Royalty Fishery News - 25th. August 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery News - 25th. August 2010
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Royalty Fishery Report - 25th August 2010

Hello and welcome to the latest report on how sport on the Royalty has been going since the last update.

As you will all be aware the ongoing lack of rain had resulted in a very low and clear Hampshire Avon with conditions that shouldn't actually be condusive to barbel fishing. Luckily for anglers who fished the Royalty over the last month it appears that the resident barbel don't actually read the same fishing books as we do as there have been plenty of quality barbel out to just under 15lbs as well as chub to over six pounds. The barbel have continued to come out from most of the fishery although unquestionably there were several areas where good numbers of barbel were shoaled up, namely Watersmeet to the Stumps, below Harrigans and Foxes through to the Railway. The Parlour has also continued to through up some great doubles - where there is still a really good head of big fish at the moment, but they are getting very spooky in the clear conditions. Despite these concentrations of fish, to my knowledge doubles have also come from elsewhere on the fishery including the Compound, Trammels, Fiddlers, Boathouse, White Stile, Telegraphs and the Road Bridge. Plenty of smaller barbel in the 2-6lb bracket have also been showing amongst the larger fish.

Good chub and some cracking dace continue to be reported from the Parlour, Compound, Greenbanks, Boathouse and the House Pool. There have also been another couple of 2lb roach reported, again these have come from where the mouth of the Little Weir joins the bottom of Trammels in the slower, deeper water. Steve Olt also landed a 2lb roach from the Railway on a 10mm pellet!

Jez Brown with a 5lb plus chub from the Parlour Chris Carter with a typical Royalty chub weighing 4lb 11oz Marc Brion with his first ever chub weighing 5lb 2oz

The bream have been shoaled up in good numbers in the Railway slack, the Compound, Piles - but have strangely vanished from the mouth of the Clockhouse - and have been providing good sport for those rather unusual anglers who love to fish for them!

Perch to over 3lbs continue to be reported although they seem to have moved away from their regular haunts of the Piles and Car Park wall and can now be found in some unusual places. One angler reported seeing a couple of big perch working the deep hole at the White Stile whilst another reported a shoal of over a dozen, all weighing in excess of 2lbs, he spotted down by the Telegraphs. What didn't surprise me was that he also saw some large barbel rolling in Telegraphs as the light levels faded. I don't know why this area is ignored by so many anglers in favour of the swims higher up the fishery as not only does it generally hold good barbel but it allows you to draw fish up from the large area below which is rarely fished. One day someone is going to have a red letter day down there...

Whilst the carp have been conspicious by their absence in the upper reaches of the Royalty, it turns out that they have been spending most of their time down in Barlins and Johnsons as the sea trout anglers have reported spotting some 'right lumps' when they have been down there fly fishing. Having said that there are a couple of real lumps that have been seen regularly patrolling in either the Parlour or around the deep water at the mouth of the Little Weir.

Enough of the general comments and onto the fish reports received. Due to the sheer number of reports it has proved somewhat difficult to maintain any semblance of correct date order so apologies in advance!

Darren Jurd came over from Southampton and had a nice catch of chub with the best going 3lb, 3lb 5oz and 4lb 2oz from the Railway using swimfeeder tactics. Adam Slater, who travelled up from Devizes also landed three chub which were all between 4-5lbs. These were taken on a maggot feeder from above the Falls. On the same day Andy Brown from Bournemouth had four barbel out of the Stumps although they were all in the 3-4lb class. Whilst not the doubles for which the Royalty is rightly famous for these days, it does show that there are plenty of smaller fish coming up through the ranks. I don't think Andy was too dispondant as he returned the following week when he fished the Pipes using pellet and was rewarded with two barbel, one at 8lb 13oz and the other - his first double - went 11lb 8oz. Chris Williams form Chippenham fished Greenbanks and landed a 13lb 12oz barbel, his bait and tactics weren't recorded. Another angler to get amongst the big girls was Justin Morgan who travelled down from Newport, South Wales and whilst rolling meat through Trammels he hooked up with a powerful fish which went 12lb 6oz on the bank. Ricky Pattenden also did well with two doubles weighing 12lb 8oz and 11lb 2oz from above the Pipes.

Ricky Pattenden with a lovely 12lb 8oz barbel from above the Pipes Ricky Pattenden with another double figure barbel which went 11lb 2oz

Father and Son team Mick and Malcolm Matthews had a day in the Parlour with Mick taking the best barbel at 13lbs exactly whilst Malcolm only managed a brace of doubles weighing 11lb 2oz and 10lb 4oz! 

Mick Matthews with a lovely 13lb barbel from the Parlour Malcolm Matthews with another Parlour double weighing 11lb 2oz Malcolm with the third Parlour double of the day at 10lb 4oz

Local angler Ken Thompson took time off from appearing in Brian Willson's Throop Report to catch a 12lb 1oz barbel on pellet from the Stumps. He also landed an 11lb 7oz barbel from Top Stile using a feeder and pellet approach. Another angler previously featured in the Throop reports is Luke Guarguaglini who recently won the Weekly Drennan Award with a 7lb 4oz chub. Well he visited the Royalty for the first time and landed a brace of barbel the best of which went 11lb 11oz.

Luke with his first Royalty barbel weighing 11lb 11oz

A  Mr Taylor from Hordle landed two barbel from the Boathouse weighing 8lbs exactly and 11lb 12oz. No further details were recorded. Dom Woodword from Margate fished Trammels and reported three bream between 5lb and 6lb 6oz.

Alex Price landed a 12lb barbel but unfortunately the picture didn't do his capture justice. Mick Drinkwater had a beautifully conditioned 11lb 12oz barbel from the Garden swim in the Parlour whilst Rob Dawbarn had a fantastic 13lb barbel from the Pipes.

Alex Price with a 12lb in the gloom Rob Dawbarn with a classic Avon coloured 13lb barbel from the Pipes Mick-Drinkwater and his 11lb 12oz barbel from the Parlour

Royalty regular blanker 'Jeff Edisbury of Bright*n' was down for a few days fishing and, on seeing the sheer number of barbel in the Parlour, promptly booked three days in there! He then went about kindly inviting other anglers to join him on each day. Well I'm not really sure how I should word this but all of his guests managed double figure barbel whilst Jeff basically blanked! His only double of the trip came from the main river and weighed 11lb 14oz. Poor Jeff, still at least he kept smiling...


Chris Carter has had some lovely fish off the Royalty including a 2lb 4oz perch, a 5lb 9oz sea trout, a 6lb 6oz bream (Chris is one of those oddballs who actually likes bream, yikes!), a 4lb 11oz chub and his first ever Avon barbel at 11lb 10oz.

Chris Carter with a beautiful perch from the Boathouse Chris Carter with a 5lb 9oz sea trout from the Boathouse
Chris with one of his beloved bream Chris Carter with his first ever Avon barbel weighing 11lb 10oz

Well done on your catch Chris but additionally, congratuations on the brilliant underwater photo of your barbel after you returned it. Absolutely awesome...

Chris Carters underwater shot of his 11lb 10oz barbel

Mark De-Lancey has been searching for a double figure barbel for over ten years and he finally managed it from the Parlour after a difficult session with some very spooky barbel. Fishing the top of the Pool he hooked and landed an 11lb 5oz beauty at the end of his session. Well done Mark and apologies for the delay in publishing your photo on here!

Mark De-Lancey's face says it all. His ten year wait is finally over and his reward weighed 11lb 5oz

Another angler who has been waiting a long time with regard to barbel is Deano who told us "After 30+ years waving a rod at all types of usually reluctant fish and more than a couple of attempts on the river I managed to catch my first Barbel on the Royalty last week." Well done Deano and thanks for sending in a classic traditional barbel photo.

A first for Deano - a barbel on the pin.

James Quartermain came down from Washington for a weeks fishing on Throop and the Royalty and from the latter he landed barbel including doubles weighing 12lb 10oz and 11lbs as well as several smaller fish. The 12lb 10oz specimen came from Top Stile whilst the eleven pounder came from Watersmeet. His tactics were PVA bags and pepperarmi and discussing tactics swims etc with James each morning was a real pleasure for all of us in the shop. Paul (no surname) from Hadleigh, Essex ledgered a boilie near the Pipes and landed a 12lb 5oz barbel which he described as a 'lovely fish which fought well'. Royalty regular Dennis Nye landed barbel of 11lb 7oz, 10lb 8oz, 8lb and 7lb 8oz on boilies over hemp from  below Harrigans whilst Clive Hobden from Woking had a 12lb 8oz barbel from above the Stumps and Sam Pask fished hair rigged meat to tempt a 9lb 4oz barbel from the Compound.

Royalty regulars and all round good eggs Jez Brown and Danny Hannibuss had a great session in the Parlour landing four cracking barbel in only 90 hectic minutes using "Pallatrax new Crustacean boilies, stonze weight and The Hook". Sounds like a bloody Pallatrax advert to me Jez!

Jez Brown with a Pallatrax sponsored 13lb 9oz barbel from the Parlour Danny with a lovely 10lb 14oz barbel from the Parlour
Danny with his second barbel of the session which went 8lb 2oz Jez with his second double of the day from the Parlour weighing 12lb 7oz

James Gilett from Manchester used a swimfeeder to catch loads of dace, six perch to 2lb 8oz as well as an accidental pike all from below the Falls. Alex Procter, also from Manchester, who is 11 years old  landed a perch weighing 1lb 12oz. Another angler who fished below the Falls was Bill Rowing from Burton who ledgered maggot to land his new PB and the largest reported Royalty perch this season at 4lbs exactly. Mr Alleywood from Farnham landed a perch weighing 3lb 1oz and a 3lb 8oz sea trout although he did comment that he was plagued by pike, something that can happen in the Summer when the pike are very active and home in on anyone doing well with the dace and roach. It may well seem that there are loads of jacks in the Royalty but just ask any angler who fishes for pike after October 1st. when their season starts, they are far more likely to catch a double than a jack!

Southern Fisheries MD Jason Lewis took time out to fish with his daughter and, whilst he managed a 5lb 10oz sea trout from below the Boathouse, he was on the day outshone by his daughter who hooked, palyed and landed her first ever perch. Well done Katelyn!

Katelyn Lewis with her first ever perch Jason Lewis with a 5lb 10oz sea trout (not a touch on a certain person's perch mind)

There is a great bunch of local young angler's coming up through the ranks and really getting to grips with the Royalty barbel this season. Bradley Evans, of Royalty View guest house fame, had a one eyed barbel weighing 10lbs 11oz, Craig Scattergood had a new PB at 12lb 12oz whilst Joe Stanley just managed to beat him with a new PB of 12lb 13oz. Well done all of you!

Craig Scattergood with a desperate need for a hair cut and a 12lb 12oz PB Joe Stanley with his new PB of 12lb 13oz
 Bradly-get your haircut - Evans with a 10lb 11oz one eyed barbel  Craig Scattergood (so thats what his face looks like) with a 9lb 8oz barbel

Those of you who watch Keith Arthur's show 'Tight Lines' on Sky TV will hopefully not have missed last weeks episode when they featured Keith returning to fish the Parlour Pool on the Royalty after an absence of 40 years. The footage was great and he managed to land four barbel for the cameras despite the distractions of a film crew and anglers chatting to him. Everyone who met him thoroughly enjoyed his company and he seemed to enjoy theirs. On his show he mentioned a large barbel that he had targeted but could not persuade to take his bait. Well after filming was finished, local angler Ahmed Salem was invited to fish the remainder of Keith's day in the Parlour and he finally managed to tempt this barbel which went 13lb 1oz.

Keith Arthur shows off one of the barbel he took from the Parlour whilst filming for Sky TV Ahmed Salem with the 13lb 1oz barbel that eluded Keith Arthur

Whilst Ahmed's 13lb 1oz was a great specimen, it wasn't actually the largest fish he's landed from the Royalty since the last report, which actually went 13lb 7oz. His brother Khalid was also into the fish again with his best recorded going 12lb 14oz.

Ahmed Salem with a 13lb 7oz barbel taken at last knockings khalid Salem with a 12lb 14oz Royalty barbel

Well that's about it for this report. To all of you who sent in your pictures and reports a huge thank you as without them it would simply not be possible to put together these reports which, from the 'complaints' I get when they are late, seem to be quite popular. With the Summer holidays now over hopefully things will quieten down and the reports should be more regular.



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