Throop Fishery Report - 26th July 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 26th July 2009
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Throop Fishery Report - 26th July 2009

Monday started the week on a very quiet note with not many reports coming in. The afternoon saw Keith Little connect and land a barbel of 7lb 9ozs, elsewhere a few chub were being caught to 4lb along with some bream of the same size. Apologies must go out to all the anglers who fished on Monday evening, they were badly affected by weed coming down the river, this was caused by an angler who took it upon himself to enter the river and cut the weed off the mud swim without permission. This is not allowed, and the matter is being dealt with by club officials.

At this time of the year the river is very weedy, there are holes and pockets in the weed showing gravel patches and runs, there you will see the fish moving from weed bed to weed bed across these gravel patches and its great fun watching these fish moving to and fro, and can be a challenge and frustrating trying to tempt one of these specimens to the hook.

Treasure Island on Throop

Tuesday and 4 chub to Keith Little with fish of 4lb 7ozs, 4lb 12ozs, 5lb 1oz, and a 5lb 14oz specimen. This is Keith's second week of a two week holiday on Throop, he will be missed when he goes home. Again chub are the dominant species with plenty of fish being caught to 3lb+. After a walk-about it has been noticed that there are a few anglers who are not taking their rubbish home, they seem to think its ok to hide it in the bushes, well its not ok, please take your litter home or put it in the bins provided in Throop Mill car park.

Wednesday and at last the weather has taken a turn for the better, with a mild windless evening one unknown angler had two chub, one of 6lb 2ozs and the other a bit smaller at 5lb 8ozs. Paul Lord who uses that good old method of touch ledgering, took a nice pair of chub of 5lb 6ozs and 5lb 3ozs, well done to you Paul. Our old mate Keith had one chub of 5lb 10ozs and a barbel of 8lb before losing a big fish in the weed. Bailiff Sid Johnson took three chub to 3lb plus his first barbel of the season a nice fish of 7lb, well done Sid.

 One of the great sights that I saw today were about a dozen or more of small barbel up to 6inches, all lined up on the gravel, really great to see our future fish.

Thursday and there was a stunning catch to an angler that wanted to remain anonymous, he took three roach to 1.5lb and two chub, one a monster of 7lb 2ozs and the other an even bigger fish of 7lb 5ozs, its a shame that we never had a photo of this stunning pair, this angler gave his bait to Keith Little who took a barbel of 5lb 14ozs on it. Sid had a bream of 5lb and elsewhere chub and bream were showing in numbers.

Friday started well with some nice weather and a slightly rising river, a few chub and bream were being caught along all the stretches. Keith Little once again dominated the day taking a couple of chub of 4lb 5ozs and 5lb 13ozs. I decided to sit with Keith for a couple of hours and was joined by Chris Allport and Brian James, we had tea and coffee and watched the patience of Keith having to contend with masses of blanket weed that was coming down the river in droves, Keith rounded off his holiday with a barbel of 6lb 15ozs.

 Saturday was a very quiet day with hardly any anglers on the banks. We did have one angler who had a day ticket but was fishing very early, please be aware that you are not allowed on the banks before 6.30am on beat 2.Other beats are ok but you must be in possession of a night permit.

There were plenty of fish to be seen in various swims including a very large barbel well into double figures.

There is still a fair amount of blanket weed coming down causing a fair amount of grief for anglers but despite this one angler coped very well and took one chub of about 5lb and landed his first barbel of the season and that was or old mate Alan Paget with a nice little fish of about 7lb, well done Alan.

Alan Paget with a lovely looking barbel of around 7lbs

Sunday looked to be the perfect day for fishing, plenty of cloud cover and a good air temperature with the blanket weed diminishing, but how wrong can you be, the few anglers that come out struggled, the fish were there, they could be seen travelling in and out of the weed beds but they just would not feed. My wife Tina did manage to land a bream of 5lb that was dominated by chub and barbel. After numerous phone calls no catches were recorded.

If you have any catches that you would like to report, you can phone me on 07740 777967 or e-mail me subject ‘THROOP' on


Brian Willson RDAA Bailiff.


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