Throop Fishery Report - 24th. January 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 24th. January 2010
Send date: 2010-01-25 16:04:29
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Throop Fishery Report - 24th. January 2010

Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website, we start a new week with the news that the weather has once again been hard at work turning our fishing into a complete nightmare.

Monday and the water is now up over the banks, the river is running dirty with lots of debris being washed down, there was only 4 anglers on the banks today, and I was one of them, I fished the same swim that I was fishing on Sunday, you know the one I mean, the one with all the action, the motor cycle and the aero planes on the opposite field, well Monday is very quiet with no action at all, and today is one of them days when you just know that you are not going to get a bite, everything is against you, but you are there because you are now desperate to see what a fish looks like, it seems like years since you have caught anything, but this is just the start, after an hour the boredom will kick in, so we will have to find ways to stop this boredom thing.

I now decided to count the rungs on the pylon opposite, but I started to get dizzy having to have my head bent backwards so I scrapped the idea.


I then decided to count the plastic bottles that were being washed down in the current, I soon scrapped this idea after I thought about what happened to Jack Nicholson in the film THE SHINING, he went mad with boredom.



I have now found the solution; this will stop my boredom and give me exercise at the same time, I was cutting 10 mm boilies in half and with the index finger was flicking them into the swim, seeing how far they can be flicked.

What a shame, just think, if loads of anglers were on the river catching fish, I would not have to revert to desperate measures in my writings and antics. It's such a shame because today is a lovely sunny day, so no bites, no reports and it's time to go home.

Tuesday and the water level has dropped 12 inches and the temperature has remained stable at 42.7f / 5.9c the colour is starting to drop out so apart from a cold north easterly wind today looked ok.

There were a couple of anglers fishing today, one was John McCuster who was catching bream, he took 8 fish with a couple of 4 pounders, so he had a happy couple of hours fishing, well done John.

Wednesday and the water is still subsiding, the colour is still dropping out and there is a slight increase in temperature which is now at 43.1f / 6.1c. Two of the Ringwood match boys have braved the weather and brought their hi-tech gear to Throop, so using their poles and their tiny terminal tackle they were soon catching bream and perch, the best fish went to Mick Haskell with a stunning perch of over 2lb+, it was nice that I was on hand with my camera, many thanks Mick.

Mick Haskell with a hard won 2lb+ Perch on a foul day

John McCuster was also again back on the banks, and despite fishing a different swim he again caught 8 bream, well done John and many thanks for your report. Rob Reynolds worked hard for three chub, with the biggest going about 4lb. Gareth and Jim from Southampton were on the banks giving it a go but found it tough, when I left Gareth he had not caught a fish but seemed quite happy when I showed him how to Wallis cast, and I tell you what, he is a very quick learner and was doing quite well when I left, I then went to see how Jim was getting on, he was also struggling for bites but did manage to land a sea-trout earlier on, it weighed about 2lb.

Thursday and I must point out that work is being carried out at Throop Mill, the hatches have now been grade listed and are being restored to their original glory, all the stonework will be repaired using lime and not cement, this is what was used in the good old days, all work is being carried out by the Environmental Agency, if you have any questions they will be on site, and I am sure they will answer any questions, the work should take about 5 weeks, I suppose that depends on the weather. The fishing on the stonework below the hatches is now strictly prohibited whilst the work is carried out and this section is out of bounds, all the rest of the swims will be open as usual, the platform swim has now had some of the vegetation cut back on the right hand side which will make fishing from this swim more pleasant.

I had a couple of hours fishing with one bite which I missed as usual, I had no other reports.

As I left the fishery it has again started to rain.

Friday and it has rained all night and has been raining all day, there are 4 anglers fishing and not a fish in site.

I do get asked, what is the highest I have seen the river, have a look at some of these photo's that I took in February last year, some of the locals have seen it higher.

A view of the flooding across the hatches to the weir Entrance to Pig  Island
A flooded School Bridge The road leading to School Bridge

Saturday and we are almost at the end of a depressing week, I had to go to Essex today so I was nowhere in site on the river, I did manage to get a couple of reports, Ringwood member Matt, managed to land a chub of about 5lb, nice one Matt.

Robin, travelled up from London, he drove over 150 miles to catch one eel, it would have been cheaper and easier if had gone to the famous London fresh fish stall, TUBBY ISAACS and bought one.

The famous Tubby Isaacs jellied eels stall

Last year Robin caught three cracking barbel from Throop.....13lb+........14lb 3oz.......and.....14lb 7oz.... but not today.

Sunday and the river is up to the top of the banks, the river is coloured and lots of debris is coming down, the temperature is again at 43f and lots of swims are unfishable. I spent an hour fishing with Robin and drinking coffee, he had been fishing further upstream to no avail, Phil was fishing opposite me and managed a couple of small roach, no other reports came in.

The weather forecast has given Wednesday and Thursday as a couple of good days, well we shall see, pigs might fly.

I must mention that Otters have been seen out and about throughout the river system, a barbel of about 8lb was found on the bank, mutilated as usual.

Well that's it for another week, I think we all deserve a half decent day fishing before the season ends.

Here is a picture of work in progress on the mill.

Work in progress on Throop Mill

If you have any reports or photo's please e-mail me on please put subject THROOP or phone me on 07740777967.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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