Throop Fishery Report - 12th. December 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 12th. December 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 12th. December 2010

Welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


We start by saying congratulations to Nigel Broom with his stunning catch of a reported 8lb 4oz chub, that was caught during the E.Leah match on Throop on Sunday, we are still waiting for more details, and once this fish and all the necessary details have been verified, we will then be looking at the new Throop record, I just hope that there was a photo taken so as we can all share, and look at such a stunning fish.


The match results are as follows.


1st       Peter Hutchinson............................31.10.0 chub and roach

2nd     Graham Hall.....................................25.0.0 chub

3rd      Keith Baker......................................22.4.0 chub

4th      Kevin Bennett...................................15.5.0 chub


On such a cold and misty start, well done to you all.


Whilst we are on the subject of specimen chub, I have had a look at some of the big fish that have been caught on the Dorset Stour, not all these fish were caught on Throop, but look at some of these stunning fish.


1993...........8.10 for T.Tummin.

2002...........8.08 for Ian Davis.

2003...........8.08 for Ian Davis

2004...........8.04 for Martin Pears.

2005...........8.02.08 for Chris Allport.

2007...........8.04 for Danny Taylor.

2008...........8.02.08 for Kevin Clubb.

2010...........8.04 for Nigel Broom.


If I have missed any, let me know and I will put them on.


We have a late report from Peter Hilken for a pike that he caught on November 22nd, poor old Pete has tried in vain to send me his report and picture, but when for some reason the computer is playing up and wont send out e-mails, there is nothing more annoying, but it's all working now and here is a photo of Peter and his 11lb 6oz pike, well done mate and many thanks.

Peter Hilken with an 11lb 6oz pike 

Monday and of course it's still very cold and a few anglers braved the conditions and managed to have a few hours fishing, I spoke to one of the anglers, who informed me that nothing was caught. I was going to get out fishing for a few hours, but being such a wimp, I decided to convince myself that Friday may be a good day; I will look forward to getting on the banks with my float rod and centre pin reel.


Whilst I am on the subject of centre pin reels, it reminds me on how cold your hand gets when using one of these reels, now you can only use fingerless gloves so as to get complete control of the centre pin, and to use a full fingered glove is clumsy, now this casts my mind back a couple of years whilst I was having a coffee with Dave Burgess the former Royalty river keeper, he showed me an old Rapidex centre pin that had a triangular piece of cork that was glued to the back-plate, this was obviously fixed there for the very purpose of keeping your finger off the cold metal, it was not unsightly, and could be removed if required, we know that a cork rod handle does not get that cold during sub temperatures, so this is a good idea and worth doing, the cork is not a thick piece like a cork tile, but thin like some type of wall covering, I have just had a look at my Bob James lightweight reels, which are cut away quite extensively, but even they can be done, so if you do suffer with cold fingers and use a centre pin a lot, then its worth a thought.


Youngs BJ Lightweight Rapidex


Tuesday and we had about eight anglers on the river today, and I must say the going was very hard, no one I spoke to had caught a fish, at about 2.00pm a massive amount of weed started to come down the river, it started at the New Weir, and continue for about 45 minutes which would have made a few swims impossible to fish, but after the main lot had passed, it started to thin out, this was the old weed dying off. I did say that I was going to wait until Friday before I got my float tackle out, but I must say that the river looked nice, so perhaps I may sneak a few hours in before that.


Wednesday and again it is bitterly cold, that did not stop one or two anglers from fishing, we even had two hardy anglers that drove all the way from Coventry just for a days fishing, how did they do? Well they never blanked, they did manage a few fish between them, Paul landed two chub, one of 4lb 14oz and one, a pound bigger at 5lb 14oz. 

Paul Rhodes and, if you look carefully, a lovely 5lb 14oz chub

His buddy, Jake seemed to be suffering from the Dorset weather, he apparently did not stop moaning and crying out in agony with cold hands, he did land one chub of 3lb+ , but he did lose one fish and missed a few bites, so I suppose we have to put that down to numb hands, so to BEAT the cold, I have chosen a nice pair of gloves for you.

                                                     A pair of boxing gloves  

Thursday and I sneaked out for a few hours fishing, so out came my beloved float fishing gear, I met up with Keith Humphreys, but unfortunately the session did not start too well, out came my Hardy float rod, and on went my Bob James, Young's lightweight reel, the reel is fixed to the rod, I am now ready to put the line through the rings...........................guess what ?.................there was no line on my reel, I must have stripped it off on my last session, so after Keith had his moment of laughing and calling me a few names, I declined his offer of some line and made do with 30 metres of some 2.6 bs hook length, so after tackling up, I was wading and soon trotting my float downstream, after about 10 minutes I hooked and landed a sea trout of about 2lb, this was unhooked by my gillie Keith, and returned to the water, after another 10 minutes I hit into a snag and my line broke at the reel leaving me with about two feet of line on my reel, so after a phone call, my wife Tina arrived on the scene with a spool of 6lb float fish, whilst this was being loaded on my reel, my gillie, Keith Humphreys managed to retrieve the line that had been snagged, and back came my float and all my bits.


Keith then thought that he had the right to poach my swim, and rather nicely trotted his float through my swim while I was occupied re-tackling, then with a roar of laughter he was into  a fish that tore off downstream, it was at this point that I called him a poacher, and some one up there must have heard this and the fish broke to freedom, well that was almost it, but just to save his blank, Keith managed to land a minnow, I asked him if was going to count it, and his reply was, what do you think !


A few other anglers were struggling for bites, but there were some catches, local angler Greg Turner landed four chub to 6lb 4oz, unfortunately Greg had to pack up early because of other commitments, otherwise I’m sure he would have had some more. Two other lads that I met had a pleasant day, one was Graham Hamblin who landed 7 chub, nothing big, but a nice busy day, sorry Graham, is there a G in Hamblin. His buddy, Dave Charles managed to land two fish to 5lb +, well done lads.


Friday and at last we have some fish being caught, the two lads from yesterday, that is Graham and Dave were back on the banks, this time it was Dave who took the glory, with two chub to 5lb+ and a sea trout, whilst Graham was runner up with one chub. Also back on the banks for another session was Greg Turner, this time Greg only managed two small chub to about 3lb. Ron Perman, one of our roving bailiffs had a nice bag of chub for about 30lb, sorry Ron, I hope I have spelt your name ok. On most of the beats, fish were being caught, including a nice chub of 6lb 14oz, I managed to get out again with the float rod, this time I had some line on the reel and for that I was rewarded with a chub of 5lb 10ozs. 

Brian Willson with a 5lb 10oz chub

Saturday and everyone is raring to go, all you working lads have managed to skip off the Xmas shopping today and are on the banks all ready to bag up, but oh dear, oh dear, what has happened, the fish have gone into hiding, there have been so many blanks and anglers have been struggling up and down the river, the pike and chub anglers have been struggling for bites, there have been a few chub caught, most of them have been on the small side, there have also been a couple of fish lost, but the best report of the day was an unknown angler that landed and weighed in a nice chub of 7lb, this was witnessed by our very own local angler, Irish George, who ever you were, well done, if you do read these reports, let me know your name, and if you have a picture, we would all like to share your moment of joy. Rick and I were on the banks, but like the rest of the lads we struggled, my lad thought he was a champion just because he landed a Bullhead, I worked it out that the amount of times that I trotted a float through the swim was about 180 miles. 


Sunday and today was almost a replica of Saturday, the going was tough to say the least, I spent about 3 hours trotting a float through a nice 7 foot deep swim, and the only reward was some minnows, my son Rick had the same problem, he then changed to the lead and lobworm, one big bite and a 3 minute battle with a large fish resulted in a broken hook length, a vote between us reckon the culprit was a pike. Two lads appeared opposite, roving and spinning for pike, they said that between them they managed a couple of small jacks.


I did try to break the trotting record, but I could only manage 167 miles today.

The weather forecasters have again forecast some cold weather for the coming week, so I am afraid we will have to grin and bear it.


There was a report of two 7lb chub caught, but I’m afraid that they were outside of the Throop Beats so they don't count, but well done all the same.


So that is it for this week, many thanks for your reports and photo's, well done to all you match boys, and a special well done to Nigel Broom.


If you have any catch reports or stories that may have occurred at Throop please let me know.


Ring me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on and please mark your e-mails THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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