Throop Fishery Report - 23rd August 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 23rd August 2009
Send date: 2009-08-28 10:30:10
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Throop Fishery Report - 23rd. August 2009

Once again welcome to the Throop fishery report, this week the report is very short as i am preparing for my trip to Spain tomorrow and hopefully get into a nice Spanish barbel.

This week started very well with a nice barbel of 13lb 14ozs being caught by Throop regular ( big Tony ),there were a few chub also caught along all stretches of the fishery on various baits.

Tuesday saw another great fish caught, this time it was one of the famous Throop chub, a great fish of 7lb 6ozs this went to an anonymous angler. Bailiff Sid Thompson took 4 small chub, and elsewhere chub were again the dominant species, with a few bream also making a show.

Wednesday and disaster struck, the weather forecasters actually got the forecast right, it was a very hot day, the sky was bright and cloudless, link that up with low clear water and a lack of anglers on the banks and I did not get one report in, except for the usual blanks.

Thursday was even worse, how could it get worse, well it did, the temperature suddenly dropped and we had to result in wearing our fleeces, I managed to take one very small chub and two very large eels, whereas other local anglers were blanking, this sudden change of temperature has had a dramatic effect on most of the river.

Friday was not much better, I changed tactics using light lines and small hooks and small baits, I did manage to catch one of the biggest gudgeon I have seen for many years but after I put it back I regretted not taking a photo of it to show Nigel of Davis Tackle as this species is one of his favorites, I also managed to catch a couple of small chub to 2lb.

Returning a Redmire Monster  Closeup of the successful return to the water

[In case anyone think's Brian is joking here are a couple of shots of a classy Redmire

gudgeon  being returned to the water after putting up one hell of a scrap........... Nigel]

Greg, another member was fishing the float taking small chub and roach trotting when he hooked and landed a nice perch of 1.5lb.

Dave Archer of Essex was to busy picking slugs of his coat that he had laid on the grass when he almost lost his Hardy smuggler rod when it was pulled of the rest into the water, and that was the first time he had let go of his rod.

Saturday and Sunday was again very dismal and again very quiet with no reports coming in and not many anglers on the banks, most people were at the Bournemouth Air Show, so I suppose we could say it was not that quiet on the fishery.

There was one incident when a group of people decided to have a picnic on the banks of the river on the School Bridge section, this is not allowed if you do not have the appropiate permits ,this was sorted out by baliff Cam Cleary.

Well there you have it, a poor week on the fishery, with low water levels and fluctuating temperatures, a good drop of rain and increase in water depth will improve things but until then good hunting I will look forward to put in some fabulous fish catches on my return.

Brian Willson

RDAA Throop Bailiff.

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