Throop Fishery News - 17th. January 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 17th. January 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 17th January

Monday and we start the week with a late report, this is for Daniel Turner and his dad Greg who were out for a few days fishing together, so on Thursday the 7th of January, Daniel landed a nice chub of 4lb 12oz. but it was the following day that dad, Greg Turner took the honours in magnificent style with a stunning chub of  7lb 1oz, well done to you both.


Greg Turner with a 7lb 1oz chub


It was just as well that we had that report, because apart from three chub bought to the net by Dave Slaughter and a water temperature of 39f /3.8c the river banks were empty.


Tuesday and God has thrown more elements at us, this time it is a very strong and bitterly cold wind, with a chill factor that seemed like -100c, there were a few anglers out on the banks today despite this weather. I managed 3 hours and left fishless, missing four good bites. Phil Nixon fished upstream of me and took 3 chub to 4lb and also dropped two fish at the net. Further downstream ex-Essex Ace John McGough connected with the four bites that he had and landed chub of  4lb+......5lb 4oz......5lb 10ozs......and 5lb 12oz, well done lads, in future I shall do the same as you two and put a hook on. Dave Slaughter who was fishing opposite me was also struggling for bites, sorry to grass you up Dave. I was glad to pack up as my fingers were frozen; I wish I had my woolly gloves. Simon Ebborn was again fishing and again was catching fish; he had two chub, one of 4lb and the other a beauty of 6lb 9oz.


Wednesday and there was no wind and the river looked really nice, I fished for a couple of hours without a bite, the only other angler that was fishing was again

Simon Ebborn, this time there was no messing, he had a great bag of chub, a total catch of 7 fish, with the best fish weighing about 5lb.


Thursday was very interesting as the lads from the environmental agency turned up to remove the old fallen chain tree and was working all day with their chainsaws buzzing away.



EA working to remove the tree from the water The EA get stuck in close
Bringing on the heavy gang Success!


Phil Nixon fished upstream of myself and landed four chub with the best weighing in at 6lb 3 oz, he then blamed me when he lost a fish at the net, I missed a good bite when my rig broke, but I did manage to land one chub of 5lb 6oz.

Whinging Willson and a 5lb 6oz chub

Friday and the day seemed very very pleasant, I had a hospital appointment for Tina so I could not get onto the river bank, I felt like I was on holiday. I did have a couple of reports but they were few and far between, one angler had a chub of 5lb 11oz, whilst Chris Allport managed a couple of hours fishing and landed two chub to a couple of pounds apiece, there was also a couple of fish caught upstream by a couple of unknown anglers. The Environmental Agency were again back on the banks, they cut away part of the bank and wedged the tree trunk into it and back filled the void, this was done to stop the bank being washed away.


Saturday and today is the disaster that we have all been waiting for, it has been lashing down with rain all Friday night and has been on and off with driving rain all day, the river banks were empty and no reports came in.


Sunday and the water level is up to the top of the banks, the water temperature is 41.6f / 5.3c, it has lots of colour and there is a lot of debris coming down, so the dreaded snow melt is now with us, and I assume mixed with road salt, there are a few disappointed anglers on the banks trying to make the best of a very warm and sunny day. I done my usual permit check and decided to make the most of the sunshine and went home for my fishing tackle. I arrived back on the banks only to find that the anglers that were on the banks looked quite depressed.

I sat in the sunshine waiting for my first bite, and I waited, and I waited, I was then startled by my phone going off, it was Keith Humphreys who was fishing further downstream, I told him to phone me if he had anything to report, well he did, he had just seen a Goosander fly by, (no bites), the tension then started to rise when 12 swans appeared opposite, they turned their beaks up at me then left. Still not a bite, one member who was fishing opposite me solved his boredom by consistently falling asleep, then we had some action at last, 5 youths appeared opposite with a motor cycle which they were taking turns riding, I went over the weir and had a word and they left, back to the rod a recast and the wait continued, again some action, this time a lad appeared opposite with a couple of remote control airplanes, this did the trick, these planes were very quiet and great to watch, they were looping the loop and doing all sorts of flying tricks, this certainly broke the boredom, in fact it was so good that the sleeping angler opposite, woke up and turned his chair around to watch. So how bored are our anglers waiting for a bite?


Well this couple of pictures were sent in by Phil Nixon, he thought someone was ROBIN his rods. He must have been bored as well.


Close up of a Robin sitting on Phil Nixon's rods Another lovely shot of a robin taken by Phil Nixon.



We packed up as the sun started to set, it was a pleasant action packed few hours.


The only other piece of news was the EA have put their mobile works hut adjacent to the hatches at Throop Mill, they intend to start work repairing the grade listed hatches at last.


I expect that once the river has been flushed out, we should see some good catches once again, they have predicted a warm week, I must say how sorry I am that the catches are very low, there have been some reports of some monster perch being caught on our new stretch up by Tuckton Bridge, I think that the biggest so far has been about 4lb 12oz am not yet in contact with anyone from that part of the fishery, but I will work on it.


Many thanks for reading, if you have any catches that you would like to report or an update on river conditions, give me a ring on 07740 777968 or you can e-mail

me on  please put subject THROOP or they will be deleted.



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