Throop Fishery Report - 21st. September 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 21st. September 2009
Send date: 2009-09-21 16:41:06
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Throop Fishery Report - 21st. September 2009

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Throop Fishery Report, many apologies to those of you that have been trying to get information on the fishery in the last couple of weeks, but being holiday time I had to swan of to Spain to relax in the sun and try to catch some Spanish fish. Let me start by saying many thanks to my in-laws, Brenda and Eddie for their hospitality in their beautiful Spanish villa, many thanks also to Martin who acted as a guide on one of my fishing trips to show myself and Eddie one or two different swims on the River Segura. The fishing went very well with myself taking about seven carp on every session on bread flake on the River Segura. I also had a couple of sessions on the Embalse De Pedara, which is a stunningly beautiful reservoir which contains many very hard fighting species of fish, I did manage to catch my very first Black Bass along with lots of carp, and I also manage to catch a small Barbel of about three pounds which fought very hard in the twenty feet of water that I had under my rod tip.

If you are going to Spain for a bit of fishing I can recommend this reservoir, there are lots of big carp, and the barbel will go over 25lbs you will need good strong tackle, the bites are all wrap arounds, so don't leave your rod unattended unless you have a bait runner, and you will need a rod license, I would like to add that a rod licence is only for the region that you are fishing in, mine is for the region of Valencia....finally here are two photo' is Eddie when we broke down on our last day, and the other is my small Barbel from Pedara.

¡Típico, Brian rompe mi coche y he conseguido solamente diez euros en mi carpeta!

Brian el hombre con una barbilla española

Now back to the Throop report. The river is now at its lowest for many years, with the lack of rain it is now beginning to suffer along with lots of other rivers throughout the country, there is still lots of weed and what with the low water,

 Some of the shallow swims are now just protruding gravel mounds, but its not all doom and gloom there are still many good deep swims to fish and there have been a few good results.

A couple of good barbel to mention to two unknown anglers, one of 11lb and the other of 10lb, there have also been lots of small barbel caught, all around 2 to 3lb along with lots of very small barbel seen on the shallows up to 6 inches long, and that is brilliant for the future.

There have been plenty of chub caught, with a few sixes and one topping seven pounds, it seems that one method at the moment that is proving a success, is freelining baits, which the chub seem to enjoy.

I am always going on about Nick Roberts, one of our bailiffs who seems to spend more time in the water than he does on the bank, well it seems that another one of our bailiffs has now got the trend, its none other than Sid Johnson who has suddenly got the passion for taking a dip in our famous river only this time it was by accident, he had the rod pulled of its rest at an alarming rate, he overstretched to recover his prized possession, and in he went filling his waders to the brim, fortunately it was a shallow swim, and yes he did retrieve his rod, and no he did not land the fish.

I have not fished since returning from my Spanish trip, I have been building a bait shed, but I will be out and about this week, I shall scale down my tackle using very small baits in my quest to land a fish or two.

Don't forget to send me any catch reports on ....07740777967 or e-mail


El Hombre Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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