Throop Fishery News - 31st. January 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 31st. January 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 31st. January 2010

Hello once again and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website,

Monday and this week looks good for some fish catches, all the snow water has been flushed through, but today is a very cold day with air temperatures very low, with a nasty north easterly wind, making it feel worse. There are very few anglers on the bank today, there were just a couple of reports, and that was from two anglers that were fishing in the slacks, they were catching small roach and perch, so a very disappointing day.

Tuesday and it's another very cold day with the same nasty north easterly wind, the Throop chub will hopefully start to feed after a good reported catch sent in by Chris Allport who caught 7 chub with one estimated to be over 7lb. There were no other reports, so a strange day on Throop.

Wednesday and another big overnight frost threatened to put the dampers on the fishing, the water temperature was 42f /5.5c, so it looked like another miserable day, but how wrong we are, instead of making all the excuses under the sun as to why we can't catch fish, our scaled friends have decided to prove us wrong and come out and play.

Dave Norman from Gosport kicked of the day with a nice pike of 19lb.....well done Dave. An unknown angler landed a chub of 6lb. Then it happened, a barbel has been caught, and what an absolute cracker, Ringwood member Alan Paget has beaten his previous best fish 13lb 8oz with a new PB, a stunner of 13lb 15oz, well done Alan, and to all of you who know him will join me in saying, well deserved.

Another couple of lads had a better day than they had Friday when they arrived to find the water over the banks, fished all day in the rain, then drove home, still in the rain, and spoke of their blank during their 4 hour journey, they were Ray Brown and his fishing buddy John Goddard from Crawley, so today Ray had a PB chub of 6lb 4oz and his buddy John had a chub of 5lb 7oz and added to his tally a bream of 6.5lb, so they can drive home with smiles on their faces. Chris from Fareham landed a chub of 5lb 6oz, and elsewhere many chub were being caught up and down the river, Steff Horak was back on the banks after a long absence and managed 4 chub, so all in all a very good day for fishing.

Ray Brown from Crawley with a 6lb 4oz chub

Thursday and again the chub are making a show throughout the stretch, I had a couple of hours and managed to get two bites, one I missed and spilt my coffee, the other I hooked and landed a chub of 5lb, my wife Tina says I should smile a bit more. Here is a photo to show how happy I am.

A happy looking Brian with a 5lb chub

The catch of the day goes to Ringwood member Peter Garvin with a colossal catch of chub, fishing the float he landed 15 fish, the biggest weighing 6lb 7oz plus a bonus bream, what a great day for Peter, well done mate, and many thanks for your report.

Friday and the banks are again empty, Big pike angler Shaun Miller was gracing our banks but could only manage one small pike. John McGough had a fish on his second cast and landed a chub of 5lb+, but after that he had no more bites.

I was fishing again for a few hours and just like John, I had just one bite and landed a chub of 5lb 10oz. The other anglers that were on the river remained fishless and found the going tough, the river temperature was 44f / 6.6c which should have seen a lot of fish caught, we seem to make every excuse under the sun why we blank, it's too cold, it's too hot, river low, river high, I think I have found the best excuse why we blank, have a look at this.

Moses plays a blinder in the local fishing match

Saturday and the weather once again has put the damper on things, we had a very heavy frost last night and the temperatures rarely went above 2c / 3c all day, the sky was blue with a very bright sun all day, a recipe for very tough conditions plus the added bonus of a full moon tonight and that adds up to a disaster.

It is such a shame as I do get a lot of e-mails and phone calls for river conditions, but when those conditions change overnight there isn't much we can do about it.

One chub was caught today by Tony Ward with a fish of 5lb+, but despite quite a few anglers out on the banks today everybody struggled, the river did look in good condition, it was ideal for all types of baits, it had a good flow and level and a nice colour.

The weather forecast for the coming week does look good with air temperatures rising to 9c from Tuesday onwards according to the Met Office.

Work is continuing on the hatches at Throop Mill on Monday, and as far as we know, the EA who is carrying out the work will install a boom to hold back the water whilst work is being carried out, this will only affect one swim, all the rest of the fishery is ok, and access is the same as it was. Here are some more pictures of the Mill, with the scaffolding in place, also featured in one of the photos is visiting angler John Elliott who likes to pose.

Work underway on Throop Mill Another view of the work
And another John Elliott takes a break to pose for Brian with the EA workings in the background

Sunday and we woke up to the news that Bournemouth Airport had air temperatures of -7c / -8c, so pulling back the curtains revealed a very heavy frost, so once again that would mean very few anglers on the bank, especially as there were two big football matches on the TV, once again we are wrong, the river banks are overflowing with anglers, but once again the fishing was tough, and so was trying to park the car, even the car parks was full. With so many anglers on the banks I expected a lot of fish catch reports, but this was not to be, many of the anglers leaving the fishery could not even get a bite, I fished for 3.5 hours biteless.

One angler did catch approx 5 chub to 4.5lb. Nick Roberts did have the best fish of the day, a lovely specimen of 6lb 9oz caught on the float, it goes to show how shy and spooky the fish are, Nick was saying that if you missed a bite or bumped a fish, then that is it, you would have to move as no more bites were forthcoming. The lads that fished today used all methods, float, feeder, touch ledgering, the used all baits such as maggots, bread, paste, meat, boilies, it made no difference, I fished just into darkness, still no bites.

Well lets close the door on another week and look forward to a slight change in the temperature of the coming week and perhaps a change I fortunes.

Many thanks for the reports that you sent me along with some photo's.

If you would like to send me any reports or photos, you can e-mail me on please put the subject THROOP or you can phone me on

07740777967. If you would like any river reports just give me a ring.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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