Royalty Fishery Report - 18th February 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 18th February 2010
Send date: 2010-02-24 17:40:28
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Royalty Fishery Report 18th. February 2010

Writing this report, once again it is the poor weather that has dominated events more than anything else. The cold and wet weather has kept many anglers away from the banks and even when conditions have been tolerable few have ventured out unless pike were their target species. In fact during the 'milder' spells the odd small barbel has been caught along with some cracking bream captures of up to fourteen fish averaging around 6lbs apiece - great sport if you enjoy fishing for this particular species...

Taking the above into account, it is hardly surprising that, once again, it is pike that have dominated the catch returns. There have now been twenty-six pike caught since October 1st. including three over 28lbs! One of these was landed last week by the journalist and author Michael Daunt who is probably more famous as the proprietor of the Hugh Falkus School of Spey Casting. Having said that he is also an extremely keen coarse angler having caught virtually every species of coarse fish that exists on this island! Well the Royalty came up trumps and he landed a lovely new pb pike weighing exactly 28lbs from below the Little Weir. 

Michael Daunt and his 28lb pike which is being held by River Keeper John Dennis.

Michael proudly displaying his cracking pike of 28lb

An equally good catch was made by 14 year old Ollie Ethell who tempted a 16lb pike using a sliding float with a paternoster boom with a single smelt deadbait. I understand that this is Ollie's new PB which he landed from the Piles.

Ollie Ethell with his new pb pike weighing 16lb

Another angler who got amongst the pike was Gary Banks from Chichester who fished the top end of the Royalty and had a brace of pike weighing 16lb 20z and 22lb precisely. I have been told that livebaiting was the successful method.

Gary Banks with a 22lb new pb from the Royalty

For the last week or so I have been bemoaning the lack of anglers who were even bothering to try for barbel despite an increase in the water temperature and a slightly coloured river. With conditions as they were there was a definate chance of a barbel or two especially for those who enjoy rolling meat. Indeed Throop produced a few barbel recently including a couple of doubles and, whilst the Stour is generally a degree warmer than the chalk fed Avon, it was certainly an indication that a trip after the barbel could well trow up the odd fish. Well local angler John Stack, defied yesterdays rain and had an afternoon rolling meat round the various creases and likely high water lies. He was rewarded with a lovely barbel that, at 13lb 14oz, equalled his personal best.

John Stack with a pb equalling barbel weighing 13lb 14oz - nice one John!

As if to confirm that the barbel are feeding, two different anglers have been into the shop whilst I have been writing this report to let us know that they have landed barbel today. For me it means that I can hopefully now stop writing bl**dy pike reports and once again tell you about barbel and chub catches from the Royalty! Wink 

With under three weeks to go before the rivers close for coarse angling I hope to see some of you back down here on the banks fishing for - and catching - some of the large barbel at their heaviest weights. I know there are a few people with an eye on one particular fish which, if it does get caught, will almost certainly weigh over 17lbs making it a new river record!



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