Throop Fishery Report - 6th. December 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 6th. December 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 6th. December 2009

Hello and welcome once again to the Throop report on the Davis Tackle website.

Well now comes the problem, the river has broken it's banks and most of the popular swims have been under water and inaccessible, then as the river slowly subsides along comes our old enemy, Mr. Jack Frost, and you know the old saying, "you should have been here yesterday ",well here at Throop at the moment, the saying has changed slightly, and is now "you should have been here 2 weeks ago".

There have been a few lunatics risking their lives trying to catch a fish, but I will not mention their names, for fear of them becoming a laughing stock, but I would like to say to Keith, Phil, and myself that we should all be careful in the poor conditions.

Here are four photo's of why the banks were inaccessible, three pictures were taken at School Bridge and one was taken at the New Weir, which could be fished.

High water around School Bridge

Don't forget to lock the gate!

Don't ignore the backwaters during times of flood...

The New Weir just about fishable despite the conditions

Click on the photographs above to enlarge

Beat one can be fished as the water is not over the banks, and there are many places that are worth a go.

One day the river is up over the banks and the next day the water drops, the water temperatures have been averaging between 43f / 6,1c and 47f / 8.3c, the colour of the water looks good when it is dropping off, and provide we don't have any more rain, then things can only improve.

I have been going on over the last few weeks on the lack of anglers on the banks on Saturday's, and the amount of blokes that have been seen in the supermarkets, well I have to tell you that my wife (13lb 8oz Barbel) Tina is going into hospital on Tuesday to have an operation on her feet, it's nothing too serious, she is having the ball and chains removed, which means I will be seen wandering around a supermarket (Tesco's),if you do stop me to say hello, please don't mention fishing.

On Friday the water was up again to the top of the banks, making it again impossible to reach many swims. If you do venture out, please be very careful as many of the banks are undercut and very dangerous.

On Saturday we had a very interesting incident, it happened to roving Ringwood member Steve Tubb, in one particular swim he had a massive bite that wrenched his rod over, which he missed, on re-baiting and casting to the same spot, Steve then decided to drown his sorrows with a cup of tea, again his rod wrenched round and he was now in contact with a good fish, and believe me this was a big-un, it run to the far bank of the river before turning and making a few hefty runs up and downstream, when it finally showed itself, and a shocked Steve saw a big Salmon which he estimated to be about 20lb, it had another flick of the tail before it departed, and all was lost, very hard luck Steve, that would have been very special to have landed.

On Sunday the river had dropped again by about 2.5 feet and the water temperature had risen to 48.1f /8.9c and the colour was also dropping out, there was only 3 anglers fishing today, and no reports have come in at all.

It must be a record that no fish were caught this week, which made the report slightly boring for which I apologise.

If you do have any catches or want to know river conditions, especially if you are going to travel, give me a ring on,

07740777967 or e-mail on please mark subject Throop.

Many thanks and good luck.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff. 



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