Throop Fishery Report - 18th. October 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 18th. October 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 18th October 2009

Hi everybody and welcome to the Davis Tackle Throop Fishery report, lets start by saying that you need to bear with us, it seems that what with sickness, and myself going off again at the weekend for another fishing week on the River Teme, the reports have gone a bit topsy turvy, but I'm sure that you will forgive us and things will get back to normal as soon as possible.

On to the report, and I must say that it has been a very strange week, there have been lots off anglers blanking, and some taking the odd fish or two, but one name that keeps cropping up is Keith Little, to put in a fair report, I think that is only right that I do mention his name, he has put in a tremendous amount of work to achieve a successful weeks fishing under some difficult conditions.

Monday saw our visitor Keith Little start the week on a high, after walking a considerable distance along the river looking for the elusive fish, he then settled in his chosen swim to take a tally of some great fish, a barbel of 13lb 9ozs, and three good chub, one of 5lb 4ozs, and the other two weighed in at 6lb 6ozs and 6lb 11ozs, he also lost two fish through hook pulls, the fish were witnessed by bailiff Sid Johnson, who also landed a chub of 5lb 2ozs, and just when they thought it was all over, on the last knockings, Keith had another barbel of 7lb 3ozs and Sid had a big chub of 6lb 3ozs, now that's what you call a great day on the riverbank.

Tuesday and the dominant species was our old friend the chub, one angler had  three fish, from 4lb 14ozs to 5lb 8ozs,along the river, some anglers were blanking, and some taking the odd fish, the best fish of the day was a chub of 6lb 5ozs.

Wednesday and there is certainly a chill in the air with temperatures taking a slight dip, not many anglers were on the river today, but one lad who has been permanent fixture is Keith Little, and again he done the business by landing a barbel of 9lb 3ozs and two chub, one of 6lb 4ozs and the other of 6lb 9ozs. The only other reported catch was a chub of 5lb 5ozs.

If you begin to wonder how Keith has such wonderful catches I can now tell you, it's sheer hard work and patience, Keith knows this river very well indeed and has been fishing it for many, many years, he walks the banks and does his homework, it does not always pay off, he has blanked three days, which shows he is human.

Thursday and the going is really tough today, there is the dreaded rafts of weed making its way downstream, I managed a small chub of about 4lb at the last knockings, and this was one of them days that saw Keith and a few other anglers blanking. But all is not lost, visiting angler Steve Graham from Winchester landed a really nice barbel 12lb 10ozs which snapped up his bait, just a couple of minutes after casting out, so Steve will be driving home to Winchester tonight very happy indeed. The only sad note was that I missed taking a picture, I arrived just as the fish was returned to the water.

Elsewhere there were a few average size chub caught along with a few bream, but the rafts of weed are making things difficult in many swims.

Friday and again this was one of those days when the few anglers that did make it to the riverbank ended up blanking, including our maestro for the week, Keith Little. One great report was from another of our Bailiffs Dave Beal, who has been known to have had a few love affairs with our friend Barbus Barbus, thinking that he had done it again with the love of his life, he was to have his dreams shattered when a 12lb pike snapped up his hookbait, unlucky Dave.

Saturday and again all the anglers seem to be out and about with their wives shopping, as the riverbanks were empty, the few that did make it to the riverside had to face the rafts of weed, and quite a few went home fishless. there was just a couple of fish reports, a few small chub and bream along with a couple of eels, Keith Little managed a couple of chub, one of 5lb 13ozs and the other of 6lb 7ozs, and that was for 11 hours on the bank.

Sunday and I had no reports in at all, except of two barbel of over 12lb being landed by two anonymous anglers.

So there you have it a week on the Throop Fishery, the size of the chub are really remarkable, bear in mind that once the weed dies off the fishing for chub really comes into its own, it's then that the float anglers try their expertise and pit their wits against our wily fish.

Many thanks to those of you that reported their catches, unfortunately there weren't any photo's this week, which was a great shame.

I will be back after my trip to the Teme, and hopefully things will be back to normal.

Please send me any fish catches....e-mail: or ring me on 07740777967.

Please note that phone reception at Worcester is pretty grim, so be patient.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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