Throop Fishery News - 10th January 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 10th January 2010
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Throop Fishery Report -10th. January 2010

Hello everybody and welcome to a rather longer report here on the Davis Tackle website.

Monday and how great it is to see a few hardened anglers back on the banks, the water is now clearing and dropping, with a water temperature of 39.2f / 4c, with a very heavy frost and an overnight low of -5C things are not going to be easy, and that's exactly what happened.

I had a few hours trotting bread and maggots and could not get a bite, and that was from a swim that produced a few fish on some previous occasions, I packed up just as the sun was setting as the rod rings were freezing up and making it more difficult than it already was. Simon Ebborn landed one small chub on his second cast but nothing after that. The best catch of the day goes to Paul Martin (PJ to his friends) who was fishing with his angling partner from Stratford on Avon, Lewis Baldwin, Paul had a bag of 4 chub to about 4lb, but with the air temperature dropping very quickly most anglers were packing up before last knockings.

I did have a report of an angler by the name of Ian, who fished further downstream on the fishery with an outstanding catch of pike; it was a total of 11 fish to 14lb. I suppose this could qualify for the catch of the day, but I am sure under certain conditions I would have to give it to Paul, 7 / 8 hours to catch the chub.

Tuesday and after suffering -10c last night and some snow expected, we did not expect to see many anglers on the banks, but guess what ?....the same lot of hard nuts were back on the banks, so lets start with that pike angler who is known as Ian, he changed swims and landed 3 pike to 11lb, well done Ian. Further upstream were the two chub boys, Paul and Lewis, I had to have a word with Lewis because he blanked the previous day from a prime chub swim, he said that Paul had put him in a naff swim, I told him to concentrate and pay attention, well he certainly did that alright, his first chub was a 5lb fish followed by another couple of smaller fish and rounded it off with a PB, a cracker of 6lb 3oz and up to this point being 2010 makes it the biggest chub this year, well done Lewis and well deserved.....What happened to Paul ? he did not blank, he had one of Throop's famous Bullheads. Simon Ebborn was also once again on the river, he managed to take a couple of chub to 4lb. His first fish that he caught, was a fish of about 3/4lb and was captured with an audience of myself and manager Chris Allport, we watched as Simon played the chub on his top secret proto-type float rod that was especially designed to fish in icy conditions, he used this rod with great skill to land the fish in 39f /3.8c of cold water.

Lewis Baldwin with a hard earned 6lb 3oz chub

Wednesday and we now start the day in heavy snow and ice, most of the roads in this part of the world is under the dreaded white stuff which meant that only two local anglers were out on the banks. The weather is quite laughable as we have just found out that we have a registered reader in Iceland, to this reader I ask, will you e-mail me and let me know how you cope in theses conditions, mind you at the other end of the world we have a reader in Peru.

John McGough arrived early and braved 5 hours of fishing with a bad back and frozen feet, but he was rewarded with a nice chub of 5lb 8oz. At the other end of the fishery Simon Ebborn was once again doing his stuff, but this time he decided to give his top secret, specially designed float rod a little rest and use his relax and sit under the brolly rod, otherwise known as a quiver tip, again Simon done the business by landing 6 chub to 5lb....nice one Si.

Thursday and angling mates Paul Martin and Lewis Baldwin were back on the banks at Throop after a miserable day on a different fishery on Wednesday, this pair were spending a week fishing together, so they had to make the best of what God had  bestowed upon them. Lewis started well taking two chub in the morning to 4lb, but it was Paul who ruled the roost today with a stunning fish of 6lb 11oz, well done Paul. You now qualify for the biggest chub so far this year.

Paul Martin with a cracking 6lb 11oz chub

Simon Ebborn was again out and about, moving from swim to swim and found the going very tough, but he did manage to catch one chub of average size.

Further downstream I managed a couple of hours trotting bread to no avail, not a bite in site. Now further downstream to me was John McGough ( Leeds United ) and Phil Nixon ( Manchester United ) who were fishing together, now I have been winding up Phil over the fact that Leeds knocked Man United out of the cup, now this seemed to me to be a grudge match...................\The Result Was..............................

JOHN McGOUGH THE WINNER...........yes Leeds have done it chub to John, a nice little fish of about 4lb.....sorry Phil.......1-0

John McGough with the winning chub

Friday and Paul and Lewis were fishing their last day of a weeks holiday and despite the again awful conditions and the now biting north easterly wind, they both stuck it out to the end and were rewarded with a couple of chub to 5lb. There were no other anglers on the banks and I had no further reports. I would like to thank Paul and Lewis for their photos and reports and I will look forward to reading Lewis's article in the Angling Times.

Saturday and what a shame, I have lost my hardened anglers, only one angler in site and he has blanked, it seems that the weather has taken its toll. For those of you who can remember back to the good old days, you know the ones, the days when you got your pay packet and it was in one of those little brown packets with the holes in it, so as you can count the coins, and the notes sticking out of the corner again for counting purposes. Well I was thinking about the clothes we wore, what a load of rubbish, a pair of wellies with the white fisherman's socks, tucked over your wellies so you looked the part, two pairs of trousers, as many jumpers as you could put on, and a pair of woolly gloves that got soaking wet, and if you were posh, you had a balaclava helmet, and if you were very posh a wax proof jacket that went as stiff as a board as soon as the temperature dropped below 50f, I still froze, but all was not lost, we had one of those flasks, made of metal with a check design and a cork in the top that made the tea taste awful, this cork always worked loose and mum would wrap a piece of grease proof paper around it to stop it falling out, those good old days you can keep, the thermal clothing and footwear today is second to none and can cope with most weather.

I did have a ride down to the Royalty Fishery today for a look, and it was also vacant of anglers, but at least they have a local pub.

Sunday and I will concentrate on the fishery, I got carried away on Saturdays report, well the first thing that I have to report is that Throop manager Chris Allport has blown up his turbo on his 4x4, and it is an expensive repair, so the motor has gone to the great scrap yard in the sky, so you will see me driving him about for a while.

Brian takes the wheel to ferry Chris Allport down to beat three

For those readers that don't know, Chris Allport is the joint chub record holder with a fish of 8lb 2.5oz.

Back on the banks, new Ringwood member Richard Blackmore was using roving tactics in search of pike and manage a fish of about 5lb. Roger Hill was also on the banks with his son James, using trotting tactics Roger took a nice chub of 5lb 13oz, well done Roger.

Roger Hill lands a 5lb 13oz chub in freezing conditions

So like the rest of the country we have suffered with the awful conditions, we now will have to contend with the melting snow water and road salt. I would again like to thank all the lads that I have mentioned, without your bravery on the river banks this week, we would have struggled, cheers lads.

If anyone has any fish catches or would like an up to date river report please phone me on 07740777967, or you can e-mail me on please put the subject THROOP or they will be deleted.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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