Royalty Game Report - 7th. February 2010
Subject: Royalty Game Report - 7th. February 2010
Send date: 2010-02-10 10:31:15
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Royalty Game Report - 7th. February 2010

Welcome to the first Game Report of the new season which, if I am honest, I wasn’t really expecting to have to write for a few weeks yet. However circumstances have contrived to ensure that I am sitting writing one in early February as a result of last Saturday when the first Hampshire Avon salmon was landed from the Royalty. This is the earliest fish for at least a decade and is only the second salmon landed in February  during this time. Generally the first fish has been taken around mid to late March or even on one occasion early April so the landing of a salmon during the first week of February has caused some excitement to say the least - not least because several other fish have been spotted working their way through the fishery.


The salmon weighed approximately 25lbs and was taken by Day Ticket angler Federico De-Palma of London who had booked the Great Weir for the day. Fishing down Edwards the fish took at the tail of the island and was landed some time later in Trammels. The successful fly was a Cascade copper tube fished on a fast sink line and the fish took just after 10:00 am.


As the old cliche goes, a picture paints a thousand words, so here goes:-



Federico well into the fight

Federico really leaning into the salmon but making little progress

In the net at last!

Federico carefully removes the Cascade tube fly from the salmons scissors




Just look at the grin on the anglers face - priceless!



River Keeper John Dennis prepares to return the salmon Federico steadies the salmon before it surged strongly away to continue its journey upstream.



Federico is congratulated by Royalty Keepers Nick and John


For descriptions of all the photographs please check out the report on our website here and place your cursor over the picture concerned. Clicking on the smaller pictures will also enlarge them.

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