Throop Fishery News - 7th. February 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 7th. February 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 7th. February 2010

Hello once again and welcome to Davis Tackle Website.


I have to start this week with a number of late reports.


In last weeks report, I accused John Elliott of being a poser and not catching any fish, if you remember he was the lad that was on the forefront of the picture on the Mill Pool, well he contacted me and told me off, how wrong I was, he caught some fish after I left, two jack pike of 4lb and one a bit bigger at 9.5lb, well done John.


John Elliott with pike just shy of a double


The second late report comes in from Graham, who on the 27th of January took a five chub haul with the biggest fish weighing in at 6lb 10oz, fabulous fish, nice one Graham.


The third late report was for last Sunday the 31st January, and this was for Ringwood member Richard Brown who, using a float with trotting tactics landed a five chub haul to 3.5lb plus a nice sea trout of about 4lb, Richard also pulled out of a couple of fish, most of the fish were caught in the morning with ice forming on the rod rings, many thanks for the report Richard.


The fourth and last late report comes from Steve Graham who landed a cracking 12lb 10oz barbel way back in November of last year, Steve did promise that he would send me a photo as he had just put the fish back as I arrived on the scene, so here is a picture of Steve, mind you he looks a bit older now, cheers buddy.



[Apologies for the small picture Steve]


Now we can begin with the weeks report, Monday and there was only one angler on the fishery and that was Irish George, he only had one bite and that resulted in a monster barbel of 15lb, and that was a PB for George, the fish was weighed and returned safely to the water by Brian James.

I could not get a picture of the fish, but this is George.


Irish George who recently landed a new pb barbel at 15lbs


The secret of Irish George's catch was told to me by George himself, so I will share the secret with all the readers, you must wear one of these.


It's a great day for the Irish.


Tuesday and the water temperature is 43f / 6.1c the colour is good and the level has dropped about 1 inch overnight. There were quite a few anglers fishing today, static bait anglers seemed to be struggling although one angler did manage to catch a 6lb barbel, most anglers were struggling for bites, the lads trotting a float were coming up trumps, although it was not easy, they had to work very hard for their catches, the best reported catch was five chub to 6lb 7oz. The roving float anglers were picking up an average of two to three fish apiece; there was a very strong downstream wind that didn't help matters. Most of the lads that decided to pack up at 6.00pm came unstuck when a very heavy shower certainly put the dampers on things with most going home soaked.


The boom has been installed at the Mill so as work can continue to renovate all the brickwork, if you are intending to fish the Mill Pool please be aware that Kango hammers are being used, so some noise may be expected.



Wednesday and we were promised some decent temperatures, yes they were up a bit, but today is quite miserable, it has been raining most of the night, and today we have fine rain which has been on and off all day. I am not fishing today, I have all my gear to dry off after yesterdays soaking, plus I am going to modify my chair and brolly. There are just a few anglers on the banks today, there were three anglers that had only two bites between them fishing all day, further upstream there were only a couple of anglers that was out on the banks and they also went home fish less.


I had no other catch reports for today which is very disappointing. The way that the fish are responding to anglers at the moment is very frustrating, for the most success I would suggest roving, trotting tactics, with bread, maggots as the main baits, if you are successful and do find some fish, just enjoy and keep plugging away, if bites cease then move on.


Thursday and again I decided not to fish, the river has risen 12 inchs what with all the overnight rain and all the rain that we have had over the last few days, there is a slight tinge in colour and the water temperature is up to 44.1f / 6.7c. A few of the lads are out on the banks today and we have a few reports that have come in. The first report is for Adrian Eves who was catching dace to 6oz when he hooked and landed one of Throop's famous species, an inch bullhead.


Richard Trim had a couple of jack pike, and Gordon Barrett had one of 5/6lb, I actually wrote Gordon Bennett, its a good job I saw my mistake, I hope I have spelt your name ok Richard.

Mike Booth had to work very hard despite a tennis elbow, but he did manage to land a lovely hat-trick of chub, fish of 5lb 3oz...5lb 11oz...and 5lb 12oz. What do you think Mike does for a living?


He is a tennis coach!


This is quite painful, I had the same problem some for many years, I was lucky enough to have had an operation which was called elbow release, this was very successful.



Whilst looking through some of my fishing books there is an article on this very subject, the book is by Steve Staynor, it is a barbel book and is called "Mysteries, Theories and Tactical Solutions, in the book Steve has written a complete article called Barbel Elbow, he explains how, after obtaining medical advice, he designed a handle to help solve the problem, he calls it "Fat and Fabulous".


Also on the fishery was Andy Wyatt who caught and landed a nice chub of 5lb 10ozs after searching various swims.


It’s at this point that I would like thank all of you that sent in reports and photo's, because that's where the weeks reports came to an abrupt halt, after I left the fishery I came down with a stomach bug which has laid me up all weekend, so it's another sorry for the short report.


I can only tell you that the water temperature for Sunday was 44.9f / 7.1c with thanks to Keith Humphreys for that.


Last week I told you that my wife said I should smile more, sorry this is the best I can do.




If you have any reports or photos or you require a river report then phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on please put subject THROOP on all e-mails or they may be deleted.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff. 


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