Throop Fishery News - 16th August 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 16th August 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 16th August 2009

We have just managed to get back to normal for a couple of weeks before I swan off again, this time to try my luck with a bit of fishing in Spain, I have caught barbel there before but they have only been small ones. Before I move on to the weekly report, how about this then, I have obtained my Spanish fishing licence via the secretary of a fishing club in Spain who had to produce my passport and driving licence copies to a Spanish bank and the town hall, the cost was a staggering 5 euro's for three years, how cheap is that. You can then fish any river because all the rivers belong to the government.


Brian with a small Spanish barbel


Spanish barbel venue 'Last knockings' Spanish style


Now on to the Throop report and Monday was a very quiet day with not many anglers on the banks fishing, I managed to get out for a few hours and I blanked. There were a few small chub and eels caught but no other reports came in so I shall call it Black Monday.


Tuesday was a very mixed day, I did not fish at all which seemed to have an impact with everyone else with barbel showing along the fishery. Bailiff Sid Johnson had three nice fish, one chub of 5.5lb and two barbel, one of 6lb and the other at 10lb. Darren Worton had the best fish of the day with a nice barbel of 12lb. Well done Sid and Darren. Because I was not fishing Sid thought it was great to phone me every time he had a fish just to wind me up.


The day was marred by two incidents, first there was a load of canoes and rubber dinghies playing about just below the weir on beat 3, local angler Andy asked them to behave themselves but got a lot of abuse, to his surprise they moored up approached Andy and apologised, I think it must have been Andy’s charm. Please remember that boats on the tidal stretch is not illegal.


The second incident was more serious, I caught and escorted two eastern Europeans after catching them putting out long night lines, I escorted them off the fishery along with the help of Sid and angler Chris who we thank for his help. Their car registration and make and model were taken and the details can be found on the RDAA website.


Wednesday and I had no reports of any barbel, but there were a few chub, bream and eels caught throughout the stretch.


Thursday was a great day, it seemed that after such a quiet day, the fish decided to have a good feed up after their good rest. The best catch of the week must go to young James Hill who was fishing with his dad Roger, he caught and landed his first ever barbel which was a lovely specimen of 12lb 14ozs.

That moment will stay with him for the rest of his fishing days.


James Hill with his first  ever barbel weighing 12lb 4ozs


Other fish caught were the usual Throop chub with the best specimen going to Alan Paget with a beautiful fish of 7lb 3ozs very well done to you Alan. A couple of barbel catches were reported, a second barbie of the week for Darren Worton with a nice fish of 11lb 2ozs, well done Darren and I hope I have spelt your name right. The other barbel was easy to report, it was a nice fish of 8lb 3ozs which was beautifully netted and weighed by yours truly. This was caught by a very happy bailiff Sid Johnson.


Friday and no reports from the hiding barbel, they must be full up with the Thursday food. Andy Wyatt had a bag of small chub along with a couple of bream.


If anglers would like to report their catches to me you will have the confidence of knowing that I do not reveal where fish are caught, remember that these reports are read throughout Britain, I also know that they are read in Spain and France. The E.A. fishery officer also reads the reports and uses the information of barbel catches to monitor their progress, so please help and send me your reports, details are at the bottom of the report.


Saturday saw myself on the banks fishing for the first time in a couple of days, I think that netting Sids fish gave me some inspiration, well I don’t think I should have bothered, all I got was a pike of about 4lb which took a shine to my barbel bait, My wife Tina again showed me how to do it taking a couple of chub to 5lb 8ozs and a couple of large eels. My son Richard had a small perch along with a chub of 4lb 8ozs and a big bream of 8lb 9ozs.,can you imagine the stick I got for the rest of the weekend.


Alan Paget had three chub, two were over 5lb and the other one was about 6lb+.

One unknown angler managed to land a carp of 14lb, So Saturday did see one or two fish caught despite the banks being very empty, I cringe to think that our anglers are out with their wives creeping round Tesco's.


Chris Clark spent a nice weekend with us away from his desk, taking two PB's one a dace and the other an eel of 2.5lb. Chris did sadly lose a barbel.


Sunday saw Chris Clark back on the banks only this time fishing further downstream, using a float and trotting tactics alongside a weedbed, Chris had a nice bag of chub to 3.5lb. Well done Chris many thanks for the get back to work.


The River is running much clearer now after the deluge of much needed rain which has cleared a lot of the loose weed that has been hanging up on the bankside vegetation.Dont forget to try all baits, change them quite frequent if no bites are coming, a cloudy day will bring better results.


Throop is 5.5 miles long on both banks, with plenty of weed in the shallower water, pick some gravel runs and patches, and that’s where you put your hook bait, fish the deeper water if you prefer the float with trotting tactics. Make sure that you don’t fish with too light a line as the fish here at Throop run very large and can easily be lost in the weed.


I can be contacted for advice or reports on 07740777967 or you can e-mail me on


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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