Royalty Fishery - Game Report 12th June 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery - Game Report 12th June 2010
Send date: 2010-06-12 11:35:55
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Royalty Fishery Game Report - 12th June 2010

I am pleased to be able to report a further three salmon since the last Royalty Game Report.

Richards-First-salmon-011 Richards-First-salmon-003

“Richard Hill, MBE, Rugby World Cup Winner, England & British Lions legend, lifting his latest trophy, a fine Hampshire Avon Spring Salmon caught on the Great Weir, Royalty Fishery, using a black and gold flying “C”. This is Richard’s first ever Salmon, who is clearly elated to have succeeded in this quest.”

Andrew Dunk had another salmon, this one weighing 16lbs, from the tail of Hayters on a 1 3/4" black and orange tube fly.

Finally Fred Whitlock also managed to take a fine fish from Edwards on a yellow belly.

There have also been a few sea trout taken to around 5lbs as well as a beautiful brown trout of about 4lb 8oz which I have been promised a picture of.







Method, Lure etc.


6th February

 25lb Hen

 Federico De-Palma




22nd April

 15lbs Hen

 Fred Whitlock




23rd April

 12lb Hen

 Blyth Oxley


 Black Pot Bellied Pig


23rd April

 13lb Hen

 Vic Abbott


 Not Known


2nd May  12lb Hen  Fred Whitlock  Edwards  Black & Yellow Tube


10th May  14lb Hen  Andrew Dunk  Jacks  Pot Bellied Pig


16th May  12lb Hen  Richard Hill  Hayters  Not Known


 29th May  16lb  Andrew Dunk  Hayters  Black & Orange


 8th June  12lb Hen  Fred Whitlock  Edwards  Not Known




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