Throop Fishery Report - 20th. December 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 20th. December 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 20th. December 2009

Hi everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle website on my brand new computer, which will take me another 10 years to understand, but with Windows 7 I should have no yer dreams.

Brian gets to grip with his newly delivered computer, unsure where exactly the seven new windows have been installed.

This week actually saw some fish caught, but on a very, very, cold week, anglers had to work very hard for their catches,

Monday, and the river was at a good level, with just a hint of colour, but an overnight frost has sent temperatures tumbling with a water temperature of 44.3f / 6.8c, a few of the lads were out on the banks on a cold but very bright day.

Alex and Mike from Bright*n, went from swim to swim in search of fish, they did manage some small Roach and Perch, plus one of Nigel's favourite fish, (what do you mean, who's Nigel?) Nigel is the guvnor, he owns Davis Tackle, oh that Nigel. ok, well back to what we was talking about, Alex also lost a decent fish as I was looking on, but it did not reveal itself, so we shall never know what got away, but at the end of the day, it pulled his string and bent his rod, and left him wondering. Nigel loves Gudgeon. 


A splendid closeup of the King of the river

Bristol and big fish angler Kenny Parsons, who has featured in our reports a few times has done it again, he has had a PB, it was none other than a BULLHEAD, this is a species that he has never caught before.

Kenny's travelling companion and long time fishing buddy Alan Thomas, managed to catch a nice chub of 5lb 8oz, which was a great catch under lousy conditions, Alan does apologise for such a small photo.

A very small picture of a very large chub! - Alan Thomas with a 5lb 8oz beauty

Also on Monday, roving angler Stuart Jupp, spent a very long and cold day using roving tactics, and contending with very muddy and slippery banks and pathways, working very hard, only to lose a good fish under a tree, but managed a small chub of 4lb+, which was very welcome under the conditions. Another angler spent the whole day trotting a float, but only took 3 roach for his efforts. So with a total of only eight anglers on the banks today, it seems that the sudden drop in temperature has taken its toll.

Tuesday was a disaster, another very heavy frost and no catch reports.

Wednesday saw Kenny Parsons and Alan Thomas, again braving the cold, making the most of their fishing week, and to be honest they struggled under the conditions, Kenny took one small chub on trotted tactics, he then went on to lose a good sea trout on the last knockings, this fish really did show off, 4 times it leapt from the water before the line parted, I would assume that it was a sea trout and not a salmon because of a really great run of these magnificent fish that have seen over 4000 caught on the Royalty this season.

Also on Wednesday, we had a lone angler sitting on a very remote part of the fishery, it was none other than Phil Nixon, I tried to drag him away from this very cold and remote location, but Phil, being such a hard Man U supporter would not budge, and insisted on staying put, it was at this point, that his rod arched over and he was into a chub that he landed, it weighed about 3 to 4 lb, at this point he kept on about Man U and catching chub, so I left.

Thursday saw Kenny Parsons back on the bank, he landed a chub of 4lb 2ozs but it also saw him lose 4 fish.

Friday, and Kenny's long term fishing buddy Alan, fished the same swim that Kenny had fished the day before, when he had lost 4 fish, now as I see it, they are the very best of mates, or Alan is bigger than Kenny, and demanded the swim, but the outcome is that Alan lost three fish and ended up with a chub of 3lb, I reckon that they must have been fishing in a blackberry bush to lose so many fish.

But was it crafty Kenny who had the last laugh, because he certainly had the best reported fish of the week with a lovely specimen chub of 6lb 3oz.

Well done to Kenny and Alan on your catches and many thanks for your reports and photo's.

If you are wondering what Kenny's head looks like, ask Throop manager Chris Allport, he took the photo. [Editors note: Did Chris borrow the camera from a leprechaun Brian?]

Kenny Parsons with yet another six pound plus chub, this one went 6lb 8oz

Kenny has now caught a 6lb chub on every visit to Throop...............Well done.

Saturday, now this has to be a day to be desired.

I had a phone call to tell me that a group of weird looking people were on the Mill Pool dressed in stupid hats and clothing and had a barbeque on one of the swims, they had no fishing tackle and looked very suspicious, I told him that it was ok, it was only club members and a group of strange people called bailiffs, they were having their annual, LETS CATCH NO PIKE MATCH, unfortunately it was spoilt by three IDIOTS , who thought it was clever to catch a pike each.

I will name and shame these plonkers that brought this match into disrepute, they are.....................

CHICKEN RUN...............MATT 1............ESTIMATED 5LB PIKE.


BATMAN.........................C.C......................4LB PIKE.

[Editors note: I haven't a clue what Brian is on about here, but it's best to just let him ramble on!]

Here are some photo's of Saturdays millpool mania.

Throop resounded to the sounds of POW, ZAP and BANG as Batman fought this monster pike

A failed experiment from the Cold War resulted in a Soviet Soldier/Buggs Bunny crosbred escapee who unexpectedly turned up at Throop for the Match.

This was a charity event, and many thanks to all the lads that took part.

The cast from the Jerry Springer TV Christmas Special pose proudly before being unleashed on the unsuspecting Throop pike.

Sunday, and I had a day off to fish the Royalty, that was hard going with just four people fishing, I had one sea trout of 5lb.

On my way back to Throop, I had a phone call of a brilliant catch of fish, it was one of our bailiffs Nick Roberts, you know the one, he spends more time in the water than he does on the banks, well he again took to the wet stuff in his chesties, he took an outstanding catch of 16 chub (sixteen ) to 5lb 8oz, he informed me that he tried his hardest to reach 20, but the pain in his numb feet became too much to bear, so after 4 hours in the water, he had to call it a day, and somehow managed to hobble back to the car with frost bite, he told me that after 5 minutes on the radiator, he got the feeling back in his feet. Well after a mixed week of hard fishing, I have a feeling that if the water temperature increases and holds steady, we should have some nice fish caught.

Many thanks for your reports and photo's, if you require any information on the fishery please don't hesitate to give me a ring.

I wish you all a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

Ring me on 07740 777967 or e-mail on .... please put subject THROOP.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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