Royalty Fishery Newsletter - 20th July 2009
Subject: Royalty Fishery Newsletter - 20th July 2009
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Royalty Fishery Report - 20th July 2009

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this report but, as I mentioned in the last report, I have been away for a week's fishing and have only now been able to collate all the information from Fishery Catch Returns, emails and phone calls into a semblence of a report. Not having been here speaking to anglers fishing the Royalty I am afraid that the report is consequently less detailed than normal.

The only place to start is in reporting the capture of the best barbel of the season from the Royalty by Bright*n based regular Jeff Edisbury. This beauty weighed 15lb 12oz and is I believe a new PB for Jeff and was caught from Greenbanks. Unsurprisingly for Jeff his bait was pellet and I would wager that he spent the entire day standing in the swim holding his rod for the duration. One can only wonder what weight this particular fish will weigh if it is caught when it is at its heaviest weight later on in the season! Our congratulations Jeff, our only surprise was that it was you that caught it and not Cat!

Jeff with a fantastic 15lb 12oz barbel taken at last knockings from the Royalty

The next day he landed an 11lb 6oz barbel from the Pipes whilst his significantly better half Cat had two barbel to 7lb 10oz from the same area. On the Wednesday he returned to Greenbanks and landed a brace of doubles weighing 12lb 6oz and 10lb 11oz, all taken on pellet.

Jeff is obviously a man of many fishing talents having taken what I believe to be his first ever sea trout on the previous Saturday when trotting with his newly acquired centrepin on the Royalty.

Another regular Ken Clayton had a couple of excellent trips last week. On his first visit of the week he landed barbel weighing 4lb, 9lb 4oz, 9lb 12oz and a cracking specimen of 13lbs exactly. Ken fished just above the Pipes using imitation caster.

Ken Clayton with a lovely clean barbel of 13lbs from above the Pipes

On his next visit Ken fished the same area and was rewarded this time with six barbel, two at 4lbs, one of 6lbs, a seven pounder, a 9lb 8oz and a superb fish of 13lbs 8oz! 

Ken Clayton with another superb looking double - this one went 13lb 8oz.

Another angler who got amongst the barbel was Tom Collingridge from Cullompton in Devon. He also fished the Pipes area and used pellet to tempt four barbel, the largest weighing 10lb 4oz. In the comments on his Catch Return he said "My Second trip to the Royalty and my second double - Beginning to like it!!"

John Gooderham from Barnstaple ledgered a pellet in the Railway Pool and landed his first ever barbel weighing 7lb 5oz on what he described as a "great day out". Jason Parnell from Shipton-on-Stour in Warwickshire ledgered a 21mm pellet in the Pipes and was rewarded with a new PB weighing 13lb 2oz. He admitted to being a bit shocked - as well as being chuffed to bits - as his previous PB was 8lb 8oz. Jason has kindly agreed to send in some pictures for the website and i will publish them in the next report.

K. Rice fished the Roadbridge from the West bank using caster and landed a 13lb 6oz barbel.

Nick Hodges and James Shade took advantage of the limited night fishing available on the Royalty to land barbel including specimens of 13lb 10oz and 12lb 10oz along with chub to 3lbs.

Regular visitors Dave and Lorraine Pryor from Brighouse in West Yorkshire were down for a fortnights 'fishing' and I was gutted that I was away for half their trip and missed their excellent post fishing company in the Royalty (Inn). Scanning the returns I have only found one mentioning Dave and that was for a 9lb 8oz barbel pictured below. This fish took a halibut pellet ledgered in the Pipes swim.


Dave Pryor with a 9lb 8oz barbel

Ahmed Salem seems to have developed the knack this season of managing to winkle out fish at last knockings on days when the fishing has been somewhat slow, confirmation that it is always worth fishing that last hour after the sun sets even when sport has been slow. Ahmed had a 9lb 8oz barbel and a six pound chub, both pictured below.

Ahmed Salem with yet another 9lb 8oz barbel

Ahmed again, this time with a cracking 6lb chub

Other barbel reported include three barbel to 5lbs and two bream to 6lbs caught by Eddy Widdup who roved the fishery rolling meat. Terry Findlay having landed perch to 2lbs and a 10lb barbel earlier in the week returned and had three barbel to 7lb from the Pipes area whilst Andrew Dunk, more famous this season for his salmon fishing exploits, landed five barbel to 6lbs and a dozen chub to 3lb 8oz along with a seasons best 2lb flounder! Another angler only recorded as 'Rob' had an 11lb barbel from the Pipes. Regular visitor John Papadopoulas had a red letter day landing four barbel to 11lbs on Sunday and then followed it up later in the week with yet another brace of barbel - best 9lb 2oz - one of a number he has had this season. Sparsholt student Shaun Miller who undertook his work experience on the Royalty landed an 8lb barbel on a boilie from the Pipes. Fishing with Shaun was Brian Kneis who had a barbel of 5lbs. Local angler Pete White had four barbel in an evening's fishing after work rolling meat, whilst Les Dwight used the same method to land another couple of barbel as well as chub to 5lb 8oz. Another local Terry Croucher had a 10lb 15oz barbel on meat from below the Pipes.

Other than the barbel fishing the excellent chub fishing continues to surprise and please regular Royalty anglers who have had something of a lean time with chub on the Fishery. The number of 5lb + chub caught this year really as taken everyone by surprise as has several chub between 6lb & 6lb 8oz being landed. John Valentine was yet another angler to have an excellent catch of roach with a bag that included specimens between 1lb 8oz and 1lb 12oz fishing tares and corn over hemp. The perch fishing has slowed somewhat but there are still plenty of 2lb plus examples being caught. The bream have really been getting their heads down and catches of up to a dozen fish over 6lbs in a session have been recorded. One bream catch stood out by Alan Holmes, a Ringwood Member from New Milton, who fished above the Railway and had 10 Bream going to 8lb 4oz and two at 7lb 8oz all on sweetcorn freelined in the margin over a bed of small pellet and sweetcorn. Kirk Thompson and his fishing companion (sorry no name!) also got amongst the bream with the best going 6lbs. 

Kirk Thompson and a six pound bream Kirk again with another nice bream
Kirk's angling companion with a nice bream Kirk_Thompson4

Please click on the images to enlarge.

Finally Ken McArthur of Christchurch ledgered a boilie in Telegraphs and landed a new PB common carp from a river weighing 26lb 4oz. As Ken was fishing for barbel at the time using 8lb line this was a cracking piece of angling skill, especially when you consider the amount of streamer weed in the vicinity of the swim. Ken has kindly agreed to send me a photo for the website. 

All in all a great weeks sport on the Royalty - shame I wasn't here to enjoy it!



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