Royalty Fishery Report - 30th. June 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 30th. June 2010
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Royalty Fishery Report - 30 June 2010

Well it has certainly been an interesting start to the season on the Royalty this year with the fishing being surprisingly productive despite the hot weather we have been experiencing. Unlike last season, when most of the barbel seemed to spawn on Greenbanks, this year they spawned all over the fishery especially in Edwards, Hayters, and Fiddlers. Indeed last week there were barbel having another go at spawning in the Compound with one angler frustratingly having to look at around 25 barbel ignoring his baits whilst they were pre-occupied in their annual ritual.

With the barbel well spread around the fishery fish have been coming from most swims. Particular hotspots in the first week were Nelsons, Stumps down to the Pipes, and Fiddlers where multiple catches to seven barbel in a day were recorded. There have been large numbers of barbel reported to 13lb 5oz with five over 13lb, over a dozen weighing over 12lbs plus plenty of ten and eleven pounders. In addition it has been heartening to see so many smaller barbel, both in the water and landed by anglers on a wide variety of baits. It really is encouraging to see plenty of barbel coming up through the ranks on the Royalty.

The chub have also been showing well with plenty of three pounders as well as the odd specimen to almost 7lbs being reported. The heaviest chub landed so far weighed 6lb 15oz and was part of a great catch by Barry Garwood from Chatham which also included seven barbel to 12lbs. Barry landed all these fish from Fiddlers East and his tactics varied between rolling meat and pellet. Over a four day visit Barry landed a total of 17 barbel in conditions that were hardly ideal with blazing sunshine and very high temperatures.

Barry Garwood with a superbly conditioned 6lb 15oz chub caught from Fiddlers East Barry Garwood with a 12lb barbel - the best of seven barbel he landed on the day.

Another angler who had a great day with the barbel was RDAA member Ahmed Salem who landed four barbel in a session, three of which were doubles weighing 12lb 4oz, 11lb 7oz and 10lb 10oz. I understand that Ahmed moved around the fishery and caught these fish from a number of different swims.

Ahmed Salem with the best of a four fish catch weighing 12lb 4oz


Ahmed with an 11lb 7oz beauty Ahmed's third double of the day at 10lb 10oz

During the second week of the season a father and son fished the Compound (Sorry I haven't got the names - or pictures yet) and the son landed seven barbel to 10lb 14oz whilst his father blanked barbel wise although he was driven to distraction by a large pike which decided to grab virtually every silver fish he hooked.

The biggest barbel reported so far was landed by Royalty regular Dennis Nye from the Boathouse at last knockings and weighed 13lb 5oz.

Dennis Nye with the seasons best barbel weighing 13lb 5oz

Another thirteen pounder was landed by Stuart Andrews of Bargates who hooked up with an old friend when he landed this barbel at 13lb 1oz. Great photo Stuart!

Stuart Andrews with a cracking 13lb 1oz barbel

One interesting incident occurred when I fished with my great mate Steve from Sussex in our annual 'Gudgeon Match to the Death' last Saturday. The venue for this auspicious event was, as usual the Parlour Pool, and despite the really hot weather we settled down to fish the match on light gear in the hope of fooling the greatest of fish to take our baits in the heat of the day. Well I won the match 51 to 17 but, to be fair, Steve took the honours when he struck into a fish that appeared rather heavier than the average gudgeon, and despite his very light gear, he managed to land a superb 12lb 14oz barbel; a new PB for Steve and a great feat of angling to boot. Nice one mate! (you still lost the match mind).

Steve Clark with a poor consolation barbel of 12lb 14oz which went some way to compensating him for getting roundly stuffed in the Gudgeon Match to the Death.

Just in case Steve has forgotten, this is what he was supposed to have been catching, the magnificent Gobio Gobio, the true river prince...

One of the correct species - gudgeon - that was landed during the match.

It is interesting that the weed in the Parlour has this year been cut in the traditional style with two channels at each side and then diagonal cuts between the two channels causing an increase in water flow in these areas and opening up more areas for fishing. Since this was completed just over a week ago the Parlour has produced at least one double figure barbel every day since, with two doubles on at least two occasions. A huge improvement on last season and it really does look 'fishy' once again. It has also produced carp to 20lb 12oz and there are currently a number of large sea trout lying downstream of the main pool for those who enjoy thier game fishing.

Shaun Miller, better known on these reports for his exploits amongst the Royalty predators, spent a day after the barbel and, having scrounged some bait off Jeff Edisbury - who had in turn scrounged it from me in the first place, he proceeded to land a beautiful looking barbel weighing exactly 10lbs. The bait in question was the new Pallatrax Elixer 6 Squabs wrapped in Elixer 6 Potent Paste which is proving highly attractive to the barbel at the moment.


Shaun Miller with a 10lb barbel from the upper end of the Royalty Shaun had to go and spoil his rehab from predator fishing by buggering off to the Little Weir after eels where this one at just shy of two pounds was the best of the session.

Kevin Attwood came down to the Royalty with a couple of mates (Neil Stuart & Chris Akehurst) travelling down from Headcorn, Kent to fish the Royalty for three days. They didn't connect with any of the Royalty's resident monsters but they all appear to have enjoyed sport with the smaller barbel plus bream to 6lb 8oz. Neil had one of 6lb, his first nice size Barbel so he was well chuffed.

Neil Stuart with a lovely 6lb barbel from above the Pipes
To close this report I will end with the great story of Tony Deakin who on opening day this season, landed his first every barbel along with his first chub since he was a boy! The barbel went 7lb 8oz and the smile on Tony's face says it all. After all, that's why we go fishing!
Tony Deakin with his first ever barbel at 7lb 8oz


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