Throop Fishery News - 1st. November (Revised Version)
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 1st. November (Revised Version)
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Apologies for the previous empty report. Hopefully this version will work!

Throop Fishery Report - 1st November 2009

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Throop report, I must say that it is nice to be back after my trip to the River Teme, I did have 5 barbel over the week, but it was tough going, the river was very low and almost at a standstill in some places with the lack of water, plus the added bonus of being covered in a carpet of leaves, in one week I had 5 bites that resulted in 5 fish, with two going over 7lb, the highlight of the week for me was my son Rick, who had his first ever barbel, a nice fish of 6lb 4oz, please forgive me for putting a Teme barbel on the Throop report, but it really is a special moment when you catch your first fish of a new species.

Rick Willson with his first ever barbel weighing 6lb 4oz

On arrival onto the Stour here at Throop at 6.30am on Saturday morning, I was very surprised to find the water level up about one inch and with a touch of colour from the previous week, although it's still very low it does look fishable.

So catching up with things, I see that Nigel of Davis Tackle, reckons that I moan a lot, well, of course he is right, I do moan a bit, but I have come to the conclusion that if we live in a perfect world, I would moan, that I had nothing to moan at.

The fish catches are a bit scarce owing to no satellite signal at Pitlands Farm in Worcester, and many of you that have stayed there know what I mean.

Monday saw Kenny Parsons land a nice chub of 6lb 4oz, Kenny has been using a new bait that will be launched in the new year, he has had great success with it here at Throop and also on the Bristol Avon, now you know that I do not divulge naming baits, but I am making an exception on this one, as Kenny wanted to let you all know the name of the bait. It's a boilie called RLD which is Red Letter Day, if you do your homework on the internet, you will get a good bit of info on this new bait.

Kenny Parsons with a 6lb 4oz chub caught on a RLD boilie.

Keith Little finished his couple of weeks fishing here at Throop with a great tally of fish, chub of 6lb 4oz, 6lb 7oz and a 7lb cracker, plus he had a nice little whisker 7lb 7oz; they were the best from a big catch of chub. Sid Thomson had a nice barbel of 6lb and so did Nick Roberts who had a barbel of 8lb 10oz, a very well done to you two.The best reported chub went to Chris Allport with a cracking specimen of 7lb 3oz, not quite his record 8lb 2.5oz fish, but a real beauty.

There were a few chub caught up and down the river, the three lads from Andover had a few between them, but there were no reported weights from them.

Tony and Mark Thomas from Surrey had a nice day in good weather, Mark had a few chub and a nice perch of 1.5lb which was his reward after losing a good fish on his first cast, his brother Mark had a few bream to 7lb 2oz and both were rewarded when their wives turned up with a stone cold McDonalds...ENJOY.

We woke up Sunday morning to atrocious conditions, high winds and heavy rain, surely not a day for fishing, how wrong I was, some of our local builders were braving the conditions, just 6 anglers on a 3 mile stretch. This made me think of our visiting anglers who travel many miles to fish our River Stour, many of us have been there and done it, to arrive at the fishery or wake up in the morning from your digs, to find the conditions are poor. If we know the river we try to adapt, but if we are newcomers, it can be very difficult, and it would certainly pay to do your homework before you arrive or spend the first day or two walking the banks and picking up as much knowledge as possible, just enjoy your visit. We all know the saying, that a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work, well that does not always work, we always like to catch a fish or two, to catch is an added bonus.

I have waffled on a bit owing to a limited amount of reports, but if you require any information, just give me a ring and I will be only too pleased to help.

Many thanks to all of you that has contacted me, tight lines to you all.

My contact numbers are 07740777967 or

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

Late Reports

Brian has asked me to add the following reports which arrived after he had completed this report.

Nick Roberts with an 8lb 10oz Throop barbel.

Nick Roberts with an 8lb10oz barbel.

Also Dave Treadwell had 10 chub on Saturday three over 6lb,four over 5lb,and three over 4lb.


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