Throop Fishery Report - 29th. November 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 29th. November 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 29th. November 2009

Hello to you all and welcome to Davis Tackle Throop report.

I am going to start with a few apologies. The first apology is for the lateness of the report arriving to your computer, this was because of a technical fault, but fortunately whizz kid Nigel sorted it out. 

Nigel gets down and dirty fixing Brians steam powered PC

Apology number two is for all the people that tried to phone me Friday afternoon, again there was a technical problem, but this time I sorted it out myself, I charged the phone up and all was well. Sorry Guys.

I suppose I had better make a third apology, I would like to say sorry about the weather, again this week it has been cancelled and the river reports are grim, I shall rename the River Stour, it's now called the River Yo-Yo, its been up and down so many times.

There have been a few changes to the river since last week. Firstly the chain tree that was blown down and was lying across the river to the opposite bank, has now slightly turned downstream at an angle.

The chain tree last week

The same tree now that the floods have shifted its position


There has also been a change upstream, the famous Treasure Island swim has lost its Island, it was washed away in the floods, and the swim is now as it was many years ago, but it does look nice and we will have to see how it fishes in the future.


Treasure Island as was

Treasure Island is no more.


Monday and the water temperature was a whopping 50.5f / 10.2c and lone angler Phil (David ) Nixon was trying his magic in vain, apart from one small tap of his bait, he remained fishless. The river was at the top of the banks but did look good for a barbel.

Tuesday......Wednesday.....and Thursday was a complete washout; the water was now over the banks and not an angler in sight.

It was Thursday evening that saw the last of Treasure Island, so I decided to give it a go on Friday, the water temperature was at 47.9f /8.3c when I arrived, I fished for a few hours but remained biteless, the air temperature had dropped and it was now getting quite cold, I tested the water temperature before I left, and that had dropped to 47.1f.

Saturday and the river had now dropped and looked in good shape. There were only seven anglers fishing Beat one and Beat two on the main river plus two lads fishing the Millpool. Alan Paget managed just one small chub to 1.5lb, a small return for a full days fishing.

Stuart Jupp with a chub of 5lb taken despite the dreadful conditions

Roving angler Stuart Jupp had four chub to 5lbs, and Nick Roberts who chose to float fish using a centrepin reel also took four chub to 5lb on the trotted float, the rain then moved in and came down with a vengeance and put paid to their tactics. Two other lads fishing downstream could only manage one eel between them.

Just as a reminder, please do not leave valuables or fishing tackle on show in your parked vehicles, I was shocked to see one vehicle that was parked at School Bridge, full to the brim with fishing goodies, if your vehicle is empty you should have no problems. DON'T GIVE THIEVES THE OPPORTUNITY.

Sunday, and I managed to walk part of the river bank, there was only two anglers fishing, one was on beat one, who was biteless, and the other was at School Bridge.

The river is again bank high and rising, we had very heavy rain Saturday night and on and off on Sunday. I will try to get a bit of fishing in on Monday providing we don't have very strong winds.

For people who get confused on the subject of water temperature, I will try to explain, but very basically. If you are a travelling angler there is nothing worse than arriving on the river bank to find that conditions are very poor, if you live local, it's easy, you don't have to fish, if you have travelled, you have to get on with it or go home.

Chub will feed in almost all conditions, but will feed best when some of the colour has dropped out of the river, temperatures are not that important. Barbel on the other hand don't like the water too cold or any sudden drop in temperature, they do thrive when the water is up and coloured so you should use the water temperature as a guideline. As a general rule the water temperature for feeding barbel should be a minimum of 41f /5c and this should be stable for at least three days, this allows for their metabolism to settle, when they again should start to feed.

Barbel can feed in low temperatures, especially at night; another plus for barbel fishing is a warm south westerly wind. Just to show how barbel can break the rules and feed in very low temperatures, take a look at this capture by Ray Walton of a Royalty fish, in somewhat bleak conditions.

Ray Walton proving that if you are mad enough to go fishing in conditions like these then there is a chance that a barbel might be mad enough to actually take your bait!

Many thermometers vary a great deal, and many are thrown in the dustbin because they don't work as they should, remember that they should just be used as an indication, if your thermometer is 4/5 degrees out, make a note of it and add or subtract the difference and use them for your own means.

My thermometer is an electronic one and at the moment it is only half a degree out, so when you get my temperatures, it's near enough. My old thermometer was thrown in the dustbin, and that was for the benefit of Ray Walton, who knew my old thermometer was naff.

Last but not least my advice was for the benefit to those people who really did not understand water temperatures and feeding barbel, I will go on further to say that you should buy a good barbel book, and take the advice from the experts, there are some really good books on the market, they are very enjoyable to read, and will serve you as a reference and will improve your techniques and improve your catches.

If you need any river conditions, or you have any catch reports just ring me on 07740777967 or you can e-mail me on hutch29@btinternet please put subject Throop or they will go unanswered.

Many Thanks


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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