Throop Fishery Report - 15th November 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 15th November 2009
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Throop Fishery News - 15th November 2009

Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Throop report.

What a week this has been, it started well and ended up a nightmare, with winds gusting to over 70mph and the river reaching the top of its banks, I spent Friday night and Saturday walking backwards and forwards from my lounge to the back bedroom window to see how far the two 6 feet fence panels could be blown, but fortunately they stayed put and that was more money, time and effort saved.

Monday has started on a high note, the water level has dropped and the water temperature was at 48f / 8.8c, so that is a slight drop from the previous Sunday, the colour is still there, but the air temperature was quite cold today, there wasn't that many anglers fishing, and there were quite a few blanks, one visiting angler had two chub between 4 / 5lb plus one eel.

The catch of the day goes to Throop bailiff Sid Thompson who took two chub, both over 5lb and a fabulous barbel of 13lb 8ozs, that fish is well deserved and Sid is so delighted I thought he was going to burst, well done Sid and congratulations from us all.

Tuesday I had a day off to fish the Royalty, which ended up biteless; there were only 6 anglers on the fishery. After a few phone calls all I managed to achieve was a report of a chub of  3lbs from Throop, so lets forget about Tuesday, it was cancelled, it never happened.

Wednesday and at last we have some fish, believe it or not there were only 8 anglers fishing Beats 1 and 2 at Throop. The day was mild, the water temperature was 47.5f /8.6c, that was just a touch down on the previous day, the lowest it has been for a few days, the water has dropped a bit more and it is still running coloured, three of the anglers reported their catches.

John Rushton took a 5lb 12oz chub and some roach up to 1.5lb, showing that his old cane rod and a trotted float still works a treat, further upstream John McGough took three chub, one was unweighed, but the other two was a nice brace, one was 5lb 10ozs and the other topped the scales at 6lb 1oz.

The best catch of the day went to John's fishing partner, Phil Nixon, who certainly got the honours of the day with an eight chub catch, with the best one weighing in at 6lb 1oz, the same size as Johns fish, I must tell you that these were not the same fish, these two lads were fishing a long way apart.

I decided to outdo them all and fish further downstream to a hotspot that I know, I fished for 5 hours without a bite, my excuse was that I had left all my bait at home.

Thursday, and the water temperature has gone up slightly to 48.4f / 9.1c, my morning was spent walking the banks checking tickets and showing a guest around the fishery, it was Twyky Dickie, ( that's Dick from Twykenham ),I think that's how you spell it. [Edit: No Brian, it's spelt Twickenham. As you were...]

We walked the banks for over 3 hours, and to be honest the anglers that I spoke to did not have that much to report, one lad had a bream of 7/8lb and another had a chub he called a big five, there was a pike caught whilst I was watching which was estimated at around 7/8lb, the same as the bream, perhaps they were twins. Another lad had a few perch and that was about it. Dick departed and went on his way and enjoyed his three hour tour in the sunshine.

I decided to have some lunch and spend a few hours fishing, on passing School Bridge I saw this strange character and wondered if it had anything to do with Dave's brolly or the recovery service which appeared in last weeks report.

School Bridge mystery brolly man

I settled down in my chosen swim, and there I sat, not a bite, I was using a centre pin reel and was waiting for a churner, the rain then started and it lashed it down with some nasty winds, it was at this point that I had to check the reel to make sure that it had not rusted up with the rain as it continued to lash down, the good news was that I have found the six leaks on the brolly, still not a bite. It was at this point that John Rushton appeared looking like a soggy sponge, its a good job he's name isn't Bob, John caught a 4lb+ chub and a roach on his trotted float and special bait, he bid me farewell and squelched his way back to the car, at this point I just sat back waiting for my churner and decided to had a nice cup of coffee, oh dear, guess what, there was my flask with my piping hot coffee, but I had forgot my cup, how do drink it, I wish Ray Mears was here he would know what to do, I just had to forget it. I gave it a while longer and then called it a day when there was a break in the weather.

Friday I had to go to the hospital with my wife Tina, nothing to worry about, I was having a brain check after all that has gone on in the last few days, so no reports for FRIDAY 13th.

Saturday was a bad, bad, day, with winds over 70mph, this was following on from Friday night, but was now worse, the water was now rising fast, it is now up 3.5 feet from the previous day, but believe it or not there are two people fishing the Millpool, and one had an umbrella up, both anglers were blanking, which was not surprising.

High water in the Wendy House swim

The Mud Swim at Throop

One other incident that is worth reporting was, on my way from the fishery I noticed another green umbrella up on beat one, so I cut across the farmland to check out the angler, it was at this point that I noticed that it wasn't a brolly, it was an upturned green wheelbarrow that the girls use for the horses dung, in future I will take my binoculars and god knows what Nigel will think of this one.


 The I-spy Guide to Bailiffing Throop Fishery

 Re-published for the benefit of B. Willson

Fishing-Umbrella Green_Wheelbarrow

1. A green wheelbarrow

 2. A green fishing umbrella

Sunday and the water is at the top of the banks and rising, its up another 18 inches from the previous day, we did have some anglers fishing but they were on the Millpool, the water temperature was again up at 49.6f / 9,8c so we are hoping we will see some barbel catches next week, there is lots of weed coming down at the moment, but once this clears we hope for some sport.

 Its at this point that I would like to remind you all, that if you require any up-to-date river reports just give me a ring or e-mail me, but please put the subject THROOP or they will not be opened.

My numbers are as follows........07740777967..........e-mail

Geoff Bowman with a lovely 12lb 12oz barbel

This is a photo of Geoff Bowman from Southend with a nice 12lb 12oz barbel from Throop, well done Geoff.

Sorry it was a bit short this week with not many catches, lets hope things will improve.

Brian Willson Throop bailiff.



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