Throop Fishery Report - 13th December 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 13th December 2009
Send date: 2009-12-15 09:31:27
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Throop Fishery Report - 13th. December 2009

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the Davis Tackle Website, I have been dreading this weeks report, because once again I have to make a couple of apologies, firstly I have been backwards and forwards to the hospital for my wife Tina (13lb 5oz barbel) who has just had an operation on her feet, all went well and she is back home again recuperating, I am now waiting on her hand and FOOT.

Proof that Brian really does intend to nurse Tina (13lb 5oz barbel) back to full health

Second apology is for the weather and the state of the river, most of the week has been a nightmare and the river has been unfishable in many places because of the access, the river has been up and over the banks and most of the swims on Beat One and Beat Two and a few on Beat Three has been covered with water, for those of you that know the fishery and has not seen the river when the water is over the banks, close your eyes and picture Highbanks, they are the swims that are just upstream from the road bridge at Blackwater, well I can tell you that the river was right up over the banks into the fields, also flooding part of the golf course. The Millpool was also unfishable as was Pig Island with famous swims such as the Pallet, the Mud, Boulder Weir, and Treasure Island, which was washed away in the last flood.

The New Weir is usually always fishable and does hold a good head of fish, so come rain or shine, there is always somewhere to go.

At the moment the river has dropped over three feet and all the water has receded from the fields although it has left a very soggy ground, so a pair of good boots are required, so it all looks good for some fishing, the colour looks nice, but once again Jack Frost turns up and puts the dampers on things, he has sent the water temperature down to 45f /7.2c. So again we are going to struggle, there were just six anglers on the fishery this Sunday morning, and not one fish in site.

How many anglers have been on Beat One? , the answer is not many, when the river is up over the banks why not give this stretch a go, it does hold some big fish of all species, it is better to fish this stretch from the Bournemouth side, as to avoid the dog walkers and the public footpath which runs along the Hurn side. This stretch is very much deeper than the other beats and therefore fish spotting is very limited at this time of the year.

So there we have it, once again not a fish caught, and nothing to report, I shall look forward to next week when I start using my feeder rod and my float rod and centre pin, bread and maggots for bait and with a bit of luck perhaps a few fish may come my way.

I have noticed that there is not many pictures of Beat One, so I have taken a few for you to look at.









If you do go to Beat One for a go, don't forget your key to the gate, also the horse in the field is named George and is harmless, he will run away when you appear. Good Fishing and enjoy.

"Harmless George" at play on Beat One

If you have any catches that you would like to report and perhaps a photo, email me on please put the subject Throop or they may be deleted or call me on 07740777967 for your reports or river conditions.


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