Royalty Fishery News - 8th July 2009
Subject: Royalty Fishery News - 8th July 2009
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Royalty Fishery Report - 8th July 2009

We all knew that the stunning start to the season on the Royalty couldn't be sustained and the exceptionally hot weather we experienced last week finally slowed the barbel fishing on the Royalty although a number of good fish were still banked. With the lack of rainfall we've had it is hardly surprising that the flow has slowed considerably along the Hampshire Avon and this picture is reflected on the Royalty where the flow through Trammels has reduced considerably. This has resulted in some of the barbel moving up into the Compound whilst others have dropped down to below Watersmeet where the flow is signficantly higher due to the additional flow coming down from the Parlour. Consequently, as in early season, the most productive area for barbel is once again from Watersmeet down to Fiddlers East & West. There are loads of barbel showing once again throughout this area but they have wised up since the start of the season and, whilst they can be readily seen, persuading them to take a bait has become a touch harder. Back on Trammels there are plenty of good size bream taking advantage of the slower flows if catching river bream takes your fancy along with some cracking chub to over 6lbs. which are well worth targetting. Large perch are also coming out through Nelsons down to Watersmeet.

One of the anglers who did manage to winkle a barbel out of Trammels was Ahmed Salem who landed a really pretty barbel weighing 9lb 8oz along with a bream of 5lb 8oz.

Ahmed Salem with a great shot of a 9lb 8oz barbel from Trammels

A few anglers have actually started to check out the water below the Falls and have been rewarded with catches of chub, barbel and some cracking bream. Throop Fishery Manager Chris Allport had a day away from his beloved Stour and fished Telegraphs on the Royalty  from where he landed a bream of 10lbs 6oz whilst his fishing companion for the day, Brian Willson (RDAA bailiff and writer of the Throop Reports on this website) had a nice clean barbel weighing 7lb 12oz. Pellet was the successful bait in both cases.

Chris Allport with a 10lb 3oz bream from Telegraphs

Brian Willson and a 7lb 8oz barbel from the Lower Water

Large as Chris' bream was, it wasn't the largest taken that day. That accolade went to Gary Truelove who landed a superb 11lb 3oz bream from the Waterloo Pool which Ringwood Members can book and fish on Wednesdays from their clubs boat. Quality roach, dace and sea trout are the normal quarry in this pool but Gary showed that all sorts of quality fish inhabit this underutilised area of the fishery. 

Gary Truelove with the seasons best bream weighing 11lb 3oz from the Waterloo Pool

Adrian Mitchell of Yorkshire had a great day when he fished pellet above the Pipes and landed three barbel with the best weighing 12lb 7oz.

Adrian Mitchell and a cracking 12lb 8oz barbel from the Pipes                           Adrian Mitchell and another barbel this time weighing 8lbs

Local angler Greg Turner trotted Greenbanks for a mixed bag of dace, chub to 5lbs and a couple of grayling. He also landed a 9lb 8oz barbel on ledgered pellet from the same area. It is interesting that this season grayling are showing up in small numbers from all over the fishery as far down as Telegraphs. With their need for high quality water it is encouraging that their numbers are increasing year on year on the Royalty.

Ken Beech made the trip down from Stockport and had an enjoyable session with a catch that included a 5lb bream. On the same day the anglers in the Compound had four barbel including a brace of eight pounders along with bream to 6lb 6oz, chub to 2lbs and a 13oz specimen dace. Another angler reported four perch to 2lb 8oz although he didn't leave a name.

Tom Collingridge had his first barbel trip for seven years and managed to catch his first Avon double at 10lb 8ozs from Greenbanks. As you can see from his photo he was somewhat happy with his trip to the Royalty!
Tom Collingridge and his first Avon double weighing 10lb 8oz
There were plenty of other barbel landed for which I have limited information but hopefully I will be able to include them in the next report when I receive the photographs via email. Anyone wanting to submit a picture or catch return can do so by emailing me here:-
Please note that next weeks report will be slightly delayed as I shall be away fishing Redmire for the next seven days and wont be able to write it until my return.




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