Royalty Fishery Report - 1st. January 2010
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 1st. January 2010
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Royalty Fishery Report - 1st January 2010

Firstly may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from all of us at Davis Tackle down here in Christchurch.

Winter finally hits Davis Tackle

When I last posted the Royalty Report all indications suggested that we were in for a mild spell with the water levels falling after all the recent flooding. Well it just goes to show that we are easily as good at predicting the weather as the Met Office are - we got it hopelessly wrong. Since then we have experienced continually falling temperatures until the point when Winter truly kicked in and large swathes of the country were blanketed in snow up to a foot deep. As usual we didn't actually get any snow in Christchurch but we did experience some pretty ferocious frosts and an amazing morning where the whole of Avon Buildings was covered in black ice causing both pedestrians and vehicles to skid all over the place. The unwanted side effect of all this cold weather is that the barbel simply 'shut shop' and refused to feed, with only a few smaller examples reported to us.

The plus side was that other species less suceptable to the cold did continue to feed and there have been some cracking pike and chub taken from around the fishery. There has now been a total of twelve different twenty pound plus pike landed and reported since the the pike season started on the Royalty back in October. The biggest of the bunch reported was landed by Gerry Carson and weighed exactly 28lbs and was reported to be in excellent condition but clearly not at its heaviest seasonal weight yet.

Gerry Carson with the seasons best pike so far weighing 28lbs.

Gerry Carsons and 28lbs of prime Royalty Pike

Another angler who got amongst the larger pike was local angler Ryan Roberts who landed himself a new PB when he caught a 20lb 12oz pike from below the Little Weir. This was, I believe only Ryan's second pike and he had another local piker Shaun Miller with him at the time to weigh and witness his capture.

Ryan Roberts with his pb pike of 20lb 12oz

In addition to the big pike there have also been plenty of mid to upper doubles reported from the slacks around the fishery such as these below taken by Phil Brumhill and Dan Brown.


Phil_Brumhill with a 13lb 4oz pike

Bath Rugby Union player Dan Brown with a 14lb pike

Chris Carter managed to go one better and landed nice examples of both chub and pike on a recent visit with the best pike weighing 13lb 4oz and the best chub going 6lb 9oz. 

Chris Carter with an attractively marked 13lb 4oz pike Chris Carter with a nice clean chub weighing 6lb 9oz from the Piles

 Chris Carter with a nice brace of willing Winter feeders from the Royalty

On the subject of big chub I must apologise to Rob Slater for omitting his excellent catch from the previous report. Rob, who fished the Railway using maggot swimfeeder, caught a really young, healthy looking 6lb 11oz chub which was landed and witnessed by Phillip Hughes. Once again, sorry for missing it out of the last report, especially as its such a great picture!

Rob Slater with an absolutely stonking 6lb 11oz chub from the Railway

Rob Slater proudly displays his excellent 6lb 11oz chub

One tale that deserves publicising occurred earlier this week when Jason Lewis, MD of Southern Fisheries, invited a few of his rugby friends down for a days pike fishing earlier this week. One of his guests was Richard Hill MBE, England Rugby World Cup winner and ex-Saracens flanker, who managed to land a jack of around 7lbs in the morning which looks absolutely tiny against the 17 stone 6' 3" frame of the "Silent Assassin".

Richard Hill dwarfing both River Keeper John Dennis and his 7lb pike!

Richard Hill with Keeper John Dennis and his 7lb pike

Richards success was somewhat put into the shade later on in the day when his partner Claire, who had herself landed her first ever pike of about 4lbs in the morning, latched into one of the bigger specimens the Royalty holds and, after one hell of a fight, she finally landed a fantastic 22lb 9oz pike. Nice one Claire!

Richard and Clare pose proudly with her 22lb 9oz pike

By the end of the day the small group had landed 9 pike to 22lb 9oz on a day when the weather was absolutely dreadful but it clearly didn't spoil their day.

Here's hoping to a break in the weather so that, in addition to the pike, chub and roach, the barbel once again get their heads down and feed heavily. I can't be the only person wondering just how big a certain barbel that came out from the Pipes as a 'big 16' will be if she gets caught before the end of the season.

Tight lines and a Happy New Year



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