Throop Fishery Report - 27th. December 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 27th. December 2009
Send date: 2009-12-30 16:48:21
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Throop Fishery Report - 27th December 2009

Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website, well this is it, Christmas week, and we are all to and fro, and in and out of the shops. I wonder how many of you are like me, a right old Scrooge and Bah Humbug, lets face it Christmas is for the kids, and for them it is the best time of the year, but it does remind me of an old mate of mine who had a pair of carp rods specially made, and paid for by his wife for his Christmas present, but he could not have the rods until Christmas day, she wrapped them up and put them under the Christmas tree ready for the big day, now the suspense was killing him, he could not wait two weeks, so what he did, was to remove the rods from the wrapping, and replace them with his old rods, so he was now on the banks with his new pride and joy, just before the big day he cleaned the rods and replaced then, wrapping them up very carefully, on Christmas morning he was then given his new rods, accompanied by the usual Merry Christmas and the yearly kiss, thank you darling, just what I have always wanted. I ask yer.


How many of you that read the reports realise that they are read in many countries around the world, for example, China, Japan, Spain, America, and many more, if you live in a country outside of the UK, why not give me an e-mail and tell me of the fishing in your country, mark the e-mail, subject THROOP, I reckon it could be very interesting, it would be nice to know of your fish species and your methods for catching them.


This week at Throop was very strange, many days saw the river banks empty, but that was only to be expected at this festive time of the year, with anglers either out shopping or gone away for the holiday season.


Monday and Tuesday was one of them days when the river banks were empty and no fish catches were reported.


Wednesday and at last an angler was out the river bank, it was Keith Humphreys, (yes we have all it before......Watch out there’s a Humphrey about.) But this lad had fish on the bank, his very first Barbel taken on the float, a 6lb 2oz cracker, well done Keith and congratulations. Keith also took four Chub with the biggest weighing in at 5lb 6oz, and here’s a nice self take photo. [Editors note: you sure it wasn't that damn leprachaun taking the photo's again Brian?]


Keith Humphreys with a small but perfectly formed picture of a lovely 5lb 6oz Throop chub


Thursday and Keith is back on the banks, no barbel this time, and the weather is none too clever, but he did manage to take two chub and a seat trout, we did not have any weights for these fish, but great all the same, well done Keith. Also fishing was young Adam Smith who moved from swim to swim in an effort to catch a fish to no avail, poor Adam, he had trouble starting his scooter in the morning and broke down three times on the way to the fishery, and possibly got drenched in a very heavy rainstorm, but he did manage to get home ok.


On Christmas day there was only one angler fishing that we knew of, and that was Matt, whose other half had to go to work at the hospital, Matt did not catch any fish but I am sure he enjoyed his morning session. I spent an hour or two on the Royalty Fishery, sharing my good wishes, mince pies, and some glorious mulled wine made as always by John Stack, with all the Royalty boys. A very, very, well done must go to Nigel Gray of Davis Tackle, who managed to cook some very tasty sausage rolls, late on Christmas Eve, despite rolling out of the pub, slightly intoxicated, or perhaps it was more than slightly, but it was late, and they were good, thanks Nigel 10 out of 10.


DFT + Royalty_Inn = Dog_Rolls


Saturday and it was my turn, at last I was on the banks with my centrepin and a loaf of bread, I did manage to catch four chub...4lb....4lb....4lb 8oz....and 5lb 8oz, all taken on trotted float, here is a photo, kindly taken by Keith Humphreys of the smallest and the first fish, a 4 pounder.


  Brian Willson with the smallest of five chub he landed in a single session


  [Editors note: How come the "little man" never takes your pictures Brian? eh? eh? Wink]


Further up the river, Andy Wyatt had a nice chub of 5lb 4oz not long after he had arrived, and then had to wait some time before a pike of 7lb 5oz decided that it would prefer the bait that Andy was retrieving rather than catching a fish of its own.


Sunday and the water temperature was up slightly on the day before, at 43.7f /6.5c, bear in mind that here in Dorset in this area we were lucky not to have any snow, but today we had a nasty downstream wind that was causing havoc, there were only four anglers on this section, I was the only one that caught a fish, it was a 4lb chub, that was taken on trotted bread flake, we were all forced to call it a day because of the strong wind, I even had to use a 5 swan loafer, which did in fact result in the fish.


I wish you all a very happy new year, and would also like to say congratulations to one of our members, Keith Little, who caught a 7lb 14oz Chub from Fishers Green.


If you have any fish reports or would like any information on river conditions please ring me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on please make sure you put subject THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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