Throop Fishery Report - 28th. November 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 28th. November 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 28th. November 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


This is the time of the year when I am on my rounds as bailiff, when things get embarrassing, I would normally ask to see permits and day tickets, and if I know the angler very well, there is no point in making them get all their paperwork out, but due to the very cold weather, we all wrap up with more articles of clothing and scarves, and many anglers look entirely different in the winter than they do in the summer, so when I approach an angler and ask to see their permit and they tell me to ??????? (Go away) you can bet it's someone I know, as you get older it can be very difficult to put a name to a face, and that I find embarrassing.


Right, moving on to a late report, if you can remember that last week I got my Saturday and Sunday mixed up, well after that was sorted out, I had a report in from Luke, alias Lady Gaga, with a few fish that they caught on SUNDAY, do you remember that I accused him of being a bit on the clever side by lassoing a perch in the tail, well he got his act together after I left him and caught a PB perch of 2lb 7oz, hooked fair and square in the mouth, he also went on to take a nice bag of roach and perch,  well done Luke, that’s a nice fish, he also went on to catch an eel and a Jack pike that took a liking to his maggots, plus another perch that weighed in at 1lb 14oz.

Luke with a beautiful looking 2lb 7oz Perch

Fishing buddy Sam, also reeled in a Jack pike, and also had a nice bag of roach and perch, including a PB perch that weighed 1lb 13oz, well done Sam, whilst their angling guest for the day, that was Anthony Bates, alias Ant who is a beach angler, he  had a pike of 9lb 15oz, not quite a double, what a shame, plus a perch of 1lb 14oz, but the good news is that this is the first time that he has caught these species of fish, which makes them two PB's. Well done you lads and many thanks for your report.


Sam Sargeant with his pb perch Anthony Bates with a nice pike

Monday, and the weather was quite good, although it did start to get cold as the day went on, the river is dropping and the colour is very slowly dropping out, there were just a few anglers on the banks today, but I only had two reports, one was from Phil Nixon, who managed to save a blank by landing a couple of chub of 4lb. The other report was from John McGough who landed three chub, the two biggest weighed in at 5lb 10ozs and 5lb 15oz, cheers John thanks for your report, oh by the way he also landed a barbel of 13lb 6oz, what a great catch, and that is the way I received the catch report from John, cheers mate, good stuff. Peter Garvin did manage to land four chub, although they were only weighed up to two pound each, it was a nice few hours, well done Pete.

Matt Collier was roving from swim to swim but could only manage one chub of 4lb.


Tuesday and again conditions were not quite right, we need a touch more colour to drop out of the river, again we never had many anglers on the banks, but our three local hero's were again on the banks, and again they caught a few fish, although it was not easy, it was an all chub catch, so our hero's for the day, were once again, Phil Nixon, who landed two chub to 5lb 15oz, then we had John McGough, he also landed two chub, one was 5lb 15oz, and the other was a lovely fish of 6lb 11oz, but it was Sid Johnson, who somehow managed to land three chub, with the biggest weighing 6lb 9oz. Yes I know that the names of Phil Nixon and John McGough keep cropping up, but when you get two very good local anglers, fishing at Throop, it is not that often they blank, we do of course get some very good visiting anglers, who do possibly have some nice catches, but if they don't send them in, then it's all down to our two fish catching machines.


Wednesday and today was a real grueller, there were a few hardy souls on the banks, but the going was really tough, there were only two reported catches, and guess who they were from?........... wrong ......... well almost, Sid Johnson had one chub of 5lb 8oz, whilst the other was from Phil Nixon, with a chub of about 4lb, and believe it or not they were the only two fish catches that were reported.


I spent about 5 hours up and down the banks, I met up with a few anglers, two of these lads were Alan Howard and Dennis Watson, now I had to make an apology to Dennis, because if you can remember a few weeks ago I called him DIRTY DEN, and put a picture in the report of Dennis Watts, so I got it wrong, again! Anyway, it's all been sorted out, he is now Dr Watson, and I suppose Alan will have to be Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

The story didn't end there, can you believe that Dennis had his MARS BAR stolen by a certain fishery manager, who was creeping around his swim, cheer up Den, you would have only been ill eating two of them, remember the motto "a mars a day, helps you work rest and play " they certainly don't help you to catch fish.


A mars a day....

Thursday and there were a few anglers fishing, but up until now I have had no reports.


The weather here at Throop has been very cold, with air temperatures not going above 3 degrees c, I did manage to have a walk around the fishery and had a look at the work that the EA were doing upstream of the weir on beat one, they have pruned back some trees and foliage on the left had side, this does look good and have created a couple more swims, here is a picture. 

Work done by the EA at Throop

So that is all I have got for Thursday, not one catch report, and looking ahead at the forth coming weather, the whole country is certain to be affected.


Friday, and just one catch report, this is from Mark Baldwin, with a nice perch of 1lb 12oz, taken on the maggot feeder, well done Mark.

A 1lb 12oz perch taken on the feeder by Mark Baldwin

Saturday and again it's the same story, there were just a few anglers fishing, and the results were just the same, everyone was struggling, I braved the weather and had a couple of hours fishing in the afternoon, so there I was trussed up like a turkey, making my way downstream with my son Rick, I met up with Craig Wood, who was also struggling, the fish were sulking at the sudden cold weather and did not want to feed, Craig and myself decided to move upstream, this was a waste of time, we again could not get a bite.


Later on I met up with John Cadd, who managed to land two chub to 4lb, I reckon he must have warmed up his bait somehow, still well done John. My son Rick was also struggling, which leads me on to an incident, checking out his tackle bag, Rick found a single TUC biscuit that he had left over from a previous trip, so he took it out of it's packet and placed it on his tackle bag, in readiness for a nice cup of coffee, he poured the coffee, put the top back on his flask and settled back in his chair for his TUC and his drink, as he settled back, a bird swooped down and stole his treasured TUC, well there you have it, the birds are starving, but not the fish.


thieving-magpie TUC


Sunday, and again there are no reports of any kind, this is such a shame, I know that there were only a few anglers on the banks, but the sadness comes in when I get a phone call to ask for a river report, but this is not followed up on how they got on, it would be nice to see how some of you get on even if you blank, let me know how you get on please, even if you break your flask or fall off your chair, just remember that fishing is for fun, and catching is a bonus, so come on lads get ringing or typing.


If you have any reports of any kind, ring me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on please mark the e-mails THROOP.


Many thanks, and fingers crossed for a break in the weather.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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