Throop Fishery Report - 14th February 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 14th February 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 14th February 2010

Welcome once again to the Davis Tackle website [and apologies from Nigel for the delay in getting Brian's report published - we have had problems with part of the website this week!]


Before I start this weeks report I would like to put out an appeal for your fish catches and photos. Without any reported catches I would not be able to put out any reports, can you imagine what it would be like without any angling papers or magazines, no photos, no adds, no communication. If no one phoned Keith Arthur on his early morning radio show, he would not have a program.So I need your help, I am only a phone call away; if you e-mail me it would not cost you penny, and is only a couple of minutes of your time.

I must stress that I do not divulge where your fish are caught and I do realise that some anglers prefer to keep their catches secret, but for those of you that don't mind sharing your catches then "CATCH and SHARE". These reports are read all around the world, they are also read by the angling press who are always on the lookout for catches and photos, these reports are also read by fishery officers of the EA. who can monitor some of the catches and fish stocks.So if you have any catches or river reports then give me a ring.

Now I have got that lot off my chest, let's get on with the reports.

A late report that came in for Saturday February 6th. Can you remember the first time that you have done something?..........yes including that. Well on this particular day Ringwood member Durand Calkin took his son Luke fishing for his FIRST day as a new Ringwood member. This was also Luke's FIRST day piking. They started by catching some roach, dace and perch, plus Durand had a couple of small jacks in the 4/5lb bracket, it was getting towards the end of the day and as young Luke was retrieving his deadbait a rather large toothy critter grabbed it and gave Luke his very FIRST pike, a cracking fish of 24lb 3oz, well done Luke you are now hooked for life.

I would like to point out that this fish did not like dad, so it bit him, unlucky Durand that will teach you not to go poking your fingers where they don't belong. 

Luke Calkin with a fantastic 24lb 3oz pike Dad's hand after the event!

Monday and I am still feeling the after effects of that nasty stomach bug that I had, today is the first day that I have been up and about, not on the fishery I might add, but I do have a bit of news after my phone has been ringing on and off. Firstly the famous Throop chub have been showing in small numbers and trotting tactics have been the most successful. The even greater news is that one of our whiskered friends has put in an appearance, and that in itself is music to the ears, so it's a very well done to Alan Howard who hooked and landed a nice barbel of 8lb 8oz, nice one Alan.

Many thanks to Chris Allport for his phone calls and report, and I would also like to say well done to all you lads that braved the very cold day, with that nasty N/E wind.

Tuesday and it's another cold day with that same nasty N/E wind, the river looks in good form and there are a few fish being caught. One angler took a few Bream to 4lb whilst the chub are being caught on all stretches. Most of the popular swims were taken; Peter Webb had a nice session taking eight Perch. Photographer Kevin Smith who made the long trek down from Worcestershire was rewarded with a couple of Chub on his FIRST ever visit to Throop, one fish of 4lb 6oz and the other was a PB with a lovely fish of 6lb9ozs, well done Kevin very well worked, and many thanks for the report and photos. Kevin is the UK photographer of the year, amongst many other awards, and I could not resist having a look on his website at his wedding photography, and its stunning, good work Kevin.

Kevin Smith with a nice 4lb 6oz chub taken on a freezing cold day

Kevin Smith with his best chub of the day weighing 6lb 9oz

Now there have been many battles that have been fought and lost, we had The Battle of Waterloo, there was also The Battle of the Bulge and of course there was The Battle of Britain plus many more, but today at Throop we had the Battle of the Barbel, it was a 45 minute epic between one Neil Justice and one very fit fish, this battle contained many hefty runs on light tackle intended for Chub, and the winner was Neil who landed a cracking barbel of 11lb 6oz, well done Neil and well deserved. 

Wednesday again that nasty N/E wind is still blowing very cold across the fishery, a few brave lads were out on the banks today and the chub continued to put in an appearance with a few fish over the 5lb mark being caught, the best fish was a specimen of 6lb 12oz to an unknown angler. There were also a few perch showing and again lots of Bream over 4lb being caught.

Thursday and there is no giving up with that nasty North Easterly wind which has dropped air temperatures with a rotten chill factor, this wind has sent most anglers onto the opposite bank so as to have the wind in their back. Ray Brown was again back on the banks, the other week Ray had his PB chub of 6lb 4oz, he is now a new Ringwood member, and we all welcome him to our club. Ray was today fishing a snag swim and unfortunately lost two fish in that very snag, I was watching when he lost his second fish, unlike me who would have launched my rod and reel into the air amidst foul and abusive language, Ray just gritted his teeth, mumbled something under his breath, retackled and got on with things. Ray was rewarded with a small chub. Pat Colgan landed two chub, one was over 4lb and the other weighed in at 5lb 3oz. Best catch of the day by far goes to Kevin Hodges who landed seven Chub with the best fish weighing in at 6lb11ozs. Also worth a mention is a lost barbel that had a hook pull at the net. Well done to you all and many thanks for braving the cold so as I could get a few reports.

Friday and at last that nasty wind has dropped a touch, the water is looking very good, the sky is overcast and it all looks good for nice day fishing. There are a few of the lads on the banks, making the most of the conditions. The Chub are once again making a show along the river, one lad had 4 chub to 5lb 6oz in the morning using the trusty old float and trotting tactics. I managed to fish for a few hours with my son Rick, who managed a small chub of about 3lb, a few anglers did go home fishless including myself (again). One angler that I spoke to was facing a 50 mile drive fishless, but he said how great the day was with so much wildlife that he had seen, including deer, and how he enjoys being in such a great environment, it is all worthwhile.


At School Bridge today, I was once again horrified to see amongst the parked cars a BMW with an array of fishing tackle on display in the vehicle. There is a notice just inside the main gate to School Bridge warning of this very thing. Just remember that all car parks are a target for thieves, but if there is nothing in the vehicle, then there is nothing to nick. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE.


Also fishing today was John McGough who took 4 nice chub, the best fish was weighed in at 6lb 10oz, which makes it the catch of the day, well done John. Phil Nixon also had some chub today, three fish to 5lb+. Well done all.

Saturday and there was not that many anglers on the banks, for a few of the lads the fishing was a bit hit and miss. Nigel Maidment landed a chub of 4lb 8oz, but the best fish of the day went to an unknown angler with a lovely chubbly of 6lb 11oz. I managed a few hours with my son Rick, I managed to blank yet again, whilst clever nuts had a chub of 5lb 1oz, I don't mind him catching, he's a good lad'

Rick Willson once again shows his Dad how it's done - 5lb 1oz

Sunday and this morning I spent walking the banks to check a few permits, what permits! Where have all the anglers gone! Hang on I think I have the answer, it's Valentines day, love is in the air and we must spend some time with her indoors I suppose.

Two lads that were fishing Boulder Weir were not having much luck and were on the verge of moving swims. I caught up with Keith Humphreys, who despite having dropped two fish managed to land two chub to 5lb. Dave from Surrey who was moving from swim to swim remained fishless up until the time I left him. My son and I decided to fish one of the night beats for a late session. What a disaster, talk about the Saint Valentines Day Massacre, we started fishing at 4.30pm, we decided to fish the same swim, playing happy families, WRONG.

My son bunged me in the downstream swim next to a tree with my feet in the water for the duration of the session, a couple of bites were missed by us both, I never taught him that kind of language, as darkness fell and after the third time my tackle ended up in tree, bearing in mind that my feet were still in the water, I decided that enough was enough, it wasn't the ice that was forming on our tackle nor was it YET another chub he landed to about 5lb, the fact was it was now 8.20pm and it was getting near my bedtime.

Also fishing today was Dave Elery, who was fishing at the other end of the fishery, Dave had a nice chub of 5lb 4oz, well done Dave and thanks for your report and photo.


Now we come to the last report which is my catch of the week. This is a RED LETTER DAY for Paul Fuller. 

8.00am............Paul's first cast...........the result was a nice barbel of 7lb.

8.30am............Paul's second cast......the result was a nice barbel of 10lb 4oz.

The fourth cast resulted in a lost barbel at the net after a nasty hook length broke, estimated at about 8lb. We don't know what happened on his third cast.

Paul then changed tactics using a float, he stuck at this method for 5 hours without success, he then changed to light tackle and the feeder and this resulted in a nice chub of 6lb 7oz. Many thanks Paul for your fabulous report and photo, they are much appreciated.

Paul Fuller shows off the best of his days catch, a 10lb 4oz barbel

Well there you have it for another week, my son has gone home and I can now remain fishless in private.

If you have any reports of catches or would like a river report, especially before travelling phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on

Please mark all e-mails, subject THROOP.

Good Fishing.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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