Throop Fishery Report - 28th. September 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 28th. September 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 28th September 2009

Hello and welcome once again to Davis Tackle Website.

Have you ever had one of those days when everything goes wrong? Yes I bet you have, you arrive at your swim and there in front of you is a couple of nice fish and it looks as though they are feeding, in goes a couple of pouches of bait and sure enough their heads go down to feed, now you cant wait to cast out, you start making up your tackle, on goes the reel and you start threading the line through the rings, here is disaster number one, you miss a ring and have to start all over again, this is usually only found out after you have cast out, so now the terminal tackle is made up, either float or ledger it does not matter, don't forget you are an expert, on goes the bait and you cast out, still watching those fish feeding, wallop, straight up a tree and you have to pull for a break, the fish are still there and you now have to go through the whole process again, once done the second cast of the day is done with the utmost care.

I have given a lot of though to what is the worse thing to hook apart from your skin and I think it's you bootlace, its one hell of a problem to unhook especially if you have a pair of real expensive designer ones, what am I going on about this morning, I think Tina has put something in my tea, lets get on with the report.


A late report of two massive chub caught the weekend before the last by unknown anglers was a 7lb 4oz and a 7lb2oz, two fabulous fish.

Last week I reported on some great fish being caught by an unknown angler, well that lad has now come forward and it is none other than Steve New who had 9 barbel, two weighed in at 11lb and 10lb 6ozs and the other seven were between 1 to 3lb, fish of the future, well done Steve and thanks for the report.

Steve New with an 11lb barbel off Throop. (sorry about the picture quality)

Monday kicked of with a fantastic catch of chub for Kenny Parsons who despite the very low water took 13 chub, yes 13 chub, five weighed in at over 5lb each and three weighed in at 6lb 1oz...6lb 5ozs...and 6lb 6ozs, hows that for a days fishing in a swim that looked low and miserable, well done Kenny and thank you for your report.

 kenny Parsons with the best of his bag of chub weighing 6lb 6oz.

Tuesday saw the usual chub and bream being caught along with a nice barbel of 10lb 4ozs to an unknown angler.

Wednesday, and I think that most of the anglers are sleeping, I had no reports at all, so apart from very low water conditions, don't give up, just look at what Kenny managed on Monday, or we could all meet up on school bridge and perform a rain dance to fill our beautiful river.

Thursday saw a very enthusiastic Alex capture five chub from 4lb to 5lb +, well done Alex.

Bailiff Sid Johnson who was fishing to last knockings had both of his rods pulled from the rod rest by a group of ducks in flight, on retrieving his rods he found a 4lb 8oz chub hanging on the end, jammy or what.

Friday and another quiet day with no reports coming in and still no rain, I still reckon that a rain dance might do the trick.

Saturday and once again just a couple of reports to mention, the maggot boys are taking a few dace and bits on the float, but are being pestered by the occasional jack pike.

Ashley Hayes was in his height of glory after taking a 4lb 7oz bream and rounding it of with two stunning chub. One of 6lb 8ozs and a monster of 6lb14ozs, well done Ashley.

Sunday and the sun is shining that seems to have an effect on people, our bailiffs once again have nothing better to do than chase drunken canoeists up and down the river, how bad is that, drinking on canoes on the river.

The good news is that once again lots of small barbel is being caught along with some bream and chub, dace and perch are also being taken on trotted maggots.

Colin Wilson, (no relation, I have two L's) had some bream and chub to 4lb 8ozs.

Most of the country is suffering from the lack of rain, some rivers are affected worst than others, so will we look forward to the rainy season, I will be off in a couple of weeks fishing on the River Teme, and that is one of those rivers that does feel the effect of low water, but we must just get on with it, keep on moaning and have the greatest excuse in the world for not catching.

Many thanks for those of you that sent in reports; I really do need a lot more. Please send me your catch reports, your catch locations will remain secret, just phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff


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