Throop Fishery News - 6th July
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 6th July
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Throop Fishery Report - 6th July 2009
Hi everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Throop report. I thought that I would start this week by putting a face behind the reports so i am enclosing mine with a photo of my biggest fish last season that was caught on a local lake.
                                                         Brian Willson with his seasons best at Sopley
A late report came in from the Dorset Wizard alias Andy Elston of a nice barbel estimated to be between 11.5lb and 12lb, have a look at the photo and see what you think. Andy had forgotten his scales and camera but managed this photo with his phone taken by a spectator, this fish was caught Sunday evening on the last knockings. Well done Andy.
                                                           Andy with a barbel estimated at around 11.5 -12lbs
Monday started the week on a high note with a nice barbel of 11lb being caught along with lots of chub and bream being brought to the net throughout the fishery.
Tuesday was a day of all seasons with the weather changing from good to bad, but it did bring a smile to my face, Chris Allport braved the heat but ended up being trapped under his brolly for 3 hours in torrential rain, but did manage to take a roach and a chub of 5lb. There was not many reports coming in today, I think the weather put off a lot of anglers, so I will top up the Tuesday report with an early season chub taken by myself on the fly, estimated to be between 6.5 to 7lb, Chris was at hand with the net and bailiff Dave Watkins took the photo, many thanks to you both.
                                                          RDAA bailiff and author of the Throop Reports Brian Willson with a Chub estimated to be 6 - 7lbs
Wednesday saw one angler start the day with a stormer taking nine chub to 6lb on the float in the first hour, the swim then suddenly died when two pike moved in, one estimated to be an upper twenty, they both took fish without a permit. Once again the chub are showing in great numbers throughout the river.
Thursday reports gave us the great news that a lot of small barbel are being caught up to 3lb, which is nice to hear for our future barbel fishing.Two day ticket anglers reported to me that they had just had a wonderful catch of nine chub and one pike and that their day ticket purchase was the best they have ever had and went home highly delighted, well done lads and we are glad that you had a great day with us.
Friday, and its not a question of spot the fish but spot the angler, the fishery has been very quiet. Paul, who I have met up with on Parley lakes decided to have a session on the river and reported to me a couple of chub to 4lb 2ozs and a bream of the same weight. Bev our local big pike man,came unstuck and ended up with a big net full of eels. Bailiff Dave Beal had a nice early session with a couple of chub to 5lb and two barbel both in the 4-5lb mark. Dave seemed upset that the fish were a bit on the small side for his standards, but after a lot of arm twisting I managed to obtain the weights from him, at least he has caught barbel this season more than I can say for yours truly. I did however manage to get out for a few hours this evening with Tina, we both fished the same swim and at last I managed to catch more fish than her, and the biggest, with six chub over 4lb with the largest at 5lb12ozs, not bad for a couple of hours fishing.
Saturday was again a very quiet day with not many anglers on the banks. Jon was stalking a carp estimated to be around 20lb, his rod went round, it wasn't the carp but a tench of about 3lb. Southampton angler Kevin who was fishing with his son, was plagued by pike taking his small chub, but still managed to net a nice chub of 5lb9ozs. Fish of the day and week went to Dan with a stunning barbel of 12lb 7ozs, well done.
Sunday and where was the bailiff? Sorry guys and gals I had a day off, I was at Parley boot sale trying to sell a few bits, but I can report that from my secret informer that a few barbel have been caught up to about 10lbs. So it was all morning at the bootee and all afternoon writing my report.
For those of you who fish Pig Island at Throop ( Mud swim, Pallet swim, Boulder Weir and Treasure Island) the access gate is now obsolete, meaning that it can no longer be used. The RDAA lock has been removed and a new lock has been fitted which belongs to DORSET COUNTRYSIDE.
A new gate has been fitted along with our lock, this is situated adjacent to the hatches. It is now in operation, and once through the gate just follow the new fence to the end and turn left, there you will see a stile that you must use. Please do not break  or cross the fence at the end this has just been replaced by Dorset Countryside. For those of you that have been members for many years will remember that what has happened now is that the gate and the footpath is back to its original position as was years ago.If you are wondering why this has been done,its because Dorset Countryside want to put a Bull in the field. (so they say ). This is a photo of the new gate.
Many thanks to everybody thats informed me of catches. I would like to again appeal for any information on fish catches, and will not under any circumstances divulge the locations of where the fish are caught. Phone me on 07740777967 or email me on  SUBJECT THROOP.
RDAA treasurer Graham Lavender contacted me this week after being in contact with Jim Allan who is the fisheries technical officer for the EA Wessex (South) this was on the progress of the barbel population and the habitat and spawning and refuge areas.I contacted Jim who informed me that ongoing studies are being carried out on Throop. Jim would like anglers to report their barbel catches, with their weight and measurements. This is to calculate their age etc, he also respects the privacy of catches, so to help the future of our whiskered friend give us a ring. I would like to inform you also that last weeks report was read by nearly 6000 people!
Many thanks Brian Willson, Throop Bailiff.

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