Throop Fishery Report - 31st. October 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 31st. October 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 31st. October 2010

Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


Monday and today I am going to start with a report from Ringwood member Dave Webley, and how nice it is to receive a report on a catch of roach and perch, today Dave had a catch of 15lb of fish, he has also caught 105 bream so far this season with bags of 4/5 per session, the best fish weighing in at 6lb 6oz, Dave does know that on the stretch that he fishes, a bream was caught of 10lb, the perch are being caught in large numbers as I have already reported in some of my previous reports. Elsewhere on the river it was a real struggle, there were only a handful of anglers on the banks and a few of these left without getting a bite all day, joining us on the banks today was a couple of the Hampshire Avon bailiffs, that was Richard and Paul, it would have been great if they had bagged up with some big chub and barbel, but today it was not to be, the overnight frost put paid to any good catches, but they never left empty handed, Richard had two bream to 4.5lb and Paul had a roach, I know it was a struggle lads, but I hope you enjoyed your day, and hope to see you back on our banks again. One lad had a couple of pike, but I'm afraid I could not get the weight. Keith Little spent the whole day struggling for bites but did manage to catch two chub, one weighed 5lb 5oz, and the other weighed 6lb 5oz. Well I'm afraid that was it for today, but for those that did fish, many thanks for today's reports. 

Use of the Hubble Telescope just might enable you to make out Dave Webley with a great net of silvers

Tuesday and today started of again a bit grim, there were no more than 9 anglers on the banks on and off all day. Whilst on our bailiffing rounds Chris Allport and I came across Keith Little who was yet to have a bite, as we were talking to Keith, over went his rod and out came a chub of about 5lb, now he got in a bit of a tangle when the fish decided to play havoc with his second rod, but Chris done the honours and undone the knots, the baits were recast and within a minute, Keith landed another chub of about 5lb, at this point Chris and I left, this was about lunch time, I phoned Keith on numerous occasions to see how he was getting on and he remained bite less, I asked him if he would like either Chris or myself to come back and stand behind him, this he kindly refused, but thank god he caught one more fish on ( LK ) last knockings, a chub of 5lb 10ozs. Alan Paget also struggled, but could only manage a bream in an all day session. A day ticket angler caught a barbel of 6lb 10ozs, plus a veggie pike.


The best report of the day came from Hampshire Avon manager Phil Nixon, he text me saying that I had put him in a naff swim, I said that the swim I told him to try was a great one, and he will be OK, then BINGO, a call from Phil asking me to photograph a big chub, I was on the water in ten minutes and what a pleasure it was to witness and photograph a fabulous chub of 7lb 8oz, this is a PB for Phil and both him and myself were over the moon, and just to prove that this was no fluke, Phil went on to take some more chub, a fish of about 4lb, plus a 4lb 7oz fish, and last but not least, a specimen of 6lb 4oz.

Well done Phil, on a day that saw some nasty weather conditions, it ended really great, and many thanks for your report.


Phil Nixon with his new PB chub weighing 7lb 8oz. 

Wednesday and I expected the banks to be full of anglers, but how wrong I was, they were empty, there were a couple of lads fishing one stretch, but I never had any reports from them. But today I got some more grief, this time it was from Keith Little, he was accusing me of putting him in a naff swim, I told him to be patient and concentrate, well just after 4:00pm he had his first bite and a fish was brought to the net, it was a nice chub, and it weighed in at 6lb 2oz, this was followed by four more chub, 4lb 10oz, 5lb 10z, 5lb 5oz, and 4lb 3oz, so he finished on a good note, well almost, he phoned me complaining that a slug had attacked his made up pva bags, and had caused all his bait to fall out, so I told him to stop complaining and put a lid on it. 

Beware of slugs with a taste for PVA!

Sid Johnson was fishing just upstream, but only managed to catch a small chub of about 2lb. I also only managed to catch one chub; it weighed in at 5lb 11oz. The best catch of the day came from Chris Allport, he fished for a few hours in the morning but struggled for bites, but not content with catching fish in the orthodox way, he managed to tempt an eel into his open end feeder, now all he had to do was to reel in the eel and remove it from his feeder.....EASY.


Chris Allports highly successful 'hookless' eel rig.

What's happened over the past few days on Throop is that bites have been very hard to come by in the mornings, and early afternoon, for some reason or another, so the best time to fish at the moment is from 2:00pm onwards. I had a phone call from Davis Tackle Boss, Nigel Gray to tell me that my last report was my 100th, so because I am so advanced in mathematics, I have worked it out that this is my 101st report.

101 Dalmatians celebrate Brian's 101st. Report.

Thursday and it had to be Keith Little who decided to catch a fish at 1:15pm, just because I said that 2:00pm is the time when all the action starts, but it was just a fluke, no I am not being bitchy, he was actually peeling an orange when his rod went round and there to greet him was a chub of 5lb 15oz.



Nell Gwyn with a basket of unpeeled oranges oranges


Keith went on to take another three chub, and they weighed in at 5lb 10ozs...5lb 7oz...and 6lb 3oz, well done mate, but hang on, that is not the end of Keith's report, whilst he was fishing he was surrounded by cows, now at this point I would like you to cast your mind back to last year when a horse bit his wing mirror on his car and also made off with his chair, leaving him no choice but to go in hot pursuit to retrieve it, well it's happened again, this time it was a young calf that decided to make off with one of his rod top protectors, so once again Keith took chase, it was at this point that the calf decided to drop it with fear of Keith's revenge, well done mate your end bit was recovered, but with a name like Little, and a great lover of animals, I have decided once again to rename you, from now on it's .........

............Doctor Doolittle.


The great Dr Dolittle DrDoolittle2

There were a lot of blanks today, and anglers struggled for bites, Phil Nixon managed to save a blank with a chub of 4lb 8oz, whilst I got weeded out by swans and ducks pulling out the weed upstream of me, which means that I have found another excuse for blanking. Sid Johnson once again found some feeding barbel, landing one just over 7lb, but was very unlucky, when he lost an even bigger fish.


It seems that the Throop pike are once again snapping up anglers baits that are meant for other species, the angler on the other end of old toothy's greed was young Scott Mosley, he lost a pike at the net, which he estimated at about 15lb, but he did manage to land three to 9lb, Scott also took some small chub, but he did enjoy all the action, well done Scott.


Another angler that had pike problems was Coventry angler Rob McClelland, he lost a pike that was also estimated at 15lb, perhaps we now have a nasty annoying pike that swims up and down the river causing breaks and tangles, it must be some sort of revenge fish.


Rob did manage to catch two PB's, a chub of 6lb 9oz and a lovely perch of  3lb 2oz, I am delighted for you Rob and very well done, I must also mention that when Rob phoned me, it was just like talking to Phil Smith, I know you read these reports Phil, so you have a voice- a- like, what with Pete Reading's look-a-like the other week, perhaps we should start some kind of Impersonators of the fishing world, and no I am not included. Another nice catch was from Greg Turner who took three chub to 5lb 8oz, plus a dozen dace, all taken on the float, well done Greg, that was a nice day, especially on the float, thanks for your report and good luck.


Friday and the fishing today was very grim despite there being a lot of anglers on the bank, many went home with not a sniff of a fish, whilst others spent all day and taking only one fish, so the list of anglers that caught fish today was very small. First of all was Dave Hockett, ( sorry Dave, is it one or two tee's ) well he sat all day for just one fish, but it was worth the wait, he weighed in a nice chub of 6lb 1oz, he also lost a big fish in the weed. Next on the list was Alan Paget who seems to only have a passion for barbel, so despite taking two chub which were estimated to be around the 6lb mark, both fish were returned to the water without weighing them, which is a bit of a shame, especially on a day when fish were hard to get, and we would have loved to know how much they weighed. Now it's Rick's turn, that's my son, he was fishing Rick's secret swim, the one everybody knows about, well he never had much luck either, he took one bream of about 3lb, and whilst the bait was dangling in the water after he unhooked the fish, a perch grabbed hold of the tempting morsel, and that too was brought to the bank, so that was his quota for the day.


Keith Little was on the last day of his two week trip, and he just managed to land a chub of about 3lb, which saved his blank. Ringwood bailiffs Darty and Neil were out after pike, Darty managed a couple of jacks plus a nice fish of 18lb, well done mate. So that was that, not such a good Friday, still it's nice to get onto the river bank, not nice to blank, but that's fishing.


Saturday and at last we have some fish caught, first up we have Ben who landed a nice perch of 2lb plus some small silvers. Now it's the turn of Craig Wood who landed a really nice barbel of 11lb 11oz, well done mate, but oh dear, who forgot to install some new batteries in his camera, so I’m afraid the only picture that I can show you is this one, sorry Craig.



My son Rick once again only managed to capture a bream of about 3lb, but I must admit he worked very hard for such a small prize. Now it's dads turn, I captured three nice chub, one of 4lb 14oz.....the other at 6lb 6oz and the biggest one that went 6lb 13oz, at this point I must say a big thank you to Keith Humphries who was at hand to weigh and photograph my biggest fish, I must say that I was a bit worried, because I can remember some time ago when Keith sent me a photo of himself and his fish that looked like it had been taken in a fog.

The author of these great reports Brian Willson with a 6lb 13oz chub. Nice one Brian!

Last but not least, we have Scott Mosley, can you remember when I had ago at Scott's new scales, I said that they only weighed up to 6lb 4oz, well I was proved completely wrong, and he done it in fabulous style, taking three bream to 5lb 10ozs, also adding to his tally, he had three chub, 3lb 4oz, 4lb 7oz and then his best fish of the session, a PB of 6lb 10oz, very well done lad, your fourth PB of the season. Scott's uncle, Russ Chandler decided to have a few hours fishing, so armed with his trusty rod and centre pin, he managed to take a couple of perch to 1lb 6oz and a jack pike of about 3lb, what a nice way to spend such a short amount of time.

Squint hard to see Scott Mosley with his new PB chub of 6lb 10oz

Sunday and I just can't believe that the banks are almost empty, I met up with Colin Bridger, first of all Colin, I must apologise to you for losing the picture from my camera, it erased when I was down loading it, I could find a similar size fish, and put that on my report, but it is not the same, it's a good job that it wasn't a monster,  it was a bream of about 4lb, still a fish is a fish, Colin went on to land another bream, but this time it was a bit heavier, weighing in at 6lb 8oz, that was before the pike moved in, thanks for the text, and I am pleased that you enjoyed the day fishing, and of course making friends with one of the horses and it's foal.


I was on the bank when I watched one angler land a pike of 8lb 15oz, we played guess the weight, I lost again, I forgot to add the teeth to the weight. I then left the river and met up with my son at a local pub for some of their ribs, they are the best that you have ever tasted, so if you do visit the area and feel peckish, visit the Harvester at the Cooper Dean, it's just 5 minutes from Throop. I went home to write some reports but my son went onto the river and caught three chub in three hours fishing, they weighed in at 2lb, 4lb 13oz and 5lb 7oz, he also lost a big fish when the hooked pulled.


Well there you have it, another quiet week at Throop, considering the number of anglers on the banks, but the returns have been good, a nice barbel coming out to play, a few PB's with some stunning chub caught and the Throop perch putting in an appearance.


May I take the opportunity to say congratulations to Lee Westwood on becoming golf's number one in the world, Lee's dad is a Ringwood member and a regular on Throop.


Please keep your reports coming in even if you blank, it's nice to hear from you all, and some of your stories are well worthy of a mention, you can call me on my phone for river reports and advice on 07740 777967 or you can e-mail me at but please the word Throop in the subject box.

So many thanks to you all for your reports.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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