Royalty Fishery Report - 28th. October 2009
Subject: Royalty Fishery Report - 28th. October 2009
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Royalty Fishery Report - 28th October 2009

Now that Summer is over and things have quietened down somewhat, hopefully the Royalty reports will once again be produced weekly just as Brian Willson has managed to do all season for Throop. If only I could find another Brian - but one who fishes the Royalty - my problems would be solved. Thinking about it, it would be nice if they also moaned a bit less than Brian does...Wink

Since the last Report, barbel fishing on the Royalty has continued to be patchy although a number of excellent specimens have been landed including three over 15lbs.It actually seems that it is the larger fish that have been feeding whilst the smaller barbel have only been feeding in fits and starts. The biggest news is that the Royalty barbel record was equalled when visiting angler Brian Greed landed a 16lb 7oz specimen from the Pipes. This fish had clearly not read the right books as it was Brian's first ever barbel! and it chose to take ledgered bread. The fish was witnessed at 16lb 6oz but a subsequent check of the two sets of scales showed that they were both weighing 1oz light and that the fish actually went 16lb 7oz. Congratulations to Brian from everyone at Davis Tackle and the Royalty Fishery.

Brian Greed with the new Royalty Record barbel weighing 16lb 7oz

Brian with the new record barbel weighing 16lb 7oz

Another angler who nearly broke the 16lb barrier on the Royalty was Les Darlington from Worcester who on Saturday landed a new pb of 15lb 14oz from the Pipes. This fish took a ledgered hair rigged pellet and was thirteenth time lucky for Les who firsed fished the Royalty 37 years ago and has been hoping for a fish like this for just as long!

On the same day a 15lb 4oz barbel was caught from the Railway by an angler with his very first cast of the day on his first ever visit to the Fishery. Unfortunately, despite this fish being weighed and witnessed I don't have any further details. The same is true of two other good fish, one 14lb 8oz and the other 14lb 12oz, both were reported to the River Keeper but, as yet, I have no further details.

Les Darlington with his 15lb 14oz new pb barbel - congratulations Les!


Ahmed Salem continued to show his ability to winkle out barbel from the Royalty - and indeed big chub from Throop - when conditions are difficult. On his last trip to the Royalty he managed to land a short, thickset barbel in excellent condition that weighed 11lb 1oz. He told us that, as it was a short fish which he thought might go ten pounds and he was surprised to see it register 11lb 1oz on his scales so another angler re-weighed it on their scales which recorded 11lb 2oz.

Ahmed Salem with his latest Royalty double weighing 11lb 1oz.

Regular visitor Jeff Edisbury was strugging with his preferred pellet approach and he finally bit the bullet and gave maggots a go, rolling them gently around over an area he had heavily fed with maggot prior to starting fishing. He ended up hooking and losing three barbel through hook pulls and then to cap it all he hooked a very large sea trout which took him all over the river for about twenty minutes before smashing him on a snag right at his feet when he went to land it. Having had a touch of 'success' using this method he gave it a go again the next day and he was rewarded with a superb brace of, er, gudgeon. Whilst I would have personally been delighted with such a tremendous catch, unfortunately Jeff doesn't hold these mini marvels in the same esteem as I do...

Talking of Jeff, today he was taken up the Itchen by a local angler as Jeff had never previously caught a grayling. Seeing as Jeff has been patiently targetting the larger barbel on the Royalty I bet he was over the moon to learn that a 16lb 7oz beauty had been landed today when he was fishing elsewhere. Poor Jeff, I dread to think how many phone calls were made to tell him.

The roach and dace fishing has quietened off as it so often does around this time of year but I saw some cracking roach priming above the Great Weir earlier this week so as soon as conditions are favourable I shall definately take a walk up there with my roach gear.

To close this report I am pleased to report that young Craig Scattergood is continuing to do well on the fishery. At the weekend he targetted pike and the best fish he landed weighed 11lb 9oz. Great photo Craig by the way.

Craig Scattergood with his new pb pike weighing 11lb 9oz




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