky, and I am not sure whether that is how to spell it, the other one was what Matt Hayes used on one of his fishing program's to describe a nasty day fishing, it is PANTS.


I have looked this word up in the dictionary and one of the meanings is "to dream, to have a nightmare” so that's the word I will use for today's report. So here we go, the fishing today is PANTS, the water temperature has dropped by one degree F., and the water is rising, it was two feet up on arrival to the river at 2.00pm and by the time I left which was three hours later it was still rising, the colour was from a slight tinge on arrival to drinking chocolate on departure plus we had the added bonus of lots of branches and enormous logs and rubbish coming down the river, I had no catch reports for today, and all the anglers had left the fishery by 5.00pm, so all in all a very disappointing day, this was bad Friday.


Brian's photo of the tree stuck in the weir. What you can't see is the enormous great dane that is swimming out to retrieve it!


Saturday and what a nightmare, the river was up about 3 feet and the colour of drinking chocolate, there was just a couple of mugs, oops sorry I meant anglers fishing in the school bridge area, I could not find any anglers fishing the river apart from those lost souls.


Now I don't normally disclose where anglers catch their fish, so if no one catches anything I don't suppose it matters much, so can you imagine my shock when I found so many anglers crammed around the mill pool everyone had a long face and looked worn out trying to find a decent swim, six of the anglers were on day tickets and two were Ringwood members, now these two lads should have known better and gone home, so I shall name and shame the two Ringwood boys, they were Dave Eley and Sean Dent, what a shame, poor old Sean decided to e-mail me with his catch report, well here it is, I hope you are impressed.


Dave and Sean started their trek at School Bridge checking out somewhere to fish, they both ended up on the mill pool, Sean had a couple of roach of about an inch long and a giant of a bream of 2lb that committed suicide by throwing themselves on the hook, it was then that Sean broke the bail arm on his reel, it must have been all the action retrieving the big bream. Sean then complained about the worse sandwiches that he had ever had, completely tasteless was his words, still it's the thought that counts, many thanks for your report.


I decided to have a ride over to the Avon, I could not believe that I drove through a wrong gate to the fishery, on realising my mistake I turned the van around to come back out only to find that the farmer had put a padlock and chain on the gate trapping me inside, I went in search of the farmer on foot, through the cow sheds and mess, I found the farmer and apologised and explained what happened, and guess what ? I got a free ride on his tractor back to the gate to let me out. Yes I know that this has got nothing to do with Throop, but when no fish are being caught I have to write about something, and I bet if you lot had been there when I was locked in you would have loved it.


Sunday and the river has now dropped a couple of feet and the colour is very slowly dropping out, although the water temperature was cold at 41,6f / 5.3c, believe it or not there was only a few anglers on the banks, I spent a good couple of hours walking a couple of the beats and no one had caught anything, I had no catch reports today which was disappointing, it seems that the weather has once again taken its toll.


I do have a late report from Peter Hilken who had a couple of captures, one was for Monday 8th of February with a barbel of 8lb 6oz, and on Wednesday he reported a couple of chub between 5/6lb, many thanks for your reported catches and your photo.


Peter Hilken and a barbel that didn't mind feeding despite the cold conditions. It weighed 8lb 6oz


Although the river is not running to form with the inconsistent weather, we have managed to get a few catches reported, and it seems that my appeal last week has seen a few of you responding by sending me some e-mails of your catches, I really do appreciate this and I thank you kindly, don't worry if some of your catches were a few weeks, or even a few months old, they can still go into the late section.


So there you have it for this week, I must say once again thanks very for your fish catches, its great to see some nice pike and barbel catches, please keep sending me your reports, the river season is now drawing to a close, so lets get out there and bag up.


For reports e-mail me on hutch29@btinternet please put subject THROOP, or phone me for river reports on 07740777967.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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