Royalty Fishery News - 24th. January 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery News - 24th. January 2010
Send date: 2010-01-24 12:02:14
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Royalty Fishery Report - 24th January 2009


Since the last report on the Royalty at least the freezing weather has ended but what with all the salt and meltwater fishing has continued to be somewhat challenging down here in Christchurch. Very few anglers have even been on the fishery and those that have braved the conditions only really found the pike willing to feed. Indeed there have now been sixteen pike over 20lbs reported with the best still standing at 28lbs.

During this quiet period the Keepers have been extremely busy working on the area of the Fishery from the Little Weir down to where it joins Trammels. The far bank has been sympathetically cleared back and all the sunken tree roots, snags etc. have been removed as well as the near bank being tidied up and opened up in places to allow better access for anglers. The result is a real improvement and there is so much more fishing available in this area now, particularly behind the - now empty - Organics building.

The day after the work was completed and this section of the fishery was re-opened to anglers Romey Necluliciu fished one of the new swims hoping to target pike and he enjoyed an amazing four hours sport, landing seven double figure pike the best of which weighed 22lb 2oz! All fish fell to livebait tactics and came from the same spot in the swim.

Romey with the smallest pike he landed in a single session weighing 12lbs exactly. Romey and a 14lb pike
Romey with a slightly larger pike weighing 14lb 10oz Getting larger, this pike went 16lbs
This picture doesn't do the fish justice as this one went 18lbs! Romey and his best fish of the day at 22lb 2oz and a new PB

Fishing in an adjacent swim Joe Stanley managed a couple of jacks but was unable to latch into anything larger. Still he couldn't really complain as he had landed a lovely 12lb 8oz pike from the Piles earlier in the week.


The best pike reported since the last report was caught by Jon Perkins who took advantage of his day off from working in Davis Tackle to fish the Parlour Pool on Wednesday. After struggling to obtain any livebaits for around three hours his fishing companion Shaun appeared in the shop to buy a couple of frozen pike-packs but by the time he got back to the Parlour the silver fish had come on the feed and Jon had caught some livebaits. Shortly after lobbing out a livebait into the head of the Pool Jon had a run almost immediately and, after an excellent fight, he finally slipped the net under a lovely clean pike weighing 26lb 6oz. This is a new PB for Jon and, as anyone who has been in the shop this week will confirm, he is chuffed to bits with this fish!

Jon Perkins with his PB pike weighing 26lb 6oz

One final point, last week an angler handed us two beautiful hand made rod rests that had been left on the Fishery in the Car Park. If anyone has lost these then please give the shop a call and we will arrange for them to be returned to you. I know that I would be gutted if I had lost these rests!


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