Throop Fishery Report - 31st. July 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 31st. July 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 31st July 2009

Monday and may I start by reminding visiting anglers with day tickets that you are not allowed on the fishery before 6.30 am, members may fish on beat 1 and beat 3 for 24 hours providing they have a night permit.

Boulder Weir on Throop

One or two barbel have been showing themselves amongst the weedbeds, blanket weed is still coming down the river, although it is now diminishing, hopefully we may see a bit of decent weather this week.

Irish George hooked and landed a barbel  of 6lb along with bailiff Sid Johnson who moved swims for the last hour and landed a barbel of between 7 and 8lbs. Darrel Hughes put in a few hours after a stressful week to take a nice chub of 6lb, well done Darrel just what you needed. Steve Trickett also had a late session after work and landed a PB chub of 6lb 4ozs.

Tuesday and the weather was much kinder today with anglers enjoying their time on the riverbank. I had no reports of any barbel being caught today, bearing in mind that the only way I receive reports is for anglers to contact me by phone or e-mail, or I could walk the 5.5 miles of riverbank every day, but at my age, ( and that's my excuse ) I wait for the phone to ring or watch the mail. On a brighter note there were plenty of chub and bream putting in a show.

Buddy's Paul and Mike from Southampton took some nice fish, Paul had two bream, one of 6lb and the other a biggie of 7lb 1oz whilst Mike landed a nice chub of 5lb 8ozs.

I managed to share a couple of hours with Bailiff Sid Johnson for the evening session, I had one chub of about 3lb whilst Sid had one chub of 4.5lb. Meanwhile another late session by Eddy Widdup, who started at 5.00pm and by 8.30pm he had caught and landed 7 chub with 4 fish over 5lb on his secret method, well done Eddy, I will have to watch you one day, see if you can teach an old dog some new tricks. Many thanks for sending me you catch report.

Wednesday and they forecast very heavy rain for the day, but apart from a small light shower it was time to put in a few hours fishing with the rest of the lads with their after work session, I arrived on the bank at 6.30pm, and guess what? the sky opened up and we all got caught in a very heavy thunderstorm. Alan Paget landed his second Stour barbel of the season with a fish of 8lb 8ozs along with a chub of 4lb8ozs, elsewhere anglers were landing chub of average size, I managed two chub, one of 4lb and the other a bit bigger at 5lb. Steve Trickett also landed a nice chub of 5lb4ozs.

The Stour is very slowly coming to form, many big chub and barbel have been seen throughout the fishery and its only going to be a matter of time when we see a big barbel landed. I have noticed that fish are being caught on all baits, so for visiting anglers, bring a selection, but don't overfeed, the golden rule is little and often, too much bait will pre-occupy some fish.

Another view of Boulder Weir on Throop 

Thursday and again they forecast heavy showers, they didn't tell us how heavy, and my goodness those showers were complete whiteouts. I phoned Chris Allport who was fishing at the Royalty fishery and he just made it back to his car before the heavens opened. Back to the Throop fishery and there was not many anglers on the banks. I went out for the evening session and missed three un-missable bites and finished with a disappointing blank, whilst bailiff Sid Johnson managed an eel, a few other anglers also had eels. It does seem that eels are putting in an appearance, so if you are going to use luncheon meat, open your tin at home or away from the bank so the eels dont hear you open the tin. One young unknown angler had three chub to 5.5lb, and one regular had a nice net of silver fish on the pole who fishes a slack area along with a pike of around 4lb.

Best fish of the day was a cracking barbel of 12lb 10ozs to Bailiff Nick Roberts, Nick also had another barbie of 6lb+

Nick with a fantastic conditioned Throop barbel of 12lb 10oz

Friday and the water has come up another 3inches, which should wash down a bit more loose weed. I shall be away fishing the River Teme for a week so the Friday report is cut short. You can still send in your reports via phone or e-mail,  I will pick them up on my return. The phone reception above Worcester is very grim so keep trying.

If the river keeps rising then the barbel will feed.

Many thanks...........................Phone 07740777967...or

Brian Willson RDAA Bailiff.


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