Throop Fishery Report - 22nd November 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 22nd November 2009
Send date: 2009-11-27 08:17:13
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Throop Fishery Report - 22nd November 2009

Hello everybody and welcome to the Davis Tackle Throop River Report, well I must say that I was in a state of panic and was dreading having to write this weeks report, thinking, what the hell am I going to write about, as the river banks have been empty, and the weather has been an absolute nightmare with atrocious conditions, in fact I was surprised not to see Ray Mears on the river banks filming the next series of his survival programme.

Monday saw the water on top of the banks, we had a water temperature of 49,9f / 10c, which was pretty good, but with the lack of anglers on the bank, I had no catch reports at all, now I know its getting near Christmas, and we have to do as we are told as to the shopping by her indoors, but it was definitely the awful weather that has cleared the banks and brought anglers to their senses.

Tuesday and there is a slight drop in water temperature at 48.7f / 9.4c and the water is beginning to drop at the rate of 1 inch per hour, but again a lack of anglers meant no catch reports.

Wednesday and the water temperature has crept back up to what it was on Monday, which was 49.9f / 10c, the colour is very slowly dropping out from the drinking chocolate to a lighter shade of pale, the wind is still very strong and there are quite a few branches and small weak trees that have come down ( more clearing work ).

There are just a few anglers gracing our banks, Alex and Mike from Brighton tried their luck in rotten windy conditions in various swims, as did local angler Alan Paget, they all fished for the complete day and managed a couple of eels and one very small chub of 1lb 8oz. There were four anglers on the mill pool that were really bagging up and eating the fish as they caught them, and that was the dreaded cormorants, I just can't believe the size of some of the fish that they are able to swallow.

By the end of the day the river has dropped 3 feet, there is hardly any weed coming down, that is except the famous CHAIN TREE, this famous tree was situated about 200 yards upstream of Glens Weir at School Bridge, and it was recognised by a big metal cable around it's trunk, it has now been blown down by the high winds and now lies across the river from one side to the other, this now in hand with the E.A.


Demise of the Chain Tree Chain Tree looking upstream Resulting bank damage


Thursday and the water temperature has gone up to a very healthy 51.1f / 10.6c the level has again dropped and its now looking very good for our whiskered friend, Barbus Barbus, and hey bingo yours truly lands a fine specimen of 10lb 4ozs. For the first time I am going to report where it was caught, and here's the photo, (work it out). [Ed: Taking account of where you have actually managed to catch barbel this season Brian, my guess is the Costa del Sol. Do I win the prize Brian?] 

RDAA Bailiff & Legendary writer of the Throop Report Brian Willson showing that, when he is not sitting behind a computer screen, he can still actually catch barbel with this lovely 10lb 4oz example

Friday and the temperature has crept up a touch more at 52.1f /11.2, surely this has got to be feeding time at the zoo, And again its bingo time, the fish are at last crawling up the rods, and that is music to our ears, so here goes with the good news. Local lad Ashley Hayes had three chub to 3lb 8oz, whilst Dave Roach had four chub and a net full of dace, but Dave was unlucky to drop an unseen fish, which he believed to be a large chub, and take it from me, Dave should know. Cam Cleary took the best chub bag of the day with 9 fish to 4lb 8oz, he also caught a cold and spent the next morning in bed, AH BLESS. But it was the barbel that everybody was waiting for that decided to put in an appearance, Weighing in at 12lb 4oz, a lovely fish for local ace Steve New, and at the same weight of 12lb 4oz a cracking barbel plus a chub of 4lb 11oz to roving angler Neil Justice, a very well done lads.

Best fish of the day went to Throop Manager Chris Allport with an outstanding barbel of 13lb 8ozs.

What a great day at last.

Saturday and the river conditions looked very good at 7.00am, the water temperature was slightly down on day before which was 51.8f /11c, the wind turned around after a couple of hours and was blowing upstream, which is a nightmare for the float anglers, once again, not may anglers on the banks, it seems that Saturdays are very quiet days, but the weather is now turning very nasty, strong winds and heavy driving rain. Young Rick from Essex sat out the day despite the weather and was rewarded with a small chub of 3lb 8oz, most of the few anglers that did venture out decided to call is a day as the weather was now getting worse by the minute. One mug that stayed and battled the weather, sorry I meant brave and hardy angler was Simon Ebborn with a ten fish catch of chub to 5lb 14oz, well done Si, your medal is in the post.

Sunday and there were just five anglers fishing, the river has now once again risen, and after the deluge of rain that we have had this morning, it will be an almost certainty that the river will be topping the banks again. The Throop fishing match that was to be fished today was cancelled and they had to transfer it to a local lake.

The weather forecast for tonight and Monday is again very windy with showers although the air temperatures are again high for this time of the year.

As you have gathered, I had no fish catches today.

If you are travelling to fish Throop, give me a ring to check river conditions, but please check weather conditions for the Bournemouth Area.

Many thanks to all of you that sent me your fish catches.

If any of you would like to send me your fish reports or you photo's, e-mail me on subject Throop, or phone me on 07740777967.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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