Royalty Fishery News - 28th June 2009
Subject: Royalty Fishery News - 28th June 2009
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Royalty Fishery Report - 28th June

The excellent sport anglers experienced in the opening week of the season continued throughout the second week of the season with quality fish of most species being landed by anglers fishing the Royalty. Quality barbel, chub, bream, roach, perch and pike were reported from all around the fishery although the majority of barbel caught came from above the Pipes and down through to Fiddlers. Having said that, the largest barbel reported to date came from the lower area of the fishery and was landed by local angler Stuart Andrews. It weighed 13lb 10oz and it fell to luncheon meat.

Stuart Andrews with the seasons best barbel so far at 13lb 10oz

The Compound, which has had a fairly slow start barbel wise suddenly started to produce with one catch of four barbel to 11lbs 7oz whilst Fred Hampton landed a very clean barbel weighing 10lb 10oz on pellet from Jacks Corner. He then followed this up with a 5lb 6oz chub from the Lower Stile.

Fred Hampton with a lovely 10lb 10oz from the Compound Fred Hampton with a lovely 5lb 6oz chub. One of a number of 5lb + chub that have been caught on the Royalty this season.

Another angler who had an enjoyable session in the Compound had a surprise when his worm bait was taken by a pike of 14lbs which he managed to land despite the lack of a wire trace. Mind you it wasn't half the surprise he got when he again had a take on a worm and it turned out to be another beautifully marked pike, this one weighing weighing a superb 27lbs 12oz. As can be seen from the photograph this fish had spawned and was certainly under its normal weight. I guess these pike didn't realise that they were out of season on the Royalty until October!

Darrell Pike with his accidental capture of a 27lb 5oz out of season pike

There have now been 46 double figure barbel reported from around the fishery since the season started, an incredible number considering there have been loads of smaller barbel taken as well. Gary Wordsworth fished the Parlour and caught three barbel to 10lb 10oz as well as a 12lb mirror carp. Peter Cronin of Bournemouth landed a 10lb 1oz barbel from the Pipes on ledgered pellet. Pierre Moroni of Leicester ledgered luncheon meat on Greenbanks to take a new personal best weighing 12lb 9oz. and from the comments he left on his catch return we can safely assume that he enjoyed himself. In his own words "This place is the best. My 1st. double, brilliant!"

Barry Garwood reported that he had "Just got back from five days on the royalty and I must say it was fishing really well! between the three of us we managed 28 barbel including 3 doubles of 10.9, 10.15, and a 12lb exactly for my nephew which is his pb, I also managed to catch a 15.14 koi carp!. Excellent weather and an excellent week."

Barry Garwood with a 10lb 15oz barbel from Greenbanks Danny Garwood with his new PB weighing 12lbs exactly

Barry with a 15lb 14oz koi carp - one of the three resident koi on the Royalty! Barry with a 10lb 15oz barbel

Danny with a 7lb 8oz bream that his T shirt seems to have taken exception to! Danny with yet another double figure barbel (Danny may have forgotten to use the flash on this one)

Darrel Hughes fished Greenbanks last Thursday and managed to land four barbel to 11lb 12oz on ledgered pellet whilst local angler Hugh Goldsmith had a great session which saw him take a 12lb 3oz barbel on pellet and a 2lb 8oz perch trotting maggot. A nice brace on a hot and sunny day.

Hugh_Goldsmith with a lovely 12lb 3oz barbel from Greenbanks Hugh Goldsmith with a lovely looking perch of 2lb 8oz

Mr D Howell also had a perch of 2lb 8oz which he caught from above the Pipes on feeder fished maggot. Another regular Greg Turner had a great days sport landing five barbel on the float and finished the day off with an 11lb 9oz beauty which fell to ledgered pellet. Rumour has it that Greg had a red letter patch last week as he followed this up with a double from a different Avon venue and some cracking chub from Throop.

RDAA member Khalid Salem made his first visit to the Royalty of the season and fished the Trammels area hooking four barbel, landing two, the best of which went 9lb 9oz. He also had a cracking chub weighing 5lb 10oz.

khalid Salem with a nice looking barbel weighing 9lb 9oz khalid with a nice looking 5lb 10oz chub which fell to pellet

Another member, Pete Wilson from Southampton ledgered a boilie from Fiddlers West where he tempted a 9lb 14oz barbel.


Pete Wilson with his 9lb 14oz barbel from Fiddlers

Finally I have received some pictures from James Thomas who had a couple of excellent trips to the Royalty in the first week of the season. Unfortunately I don't know which picture is of which of the doubles he caught but they are all worthy of inclusion in this report.

James Thomas with one of his opening week doubles James with another double

And another! !!

Another angler who kindly sent in his photo's of his first week captures was Kevin Attwood who landed a 9lb 10oz barbel along with a 12lb mirror carp.

Kevin Attwood with a 9lb 10oz barbel still showing spawning damage Kevin Attwood with an 11lb mirror carp from the Pipes

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has provided details and pictures of their Royalty catches, without which these reports would be far less interesting. Anyone who has pictures can send them to me at


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