Royalty Fishery Game Report - 11th. May 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery Game Report - 11th. May 2010
Send date: 2010-05-11 17:01:58
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Royalty Fishery Game Report - 11th. May 2010

I am pleased to be able to report that a further salmon was taken yesterday by Andrew Dunk from below Jacks Hole on a Pot Bellied Pig. The fish was fresh as a daisy, all silver and tide lice, and weighed 14lbs.

I am less pleased to report that another salmon was hooked today but unfortunately it got off before the anglers concerned had a chance to land it. Shortly after that he had another good pull but nothing came of it. 







Method, Lure etc.


6th February

 25lb Hen

 Federico De-Palma




22nd April

 15lbs Hen

 Fred Whitlock




23rd April

 12lb Hen

 Blyth Oxley


 Black Pot Bellied Pig


23rd April

 13lb Hen

 Vic Abbott


 Not Known


2nd May  12lb Hen  Fred Whitlock  Edwards  Black & Yellow Tube


10th May  14lb Hen  Andrew Dunk  Jacks  Pot Bellied Pig




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