Throop Fishery Report - 5th. October 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 5th. October 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 5th October 2009

Hello and welcome once again to Throop Fishery report here at Davis Tackle, as I write, I look out of the window and we have at last some of that precious wet stuff called RAIN, how long it will last will only be a matter for the gods, so lets hope we have enough at least to shift the duck weed and some of the debris from our river.


Monday started of on a reasonable note with chub once again the dominant species, Doug Read took a couple of chub to 4lb and seemed quite happy. Mick Bailey, who with his two pals, all from Torbay, decided to fish a swim that I put him in last year to achieve a PB chub of 5lb, was back in the same swim with another PB, this time it was a little better at 5lb4ozs, not big by Throop standards but to Mick it was a very special moment.


Mick Bailey with a 5lb 4oz Throop chub.


Bailiff Sid Johnson who was fishing at last knockings had both rods go off at the same time, and landed two chub, both were 5lb+ and both ended up in the same landing net (the joys of fishing two rods ),he then went on to take another two 5lb+ fish taking his tally to four for the session.


Tuesday and once again it was the chub that featured apart from one little surprise, Martin Downing had three chub to 5lb+, and the surprise came when another of the Torbay anglers, John May had a bit of a struggle thinking that he had a decent barbel on the end of his line, only to find he had hooked and landed a nice common carp of 10lb6ozs.


I took a couple of chub, one of 5lb7ozs and the other of 5lb12ozs, and for that I enclose a surprise picture, only because a passing angler insisted he took a photo.


John May and a lovely looking 10lb 6oz common carp.


Brian Willson with a 5lb 7oz chub that only appears on here as a passing angler "insisted" on taking a photo. More likely Brian didn't want this photo up on here as he is embarrassed that his relation Rick caught a larger chub (see picture below)


Once again Bailiff Sid Johnson took to the water, only this time it was to free a weeded barbel without success, unlucky Sid.


Wednesday was a very quiet day with not to many people about, a few chub, again were caught along the fishery, with Sid taking the biggest reported at 5lb12ozs,it was not the same fish that I had caught the day before, we were at opposite ends of the fishery. I managed a 5lb chub along with two bream, one weighing in at 5lb13ozs and the other at 6lb15ozs. Other fish reported was a couple of pike for member Peter Webb who landed two pike with an estimated weight of about 11lb.


Thursday saw another of our members take a lovely bag of perch on trotted tactics with the average weight of about 12ozs, but a cracking fishing session. Sid was at it again taking five nice chub weighing in at 4lb5ozs, 5lb4ozs, 5lb6ozs, 5lb10ozs and last but not least a fish of 5lb14ozs, well done Sid.


Friday and Sid is at it again with another nice brace of chub, one fish of 5lb6ozs and the other of 6lb,well done Sid, I seem to be spending more time answering the phone every time he catches a fish. Elsewhere chub were coming out on various swims throughout the fishery along with bream and perch, bear in mind that these fish are coming out on a very low river, I am 100% certain that the barbel are going to make a grand show as soon as the river rises.


Visiting angler Rick Willson (yes he is related) had a chub of 5lb8ozs, we managed to get a photo, the fish looks small but my little lad looks ok. He then went on to catch a bream of 6lb15ozs which was the same fish that I caught on Wednesday.


Rick Willson with a 5lb 8oz chub that was considerably bigger than the 5lb 7oz chub caught by Throop Bailiff and writer of these reports, Brian Willson. hehehe


Another visiting angler who bought a nice11ft 6inch Hardy Specimen Avon rod on his way to Throop, coupled with his 30 year old Mitchell 300A, christened them both with a bream of about 5lb, well done to you Chris Knight, I won’t tell Nigel that you bought the rod elsewhere. [Err, I do read and edit these reports Brian, or perhaps I should I say Brian, Leo y corrijo estos informes.Wink]


Saturday and the banks of our river are very quiet, remember it was very windy, I had no reports on any chub catches, I decided to get out my spinning rod and walked about 2 miles of river bank and I did not see another angler, I did manage to take a few small perch and a couple of jack pike on a Mepps number 3, but it was enjoyable until my back started to ache when I got home. The good news is that the small barbel are being caught in good numbers. The bad news is that once again evidence of otters have once again been found with a number of small pike found on the bank with the usual otter treatment.


Sunday and I was again out on the banks with my son Rick, I had one bream of 5lb and a chub of 4lb whilst he finished the session with a chub of 4lb9ozs, elsewhere the pike anglers were struggling, but a few small chub were being taken along the river, one angler seemed very happy taking lots of perch on trotting tactics.


I had no more reports of any fish catches but I was informed that Tesco was packed by male shoppers............come lads play the game.


If you have any catch reports please contact me on 07740777967 or e-mail at


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

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