Throop Fishery Report - 24th. October 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 24th. October 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 24th. October 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


I keep going on about PB's, we all know that it stands for Personal Best, and you also know that I absolutely love it when someone gets one, it could be a PB from the river that you are fishing or it could be a life time PB, but whatever it is, it creates a bit of a challenge and also a goal to achieve. We also have a saying, "LAST KNOCKINGS " that's when you stay to the very end, at that is usually the best time, and more often or not  fish are  caught or lost on the very last moments of the day, what if we called it "LK" just like we say PB, we could say, I had a fish at LK, what do you think, or is that another one of my stupid ideas, or shall we keep LK for the lady herself, Lorraine Kelly.

Lorriane Kelly in all her 'glory'. Why Brian, why?


Yes, you are right it is a stupid idea..................................It must be left to "LAST KNOCKINGS"


There were no late reports so we will go straight to.......................

Monday and what a difference a day makes, no I am not going to sing the rest of the song or put on any song titles, but how the fishing improved from yesterday, somebody must have filled up the kitchen sink and put the plug back in, because after me saying that Keith Little could catch fish in the kitchen sink, yesterday he went and blanked, but today he came storming back with a big net full of fish, our Keith had 11 chub to 5lb 15oz, well done mate. I met up with Dave Clark who informed me that he had just landed a chub of 7lb, well done Dave, that's the fourth chub over 7lb in a couple of weeks and the third one reported in four days. Andy Wyatt roved from swim to swim but found the going tough, but he did manage to land one nice chub of 5lb 12oz from one of his swims. Stuart Jupp was also fishing a couple of swims, taking a nice perch of 1.5lb, before moving again to finish the session with 5 chub to 5lb. I fished further downstream, and apart from missing one bite I finished with a blank (again), it was at this point I joined up with Stuart to see how it was done. There weren't that many anglers on the fishery today and I did not receive any fish catches, that is apart from the lads that blanked.


Tuesday and the chub are still making a show, but sadly the barbel are still in hiding, the same regular anglers are on the banks and it's the chub that are featured in the reports. Scott Mosley had two chub, one of 4lb 2oz and the other weighed in at 6lb 4oz.......hang on a minute, what's going on, that is the third chub that he has caught that has weighed 6lb 4oz, now I know that he has got a brand new set of scales, so are they stuck, or is 6lb 4oz their maximum weight, come on Scott catch me a bigger fish. I also had two chub with the biggest weighing 5lb. Brett Chandler had one chub of 4lb 8oz, and Phil Nixon had three bream, well done Phil I was wondering where they had all gone, especially as we spotted some very large shoals earlier in the season. Alan Paget managed to catch   two chub, one of 5lb and the other was 6lb 4oz, hold up a 6-4 again, is this a mug fish, or perhaps Alan is using Scott's scales. Keith Little again had a nice bag of fish; in fact he caught five, with the biggest two weighing 5lb 2oz and 5lb 9oz. While I am on the subject of Keith Little, I must point out that Keith is on a two week fishing break and is fishing on Throop nearly every day, so while he is catching fish, then his name will appear on every daily report.


Wednesday and it is bailiff Sid Johnson who is top rod today, with not that many anglers on the banks, it was Sid who had the best few hours fishing, taking five chub to 5lb. Phil Nixon had two fish, one chub of average size and a perch that was on a veggie diet. Keith Little could only manage one chub today, and that was as a fish of 4lb 15oz. It's at this point that I have an apology to make, I called Sid and Keith, Flanaghan and Allen, this is because the two of them are usually found in the same vicinity, well I got it completely wrong and it has now been corrected, they are in fact, "LITTLE and LARGE".

Little & Large enjoying a quiet pint together after a hard days fishing on Throop.

We now know who is who, Sid is the taller one, I think! There were no more reports for today.


PS I almost forgot, here's a picture of Keith with a specimen minnow, note how much bigger the bait is compared to the fish.


Keith Little with a specimen Throop minnow

Thursday and it was one of them days when there were just about six anglers on the banks, so Keith Little had the fishery to himself, almost, I decided to sit next to Keith, just to keep an eye on him, did I mention that I had my rods with me, well I did, and I spent so much time counting Keith's fish that I lost interest and blanked, (how’s that for an excuse) So the only report that I had for today was from Keith, he had eight chub with two over six pound, one was 6lb 2oz and the other was a cracking fish of 6lb 13oz. And how nice it was to be on hand to take a couple of photo's with my new camera.


Keith Little with a lovely 6lb 13oz Throop chub. Another shot of Keith and his chub.


Friday and the fishing today really did improve, two guests of Keith Little, were Rob Ellis and Richard Borley, Richard got off to a real flier, his first fish was  his first ever Throop chub, and what a cracker it was, a PB for the river weighing in at 6lb 10ozs, Richard went onto catch chub of, 4lb 10oz, 4lb 6oz, 4lb and 5lb, well done mate, now that's what you call a good start, Richard has taken chub from other rivers weighing over 7lb, and  he will be back, thanks for your report and photo.

Richard Borley with a 6lb 10oz chub. Next time he's after a 7 pounder!

With Keith and Richard was Rob Ellis, who manage to capture three of our Throop chub, they weighed in at 4lb 2oz, 4lb 15oz and 4lb. Well done Rob. Keith Little did manage to catch two fish, it's a good job too, otherwise he would not have heard the last of it, his fish were two chub, 5lb 6oz and 5lb 2oz well done Keith. I met up with Roger and his son Jimmy Hill, (no not that Jimmy Hill), thank god for that Roger, otherwise that would have made you about 90 odd years, Roger and Jimmy were fishing with different bait today and managed to catch some silver fish. My son Rick was again on the banks, just back from his poker playing trip to Las Vegas, well his gamble certainly paid off on his choice of swim and tactics, he took five chub, 4lb 1oz, 5lb 14oz, 5lb 15oz, 5lb 2oz plus a fabulous PB, with a chub of 6lb 11oz, and he also lost a barbel in the weed, well done son. Alan Paget had two chub, but they were very small, both estimated at about two pound apiece. Well the last report for today comes from Bailiff Sid Johnson, who had two chub, one at 5lb 3oz and the other was the biggest chub of the day, a beautiful fish weighing in at 6lb 13oz, well done Sid and everybody else.


Saturday, and last night we had very heavy rain that has brought up the water level in the river to about 4 inches, this was a very quick increase in height, so it means just a touch of colour in the river plus a bit more weed coming down. It had to happen, barbel have at last been caught, the first came to Ringwood member Dave Treadwell, who captured one of our whiskered friends, which weighed in at 8lb 9oz, Dave also had a perch of about 1.5lb and three chub, with the best at 5lb 12oz, cheers Dave and many thanks for your report. The next barbel came from my son Rick, who hooked and landed a 10lb 4oz beauty on his first cast, and that was it, not another bite. We thought that the extra bit of water might switch on the barbel, especially as two had been caught, but it was not to be, in fact the fishing today was a bit of a struggle, Richard Borley and Rob Ellis were on there last day of a two day trip, Richard finished his trip with two chub, one small fish and the other of 5lb 14oz, which took his two day total to seven fish, well done mate. Rob Ellis on the other hand had a million and one problems, it was bad enough that someone moved into a swim opposite him, but the angler opposite hooked a duck, well after what seemed like a lifetime, the duck was finally unhooked and returned to the water, this did not do the swim or the surrounding area of river for twenty miles any good at all, and poor old Rob had a blank, sorry mate, but it was nice to say hello.

A flying duck...

Keith on the other hand had to show his buddy how it was done, and managed to take two fish on the last knockings, one chub of 4lb 10oz and 6lb 5oz. Sid Johnson also managed to take one chub that weighed in at 5lb 7oz. Well done to you all, it really was a very hard day.


Sunday and we started the day with a slight frost with a clear blue sky,  expectations were high, but it was a day of struggles for many anglers, and many went home without getting a bite, those that braved  the cold day and stayed on until the sun went down, were rewarded with a fish or two. Lets start with an early catch, and that was by Sid Johnson, he lost three chub in the weed but managed to land a barbel of 6lb, this fish was taken earlier in the day, it's a bit of a shame really because Sid had to go home early and I wonder if he could have taken a couple more fish when the sun went down. One unknown angler captured a pike after it made off with his PVA bag. Keith Humphreys was also involved with being pestered by pike, but despite this he did manage to take a few silver fish; Keith also lost a good fish on last knockings (LK). Another angler who had problems with pike, was my son Rick, he arrived at his swim and took a couple of small chub of about 3lb apiece early on, but it then went very quiet, it was then that he hooked and landed a pike of 5lb, once it had a rollicking and was told to bog off somewhere else, he then went on to catch a few more chub, one of 5lb 6oz, 5lb 7oz and 4lb 14oz, he then lost a good fish as the light was fading, which could have been a barbel, it was then time for him to pack up, but nevertheless he had a fair days fishing, despite standing in the cold water all day, well done lad, home you go to Essex. Keith Little also found the going tough but he did manage to land three chub, 5lb 7oz, 4lb 14oz and 5lb, well done Keith. Another angler who had a bit of a tough session was Paul Fuller, but Paul did take a few fish and kept his mind occupied taking some dace and a perch of about a pound and his patience was rewarded with a nice chub of 5lb 14oz, so once again well done and thanks for your text. The weather forecast has said that we are going to get some rain and sunshine and some frosts, we will have to wait and see.


Many thanks for all you reports and photo's, it was nice to meet up with many anglers, some were in my report, some were not, but I hoped you all enjoyed your fishing at Throop. If you have any reports, give me a ring or e-mail me, even if you blank or have any little story I will be glad to hear it. Ring me on 07740777967 or e-mail me at please mark your e-mails subject THROOP.


Good luck and good fishing.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





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