Throop Fishery Report - 7th. November 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 7th. November 2010
Send date: 2010-11-11 15:37:32
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Throop Fishery Report - 7th. November 2010

Hello and welcome one again to the Davis Tackle Website.


I shall begin with a late report for Sunday the 31-10-10, this is from Luke and  Sam, Luke had a nice chub of 5lb 4oz, well done mate, but it seems that our little boys are showing us old timers how to catch fish, and it was Sam who took a nice net full, 3lb, 5lb. and 5lb 1oz, plus a small bream, well done Sam, and I must say congratulations on your forth coming marriage in a couple of weeks, have a great day, and many thanks for your report.


Wedding Bells

May I take this opportunity to say congratulations to Ringwood member Keith Little on catching an enormous chub from the River Lea, weighing 8lb 6oz and also on a cracking barbel of 14lb 7oz, nice one mate, Keith will be appearing in the Angling Times, and I shall be looking forward to seeing his feature. I must add that when the Angling Times journalist, left Keith, 20 minutes later he landed a chub of 7lb 7oz......Good old Dr Doolittle...


There are many different ways to write the Throop reports, what I do on busy days when there are a lot of anglers on the banks, and when I get a lot of reports sent in, is to sit at the computer on a daily basis, I then write up the reports each day, putting each day into draft, when these are all done, I then send the report off to Nigel Gray at Davis Tackle, he then has to do the rest, sorting out my micro pictures and putting it on to his website.


When hardly any reports come in, it could be for many reasons, it may be the weather, or just a lack of anglers on the banks, when this happens I sit down to write the reports when I have enough information, this may be on a Wednesday or Thursday, so this week we have not had many anglers on the banks, so it has been a bit of a struggle, so lets see what we have got, and I will start with..........................................................................................................


Monday and just a few reports have reached me, the first is Sid Johnson, who has had a very good season so far, and has captured some nice fish, today is no exception, he dropped one nice chub, but managed to land two super chub, one weighed in at 6lb 2oz and the other went 6lb 14oz, Sid also had the added bonus of a small Bream. I decided to fish one of the quieter stretches, but all I could manage was a Bream of 4lb, it's strange how the Bream are now beginning to show again. Andy Wyatt, decided to start his session after the many perch that inhabit our river, I told him that he had to beat the 29 perch taken by Sean Dent the other week, but with just two hours fishing, it was a bit of a tall order, and what a shame, he only managed to catch 27, but that was still a fabulous two hour session, well done Andy. The best fish of the day came from Ringwood member Doug Read, he landed a stunning chub of 7lb 1oz, well done Doug, I hope that I spelt you name right.


Tuesday and once again the banks are empty and we have just a few catch reports, Sid Johnson had two chub to 4lb, the only other reports that I had was from Brian James and myself, Brian had two bream and one chub, all fish were below the average size and were not weighed. As far as I know, I had the biggest reported fish of the day, that was a bream of 7lb 1oz, mind you, if you know of anything bigger that was caught, give me a ring.


Wednesday and the few anglers that fished, struggled for bites, and went home fish less, the only catch report that I received was from Chris Allport, he braved the wind and the rain, and landed a nice catch of five chub to 5lb, plus a net full of Dace. I again fished one of the quieter stretches, this time I was joined by my wife Tina, we had a very nice few hours, but the wind started to pick up and never had a bite, so we ended up fish less. Peter Hilken was also struggling, but at least he had a massive bite which he some how missed, that was up until I decided that enough was enough as the light faded and left him to it.


Thursday and the wind is blowing an absolute gale, so to the anglers on the bank, whether you caught or not, well done, but we have a few catches, the first is by Chris Allport, who is the current chub record holder and manager of the fishery, Chris did catch a chub in 2005 with a monster of 8lb 2.5oz, well not so big today, but a nice chub of 6lb 2oz. John Westwood was back on the banks, a very happy dad with his son doing so well, well John had his trusty float fishing gear, and was soon in action taking five chub, nice one mate.


Also braving the wind was Scott Mosley, he had a nice session taking four chub to 4lb 12oz, plus a nice perch of 2lb 1oz, however there was a black moment, when Scott dropped a very good fish, which he blamed himself for after a knot failed, and the fish was free.

A windy day

Friday the 5th of November and it's Guy Fawkes night, so lets hope the fishing goes off with a bang...........................

Guy Fawkes

Well the morning started bright enough, that is until the weather moved in, very high winds and that horrible lashing rain that soaks everything in sight, I now had the feeling that the day was going to be a damp squib, but thank god for the anglers that stuck it out, and that brought some nice catches of fish. The first catch report was from an unknown angler who weighed in a nice chub of 6lb 12oz. My son, Rick was back on the banks, making the long trip for his weekend stint from Essex, he landed six chub, no monsters, but enough action to stop him getting bored, the weights of these fish were 3lb, 3lb 9 oz, 2lb, 5lb 12oz, 4lb 8oz and finally one of 3lb, now I listed all these fish just to show that sometimes you can get into a shoal of small fish, with not a biggie in site, three of these fish were not weighed, just an estimate. I managed to get my wife Tina to join me on the banks for a few hours fishing, and she was rewarded with a chub of 5lb 8oz, thank god she landed that one, shortly before that she pulled out of a fish and blamed me for putting the brolly up, which she hit on the strike.


Next on my list is local angler Russ Chandler who decided to give his centre pin an airing, so finding a nice swim for some trotting, our Russ had a very nice little session, taking a mixture of fish that included, dace, roach, perch and some chublets, nothing big but a great couple of hours. Keith Humphreys took five chub to 4lb 8oz, but was unlucky to lose the biggest fish in the river, after a very hectic battle, he had a hook pull, and brought back his terminal tackle all intact with the bait still attached, so debating whether to throw himself in the river in disgust, he calmed down and examined his hook, and lo and behold, there was a tooth and a bit of something that is supposed to keep the tooth attached to a pikes mouth, Keith has become a fish dentist, so if any one catches a pike with a tooth missing, let me know, and I will let Keith know how much it weighs.


Saving the best couple catches till last, it was the turn of barbel man Brian James, he only has eyes for the love of his life, THE BARBEL, he does not have much interest in any other species, but how unlucky can you get when you have a PB with a species that is not his precious whiskers, instead he has to make do with a chub, but this is no ordinary fish, when weighed , it was a monster of 7lb 14oz, a fish we can only dream of, well done Brian.


The last report is another fabulous catch, this time it goes to Craig Wood, who landed two lovely barbel, one of 9lb 13oz, and the other weighed in at 11lb 6oz, this is well deserved, all the work that Craig has done in locating the fish is now paying off, good on yer mate.


Saturday, and how things change, we decided to play that game again called " SPOT THE ANGLER ", the banks are deserted, every one is paying more attention to the firework displays than gracing our banks. All is not lost, I managed to catch a chub of 5lb 11oz, but on a day when the few anglers that were fishing went home blanking, I though that I was top man, WRONG, it was Craig Wood, who was once again top rod, he did phone me saying that he had trod in something, which had resulted in him landing a barbel of 11lb 4oz, plus a chub of about 3lb, once again he has cracked it, well done mate, the only problem is that I have been walking up and down the banks looking for the packet of wotsit that he trod in, you know, just to rub my boots in it, it was at this point that the damp and mist came down with a vengeance, the sky was now filling with smoke from the fireworks and bonfires, the banks were being lit up, and the bangs could not have helped the last knocking fishing, so it was an early night.


Sunday and again it was " Spot the Angler Day ", for some unknown reason, it was very similar to Saturday, and again the fishing was very hard, managed to catch one chub of 4lb 4oz, Rick reeled in to check his bait, and hanging on the end was a roach of about one pound. Keith Humphreys was again on the banks, this time he was trying to catch the pike that had lost it's tooth, he just wanted to return it, and super glue it back in, but he only managed to catch one chub of 4lb 8oz. Top rod of the day, goes to Brian Anderson with a chub of 4lb 15oz, what a shame not a five pounder in site.

So that was it, a bit dismal, but a least we did not rush home to see Wagner on X Factor.


Many thanks for all your reports and stories, keep them coming.


If you have any catch reports or require any river info, give me a ring on 07740777967 or e-mail me on mark e-mails THROOP.

Good luck and tight lines.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





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