Throop Fishery News - 12th October 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 12th October 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 12th October 2009

Hi and welcome once again to Davis Tackle Website, please accept our apologies for being a bit late this week it seems that Nigel and I had both been struck down with the dreaded lurgy, but it seems that we are both on the mend, only slightly, and we do need a lot sympathy.

Brian feeling as sick as a dog!!

Monday and at last with have some rain, that precious stuff that we have all been praying for, and its raining all day.

Here at Throop it takes 24 to 36 hours for the river to rise, and walking the banks today there is not an angler in sight so I suppose that would make it obvious why no reports came in.

Tuesday and how things are changing, the rain is still continuing to fall, which is putting a slight tinge of colour on the river. The duck weed that has been hung up in the margins is now beginning to shift along with some old rafts of dying weed which is making its way downstream.

Bailiff Sid Johnson managed to catch one chub of 5lb 6ozs, elsewhere one or to fish are being caught along the fishery with chub the prominent species.

Another nice catch was that of Andy Johnson(,who is no relation to our bailiff Sid,) who caught two chub to 6lb2ozs,along with three bream to 4lb and about twelve perch to the 1lb mark, well done Andy, all caught on a very blustery day. I must say that the three bream were the smallest that have been caught from this swim this season.

Andy was in line for catch of the day, when two anglers from Sheffield appeared on the scene, they were Peter and John Marsh who fished a very blustery swim just like Andy, and stuck it out to last knockings, when young John Marsh was rewarded with a stunning trio of fish, chub of 5lb and 6lb and a stunning barbel of 12lb, well done.

John Marsh and his 6lb chub

John Marsh with a lovely conditioned 12lb barbel from Throop

Wednesday and it hasn't stopped raining, the colour is slowly building and the rafts of weed are making their way down the river. There have not been any spectacular catches today apart from a few average size chub, which were being caught in ones and twos by the small amount of anglers that were on the banks, the only good news today is that the river has risen about two inches.

Thursday and again it's just about the same as Wednesday except of one cracking chub that was caught by the senior Marsh lad, it was dads turn Peter landed a fish of 6lb.

A few perch were caught along various stretches of the river along with a couple of small bream.

Peter Marsh with another excellent Throop chub weighing in at the same weight as his sons at 6lb exactly.

Friday and again there are not many anglers on the banks, I had a few hours with my son Rick but we both blanked, it may have been that we were to busy weighing fish for Sid Johnson, Sid's had a good run of catches this season mainly chub, today's fish was a 4lb bream and another of those very special Throop chub, weighing in at 6lb 5ozs.

Saturday, and today I spent it all indoors with that lurgy thing that I mentioned earlier, I did however have my phone by my side to keep in touch with a few of the anglers that couldn't get a bite, most of the reports that I got were anglers blanking including our old mate and very welcomed visitor Keith Little who could catch fish from an empty bath, but today nothing. 

Sunday and what did I tell you, after a slow start, our old buddy Keith Little had eight chub, 4lb10oz, 5lb, 5lb 6oz, 5lb 7oz, 5lb 7oz, 5lb 8oz, 5lb 10oz and 5lb 13oz, and that on a day when a lot of anglers struggled.

The river has at the moment dropped a couple of inches after a promising start to the week; we needed a lot more, the rain that we did have just got rid of some floating weed.

If you have any catches to report my number is...07740777967 or

e-mail me on


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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