Royalty Fishery Report - 5th November 2009
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 5th November 2009
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Royalty Fishery Report - 5th November 2009

This weeks Royalty report comes on the back of the recent welcome rain which has left us with a river that finally has some water and colour in it! Levels are back to what we traditionally expected, and more recently have hoped for, at this time of year and there have been some lovely fish landed from around the fishery despite the fishery being fairly quiet.

A pleasant surprise is that the best specimen of the week is actually a chub rather than the more usual barbel. Gary Truelove, who has had some cracking perch from the Royalty this season, had a session trotting at Watersmeet where he managed to amass a good bag of silvers including roach to 1lb 12oz and a brace of chub that went 5lb 8oz and 7lb 12oz. Yes that's right a 7lb 12oz chub from the Royalty!! (Beat that this week in yourThroop report Brian). Gary reported that the fish was in excellent condition and fought really well.

Gary Truelove with the best chub off the Royalty for a few years at 7lb 12oz


Amazingly this wasn't the only superb chub taken this week as another angler reported one weighing exactly 7lbs. Unfortunately I don't have any further details as it was another angler who witnessed the capture who came in and told us in the shop. Apparently the angler did say that he would be sending a report in so we may yet get further information on this fish.

A fair few barbel have been reported with the best fish reported weighing 13lb 12oz which was landed by local angler John Papadopulos who was using his new homemade bait.

John Papadopoulos with a 13lb 12oz barbel which he landed at last knockings.

Another angler who broke the 13lb barrier was Jim Siford who landed a new pb weighing 13lb 2oz from Greenbanks. This fish took trotted maggots and was landed on the new float rod that Jim had purchased the day before. Hopefully I will have a photo to put in next weeks report but in the meantime below is a picture of the 11lb 10oz barbel that Jim landed the previous day.

Jim Siford with the smaller of the doubles he has landed this week at 11lb 10oz

Another angler with a reason to smile is Jonathon Brownett who is down fishing with Jim and Mike and who landed his first ever barbel on the float weighing 7lb 8oz. Jonathon was fishing between the Pipes when he landed this fish.

Jonathon Brownett with his first ever barbel caught float fishing.

Bright*n based Royalty Report Regular Jeff Edisbury, having got over the shock of being taken up the Itchen on the day that the Fishery barbel record was equalised, returned once more to his more familiar haunt of the Royalty banks where he managed to land several barbel to 11lb 2oz. Chatting to Jeff he had thouroughly enjoyed catching plenty of grayling and trout on the float at Gaters Mill. Indeed he said that he is sure that Cat would also love to be taken up the Itchen the next time she came to Christchurch; it certainly is a completely different experience to the usual fishing on the Avon or Stour.

I also received a report from Stafford Read who had an enjoyable day fishing on the Royalty, taking a nice brace of a 4lb chub and a 7lb 8z barbel, pictured below.


A barbel of around 7lb 8oz caught by Stafford Read

Stafford's 4lb chub


There have been a number of pike taken from around the fishery with plenty in the low doubles. There have been another two twenties this week, both weighing 23lbs. One was landed on a livebait by RDAA member Alan Holmes from the mouth of the Little Weir whilst I am still awaiting details of the other fish.

Alan Holmes with a really beautifull pike weighing 23lb

To close, we are now taking bookings for the Compound, Parlour and Bridge Pools for next season. Prices have been kept to the same as this season and bookings can be made by calling Davis Tackle on 01202 485169.


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