Throop Fishery Report - 21st. November 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 21st. November 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 21st. November 2010

Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


For up to date river levels, click on the link.


This will tell you all you need to know on the water levels at Throop, this water level is taken at regular intervals from the gauging station at the New Weir.


Let me start with a late report that came in from Phil McGuire from Doncaster, I mentioned in last weeks report that he missed two bites whilst I was looking on, well he did manage to catch one small chub of about 2lb, not big, but a fish is a fish, and he never blanked, cheers mate.


Another story that has just reached me was from barbel man Brian James, he was fishing one of his barbel haunts and had already taken a chub of about 5lb 8oz, when he started to get a small trembling on the rod top, this went on for some time, so he decided to strike, then wallop, the rod arched over and he was into another one of those veggie pike, well it made off up river and Brian started to pump the pest back, it was at this point that the rod was stretched to breaking point, I am sure that you have guessed  what had happened, yes a very large pike had taken this one during the battle, thankfully the monster of the deep let go of this easy meal, Brian landed his hooked veggie pike that weighed about 6lb, and on it's back was a very large bite mark, well done Brian, it was almost catch one, get one free.


Monday, and the week continues where it left off from last week, hardly any anglers were fishing, the river is definitely out of sorts, and until it settles down, it's going to be hard work.


The Mill Pool at Throop Mill is again covered in duck weed, this has been washed down from the side stream by the rising water, but this seems to be the worst of it, and it should start clearing soon. For the visiting angler that perhaps would like a day on a still bit of water, then the Millpool can offer a great days sport, it contains pike over 25lb, bream have been landed over 10lb, plus there are lots of other species, good perch, roach, tench and double figure carp. The only report that I received for today,  was from Aaran Morgan, who landed a pike of 10lb, well done mate, on a very hard day. So until the water levels and water temperatures settle down, we will have to be a bit patient.


Tuesday, and the tough fishing continues, the water temperature has dropped to 45.3 f / 7.3 c so what with a very cold night and a heavy frost and a bit too much colour in the water, I was not expecting many anglers on the bank, but the sun came out, and the air temperature was very warm, that in turn brought out a few anglers, in fact there were eight anglers trying their luck, there were a few blanks, I am not going to name them, it's not their fault they can't catch fish in tough conditions, bless em, but those that did catch, must have gone home happy, one of them was bailiff Sid Johnson, who christened his new rod and reel with a chub of 4lb 12oz, well done Sid, it's much better than dragging out weed, like you did last week. Aaran Morgan has again caught another pike, not a monster, but weighing about 6lb, it was more than welcome. Alongside Aaran was Scott Mosley, he also had a few fish catches, a couple of eels and a chub of 3lb 8oz, another angler that only managed one small eel was Darryl Booth. Gary Scadding was moving from swim to swim in pursuit of a fish and managed to land a chub of 4lb. Also on the banks for a three day session was angling ace Stef Horak who was fishing with his mate Rob, well it took a few hours for Stef to connect with a fish, and up until the time I left he landed two chub, one of about 5lb+ and the other at 6lb 3oz. I had no more reports for the day, so we now have to move on.


Wednesday and the very bad weather has returned with a vengeance, the rain is lashing it down, and the wind is at gale force, there was not one car in the car park at Throop Mill, so I moved down to School bridge, there was only two cars that were parked up, one was Stef and Rob, but with the rain and wind absolutely howling, I decided not to even venture out of the van, I tried in vain to phone Stef, but he could not be reached, I reckon his phone was blown in the river, so again I had no catch reports, mind you, with just three people on the bank, I would be very surprised if they had caught anything.


Thursday and the day has started with torrential rain, although the wind has dropped, so off I went on my travels, again no one is fishing, I checked out around the New Weir, it was then on to School Bridge, again no one was fishing, I then bumped into a couple of our locals, Brian James was checking out a couple of swims, and Irish George and Craig Wood were making their way onto the fishery to try their luck, it was at this point that I got a call from Keith Humphreys, he had caught a barbel in 10 minutes of arriving on the fishery, it seems that he had arrived just after I left, it was not a big fish, but a lovely conditioned barbel of 6lb 13oz, Keith went on to catch a couple of small chub, these were caught on a rising river, Craig did not get a bite. 

Keith Humphreys and a welcome 6lb 13oz barbel

I did get a phone call from Keith Little, he has once again caught a biggie, this time it's a 15lb barbel from the River Lea, yes I know it's a Throop report, but we all love our Keith, and it's nice to hear from him. 

Sundown at Throop

At last I got through to Stef Horak, and why I could not get through was simple, he forgot to take his phone charger with him, so what happened to him on Wednesday, again it was simple, he got driven off the bank by the weather, he should have done the same as me, stayed in the car, but he and Rob braved the weather for as long as they could before calling it a day, many thanks for your report, and hope to see you again when the weather has calmed down, by the way Stef, the dead horse that you tried to sell me, has moved on to pastures green.....................The Harbour.


Friday and the water is now at it's highest level of the season, it is running very coloured and there is a lot of weed coming down, apart from a couple of showers early on, the day is warm and sunny, there were a few anglers fishing today, trying their luck, putting their baits into the very few slacks, I had only one report of a fish being caught, and that was my son Rick, he had the cheek to inform me that he had foul hooked a roach, sorry mate, that don't count. I have not fished since last Sunday, but the Throop Water Level report has just told me that the water level has started to drop, so another check tomorrow will tell me whether I should venture out or not. So that was it for Friday, with nothing else to report, lets move on.


Saturday, and although there are a few hardy souls out there fishing, the weather is much better and conditions were looking ok, I spent a couple of hours in the morning checking a few permits before having to go home and watch the big London football match on TV.


Whilst on my rounds, I met up with Luke and his fishing buddy Sam, do you remember that Sam got married the other week, well it seems that her indoors has let him out for his last fishing trip before the foot goes down, because this coming Friday, poor old Sam is being whisked off to live in Cyprus, I am sure he is going to be missed on our fishery, he will also be missed by his buddy Luke, young Sam is such a likeable lad, and we all wish him well in his new life, so from all of us at Ringwood and District, good luck, and be successful in all you do, and don't forget my e-mail!


bon-voyage map_of_cyprus


So with the football over, on with my boots, load up my van, and it's a few hours fishing with my son Rick, well to be honest we never had a bite, but I did enjoy our 3 hours fishing together. Most anglers went home fishless, but I had two catch reports, the first came from Alan Paget, who had one barbel, and it was a lovely fish, weighing in at 12lb 4oz, well done Alan. The only other report that I had today was from John McGough, three fish came to John's net, a chub of 5lb 12oz, plus two barbel, one of 7lb 6oz and one of 10lb 9oz, well done mate, on a tough day, and thanks for your report.


Sunday and last but not least, another day that saw the fish catches very sparse, my son Rick managed to catch a chub of 2lb 8oz, it is at this point that I have noticed that I have made a bit of a ???? up, it was today that I met up with Sam and Luke, I thought it was on Saturday, hang on a minute, I am thinking up an excuse,...........................................erm.................I know why it was, I’m old, and I spent both days checking permits at the same time, at the same place, but on different days, it's cold, it's windy, the sun is out, the sun is in, it looks like rain, oh lets forget it.


Back to the fish catches, and again many anglers blanked, Luke lost a nice perch, at least a couple of pounds plus, we told him that you have to put the hook in it's mouth, and not try to lassoo it in the tail. I had a few hours and met up with a few of our local lads, and they all blanked. Keith Humphreys had one small barbel that weighed in at 6lb 8oz, so well done Keith on a difficult day.

Keith Humphreys with a 6lb 8oz barbel

The best catch of the day was from John McGough, he caught six small fish by his standards, four chub to 5lb 3oz, and two barbel, one of about 3lb and the other weighing 7lb, still on such a hard day, this was a good catch, well done John. There was also a barbel weighing 8lb+ caught to an anonymous angler.


Well there you have it, the river has been up and down, the water temperature has also been going up and down, and with temperatures dropping rapidly next week, we can only hope for some clearer water, many thanks to all your catch reports and photos, lets hope for some fish in the coming week.


If you require any river reports or you have any fish catches or stories, then phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on hutch29@btinternet .com

Please mark your e-mails, Throop.

Many Thanks and good luck.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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