Throop Fishery Report - Final Report of 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - Final Report of 2010
Send date: 2011-01-12 14:49:12
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Throop Fishery Report - Final Report for 2010

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A late report has come in from Brian Anderson for last Sunday 12th of December, Brian managed to capture a chub of 5lb against all odds, for on a very tough day for the anglers, he managed to save a blank, well done mate. Another late report for Friday 10th December, was from Colin Wood, here's Colin's nice double figure pike weighing in at 20lb 5oz, well done Colin and many thanks for your photo and report.

Colin Wood with a lovely conditioned pike weighing 20lb 5oz

The weather people have once again frightened the life out of many of us, they now tell us that from Thursday night we are going to face an Arctic Blast, still that's another new set of words that they are using, so in layman terms, it's going to be cold again, this has jogged my memory into thinking back to the old days when we used all types of clothing to keep warm, we never had any of the fabulous modern materials, two or three pairs of socks, the white fisherman's socks were the business, these were worn in over sized wellies, otherwise the footwear was too tight, loads of jumpers, and a donkey jacket, plus a woolly hat, and once you had got this lot on it was almost impossible to move, and not forgetting the woolly gloves, they were great when they got wet.


An incident concerning the weather is one I shall never forget, it happened many years ago whilst I was fishing from the weir at Papermill lock on the River Chelmer, I was snuggled under my canvas brolly, the ones that weighed about two ton when wet, and took a fortnight to dry out, well any way there I was dreaming away, when I heard a very loud rumbling sound, what ever it was, it was getting louder and louder, as it was getting nearer and nearer, curiosity now got the better of me, hang on, let me rephrase that, being a nosey so and so, I peered from behind my brolly to see an angler struggling along the towpath, carrying all his fishing tackle, plus a trolley, and on the trolley he had a calor gas fire, you know the type, one of those big things that people have at home, as he passed he did say that there is nothing worse than fishing in the cold, ah well.

Calor Gas heater

Monday and the week started more or less where it had left off from the week before, the few anglers that were on the banks were struggling for bites,

Dave Slaughter did manage one chub of 5lb 12oz, but he had to wait until last knockings to take his prize. Two other anglers were on the bank, one was Eddy Widdup, who was having a great session, landing nine chub to an estimated 42lb, the biggest weighing in at 6lb 9oz, so well done Eddy.

Eddy Widdup with his best chub of the day weighing 6lb 9oz

Fishing with Eddy was Neil Sanger, who was struggling for bites, now according to Eddy, Neil put on a face just like the cat in Shek, pleading to have ago in Eddy's swim, and being such a kind sort of bloke, Eddy gave up his swim and the chance to go into double figures, well those cats eyes paid off and Neil landed a chub, well done Neil.

The cat from Shrek

I just have to mention that Eddy used one of his Christmas shopping days for this fishing session and he forgot to take his shopping trolley back to Tesco’s, but don't worry Eddy, I have taken it back for you.

Eddies shopping trolley

Peter Hilken, did manage to catch a few fish, although they were not monsters it was good to feel a fish at the end of the line, so, a small perch and a couple roach were landed before a pike had to poke its nose in and stole his hook, well done Pete and thanks for your report.


Tuesday and the few anglers that were fishing were struggling for bites, Ben Thomson was roving and spinning without much success, but just look at his thermal trainers, brrrrrrrrr.....

Ben Thompson wearing his thermal trainers

There were only three chub that were reported being caught today, one was from an unknown angler, that weighed in at 6lb 11oz, and the other two, were small fish and fell to the rod of Simon Evans, in fact the smallest of the two was caught whilst I was checking his permit, but Simon looks happy enough, well done.

Simon Evans with a small chub which he landed as Brian was doing his rounds

Back on the banks was Peter Hilken, bent on revenge, owing to the nasty pike that had his hook the day before, well eight roach later and sure enough his revenge paid off, Peter landed a toothy of 8lb 6oz, we don't know if it was the same pike that had stolen his hook the day before, but a nice fishing session all the same, well done Peter. 

A wonderfully atmosperic photo of sunset over Throop (unfortunately it fell foul of Brians computers tendancy to make every photo microscopic)

Wednesday and the challenge is on, before we receive the Arctic  Blast, I must try to beat the nine fish that Eddy had caught on Monday, on arriving on the river bank, there was only one other angler, and that was Phil Nixon, who was fishing on the opposite bank, so I had one side of the river bank to myself, I started off on a shallower swim, trotting my float through the shallows, there was a bit of a cold wind on this section and my finger was getting cold on the centre pin, so after 20 minutes I decided to move, and dropped downstream to a deeper swim, this paid off, and it did not take long for me to almost achieve my target,  taking nine fish before the lack of light forced me to pack up, it was a bit of a shame really, as one more minnow would have beaten Eddy's tally, well OK they weren't chub, but a fish is a fish. Phil never had a bite, but I did receive a report from an angler that had been out and about after pike, and that was Andy who banked a rather nice fish of 17lb 3oz


Thursday and again there were only a few anglers on the banks, one lad that I spoke to had only managed one small chub and was struggling for bites, I met up with Greg Turner, and he too was struggling, with only a few minnows to show for his efforts. I decided to try  some bread-flake with some freshly blitzed bread in the feeder, I too did not get a bite, at 4.15pm I decided to pack up, having just survived a torrential  downpour, on leaving the fishery I spoke to Phil Nixon and another angler and again the answer was the same, no bites, the air and water temperatures were ok, in fact they had both gone up a few degrees from the day before, after I had got home I had a phone call, both anglers that I had just left, had both caught some fish, one had a chub of 6lb, and Phil Nixon had two stunners, the first was a chub of 6lb 8oz and the second was even bigger at 7lb 2oz, all the fish came in the dark, so it would be worth while bearing this in mind, stay till last knockings. 

RDAA stalwart Phil Nixon with a 7lb 2oz chub taken at last knockings

Friday and we are still waiting for the Arctic Blast, so today I decided not to fish, so it was off to the fishery to check some permits, first stop was School Bridge, just two cars were parked and not a sign of an angler in site, they are hiding up somewhere, so now it's up to the mill, I met father and son Andy and Mike Witt, at this point it was dad who was into a fish, so Andy and I watched as Mike played a nice pike, and Andy done the honours with the net, the fish was unhooked and returned safely to the water with an estimated weight of 10lb, so well done dad, you win.

Mike Witt with a pike of around 10lbs

Saturday and I never ventured out at all, and I did not receive any reports.


Sunday and I must say how surprised I was to see quite a few lads fishing, so on my rounds and met up with quite a few, first up was young Mike Moran who landed a nice pike of 16lb 12oz, now that was worth facing the cold for, also on the banks was my ghillie, Keith Humphries, who was also braving the cold, managed to catch two small chub to 3lb, further downstream was Ben, he never caught anything, but he does deserve a special award for bravery, for coming out wearing a pair of trainers.....ouch.

A great shot of Mike Moran with a 16lb 12oz pike landed during the recent snows.

I had a report of a small chub of being caught just downstream of Ben. Mark Baldwin tried in vain to catch a chub but did manage to land two toothy critters, one was 10lb and the other was 7lb, well done Mark, also on the banks was our old mate Sean Dent, it's easy to recognise him, he is always eating, and today is no exception, today's menu was, corned beef on white, plus one bag of Walkers cheese and onion, and all washed down with a steaming mug of Tetley’s tea, so in between stuffing his face he did manage to catch a fish, a chub of about  3lb, well done Sean, and thanks for your report.

Sean Dent with a hard earned chub caught in freezing conditions

This will be my last report this year, I shall be having a bit of a rest, looking back over the last year there have been many highs and many lows, some great fish have been caught, a record chub for Throop weighing in at 8lb 4oz, that was by Nigel Groom, so the bar has been raised and a new target for specimen hunters, but remember, it's back in the river waiting for a new captor. Barbel to 15lb, Roach to 2lb, Perch over 3lb, Pike over 20lb and some big Bream almost reaching double figures, so that was not such a bad catch rate considering the river conditions, although the quantity wasn't there, the quality certainly was, I have enjoyed meeting up with the many visitors, and I shall look forward to meeting up with them all again.


Many, many thanks for all your reports and photo's that you sent in, and keep them coming in, so a merry Christmas and a very successful new year.

My phone number is 07740777967 and my e-mail is please mark all e-mails THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





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