Throop Fishery Report 9th August 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report 9th August 2009
Send date: 2009-08-17 07:04:12
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Throop Fishery Report - 9th August 2009

Apologies to all the readers of the Throop report who were looking for the 31st of July edition, it seems that my computer sent my report to the Davis Tackle computer where it ended up in the junk mail, what a cheek, and yes I know what you are all thinking.


So after fishing on the River Teme and a few more barbel under my belt I have returned to find the River Stour at Throop had been well up and coloured, but it has now receded slightly with just a tinge of colour, just enough to see the gravel in two feet of water, it looks great for barbel fishing although there is just a few bits of weed still coming down.


The week beginning the 1st of August saw a few tremendous fish caught and one or two lost. It was Ahmed Salim who lost a good barbel whilst yacking on the phone to his girlfriend but he still managed to land a chub of 5lb 5ozs.

Monday saw Ahmed back on the banks, but despite a puncture on his bike, and the strap breaking on his head torch he landed a nice little chub of 4lb 4ozs and a cracking monster of 7lb 1oz,he then managed to get a soaking whilst returning his fish, and to top it all he took the worst picture you have ever seen whilst balancing the torch on his head.




Ahmed with a broken headtorch and a 7lb 1oz chub.


A nice barbel was caught by the Dorset Wizard, alias Andy with a lovely fish of 12lb 2ozs,and this time Andy had some scales and a camera to capture the moment, very well done Andy.

Andy with a 12lb 2oz barbel

                                                 Photo of Andy with his 12lb2oz barbel.


Other fish caught during the week were two chub to an estimated 6lb and a barbel which was also estimated at 9 to 11lb, for Bailiff Sid Johnson, poor Sid has lost his scales and is waiting for a new set. here is a picture of Sid.


Throop Bailiff Sid Johnson



It is only a short report this week as i have been away, make your mind up which you think is the catch of the week, is it the barbel of an unknown visiting angler at 14lb 1oz or was it the 5lb 6oz BASS, yes BASS caught on pellet.


I thought you would like to see a couple of pictures of what a really big chub might look like......they are in fact a couple of grass carp taken by Throop angler Stuart Andrews......Stuart has just returned from a fishing trip in France where he had 8 carp over 30lbs plus a lovely common of 43lb.

Stuart with a French grass carp weighing 39lb!




stuart with a stunning 43lb common carp


Many thanks to Ahmed, Andy and Stuart for their contributions.


Brian Willson Throop me on 07740777967 or e-mail me at    Headed THROOP with any reports.


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