Throop Fishery Report - 14th. November 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 14th. November 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 14th. November 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Let me start with an apology, this is for Rob McClelland, last week I reported that Rob had a PB chub of 6lb 9oz, well this is not true, it was in fact a fish of 5lb 8oz, this is still a PB for Rob, and well done, I don't know what I was thinking when I put the wrong weight down, sorry Rob.


Last week I told you all, on how I sit down and write the reports, well as I write at this very moment, it is 8.00pm on Monday the 15th of November, and after two years of writing these reports, this is one of the worst fishing weeks, hardly any one was fishing through the week, and the fish catches are at an all time low, this report is going to be a bit on the short side.


I have just received a photo of the biggest reported chub of the season so far, this was reported last week and it fell to the rod of top barbel fanatic Brian James, this is a PB for Brian, and he is one of the best blokes that you are likely to meet on the river bank, so here is Brian with his 7lb 14oz monster. 

Brian James with his new PB chub weighing 7lb 14oz

Monday and we start on a high note, although there were only a few anglers on the banks, the returns were very good, first off we had that big fish man, John McGough, who not content with taking a couple of chub to 4lb, done the business and landed a nice double figure barbel, weighing in at 10lb 12oz, well done mate, and many thanks for your report. (Believe it or not, I missed the zero key and hit the nine by mistake, what a good job I spotted it, otherwise there would have been half the country camping out on the banks). Phil Nixon, worked hard for his one fish, but was rewarded for his efforts with a chub of 5lb 8oz, well done Phil.


Next with have young Scott Mosley, who is having a great season so far, so today he had another perch that weighed 2lb 6oz, along with three chub, one weighed 2lb 9oz, then came one a bit bigger at 5lb 1oz, and then came his biggest chub EVER, a PB and a monster fish weighing 7lb 2oz, well done Scott you have made my day, and fully deserved it. 

Scott Mosley with his PB chub of 7lb 2oz

Tuesday and the weather has changed for the worse, the river has come up with a vengeance, and the weed is starting to come down, Alan Paget was on the banks trying very hard not to get blown in, the rain was lashing down and the wind is at gale force, Sid Johnson was also fishing today, sitting about four feet away from Alan, so as they can save one another if they got blown in, but Sid has got a new rod and reel and was eager to try it out and catch something on his new shiny gear, well he succeeded, he must have snagged every bit of weed that came down the river, we had the feeling that he was intent on stopping the harbour from getting clogged, so what a lousy day, not one report, and only these two were on the banks.


Wednesday and Thursday did not exist, there were no anglers on the banks, the wind was really nasty with many fallen branches, it was not a place to be, so let’s move on.


Friday, and again the fishing has gone down hill, I again must apologise to the many anglers that phoned me at the beginning of the week asking for a river report, yes it did look good and very promising, but the high winds certainly put paid to lots of plans. Phil Nixon, somehow managed to coax an eel to the net, whilst myself and Rick both blanked, we never had a bite. Again it was young wonder boy Scott Mosley who took a couple of chub, one weighed in at 3lb 10ozs, and the other was a nice chub of 5lb 9oz, we have decided that we will have to have a look in his bait box to see what he is using, well done Scott. I have not got a picture of Scott and his latest catch, so I will have to make do with one of Scott's pets.


Scott's Spider

Saturday, and again an absolute nightmare, Rick and myself had an absolute rotten day, we fished a stretch that contained some horses, and it was one young horses that was hell bent on getting a drink from our swims, it fell down the bank, just missing Rick and his collection of Hardy rods, we spent so much time trying to coax this four legged friend away from the swim without success that we decided to call it a day. I met up with Phil from Doncaster, he was also blanking, but missed two massive bites whilst I was watching, unlucky mate, his angling mate who was fishing opposite him was even more unlucky, he lost his umbrella the day before when it was blown in the river, so lets hope they caught a few fish when I left.

So today was another bad day on the banks, what a shame, we spent weeks moaning at the lack of water, and when it finally arrives, what we thought would be a bit of magic with fish crawling up the rods has turned into a disaster, it's ok for us locals, we can go another day, but for our visitors it must be very disappointing.


Sunday, and again it was the same story, my son, Rick and my wife Tina, and I, decided to have a few hours on the Hampshire Avon, the three of us never had a bite and got caught in torrential rain, so we packed up after three hours, I travelled back to Throop to check out the fishery, and for a Sunday, it was again empty and I had no catch reports, did I say empty, yes I did, which is great news for the anglers that don't like the cattle, they have gone, and have been shifted, so from School bridge to Barbel corner, you have the fishery to yourself, one lad that will be well pleased, is Karl Payne, he don't get on with our living beef, also a big thanks to Karl for getting me a new battery for my fishing van, and thanks to Barry for delivering it.


For the anglers that would like up to date water levels at Throop, then click on the link. 


Well that's just about it, a very disappointing weeks fishing, many thanks to John McGough, Phil Nixon, and Scott Mosley, without your reports, things would have been much worse, lets hope the coming week will brighten up and a few fish are caught, so good luck and keep angling.


If you have any fishy stories that you want to share, whether you catch or not, let me know, you can ring me on 07740777967, or you can e-mail me at,  please mark the e-mail with the word Throop in the subject box.

Many thanks and good luck.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





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